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Sign Up In The Mall (Open Spar) : (M-VL)


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[color=darkslategray][size=1]I decided a nice spar would be in order, but I have no one to spar with, currently. So, I have started this thread, really, to find a challenge.

[b]The Backdrop:[/b] The city buzzes with life in the day and night, from shopping malls to nightclubs. Pedestrians run in the streets to their jobs in this bustiling city of Indianapolis. The streets roar with high powered cars, the exaust fumes polluting the air you breathe. However, most have grown used to it.

In the malls after closing time would be the perfect place for a fight. If not for the security guards, cameras, and the obvious signs of store disturbance.

However, several fighters have heeded the challenge, some on friendly basis, others on more...deadly basis. But nonetheless, it should be fun.

[b] The Rules:[/b]

1. No Goddmodding/Cheezing

2. No Killing Blows, Or Beheadment. (Unless you have agreed on this.)

3. You can have powers in this, just not too extreme.

4. Fight fair, but feel free to use low blows and other stuff. I just mean no "My guy lunges into your stomach, slicing out your innards."

5. No spam, (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages): No posts like "OMG j00r going 2 die u bieach."

6. Like everywhere else, have fun.
[b]The Sign Up Sheet:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Don't care, just give me what your character goes by.

[b]Age:[/b] Wide spectrum on this topic, just not too young or old.


[b]Apperance:[/b] A picture or description.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Wide basis here, three max.

[b]Skills/Powers:[/b] Give me what your person can do.

[b]Reason for Fighting:[/b] Give me a reason for accepting the fight.

Hope to spar with you soon,

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