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Anime Played out and Washed out...


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[color=Royalblue]You know when your a big fan of a certian anime show, you tend to keep the flame burning. But it's hard when they keep repeating the show so much! For expample, Inuyasha...an all time favored show. See I am a fan and a fan always sees all the epsidoes before our slow nation airs them. But it sucks when they do air them and repeat the epsidoes conituosly, then you get al these fans taalking about the show 24/7. Everywhere you turn...BAM! Inuyasha. It does get sickening when it's everywhere and always airing. Anyhow, to get to the point...what shows do you think are played out?

[u][b]My List:[/b][/u]

3.Big O[/U]
[U]4.Naruto[/U]....ummm I think that's how it spelled
[U]5.Cowboy Beebop
6.All the DBZs[/U][/color]
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[quote name='Momo][color=Royalblue']See I am a fan and a fan always sees all the epsidoes before our slow nation airs them.[/color][/quote]
That's a pretty sweeping statement...

I can't think of many series that have suffered simply from being over-discussed (intelligent discussion is one thing; intellectual wankage and/or flat-out stupidity is something else entirely). Evangelion is the first anime that comes to mind. It's virtually impossible for fans nowadays to go into the show without harboring some preconceived notions. Same goes for Cowboy Bebop, albeit to a lesser extent.

Not that I'm really one to talk about over-discussing things. :animeswea

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Yes, fans are all about buying bootlegged Chinese DVDs with English subtitles and downloading fansubs. Woo! Seriously, I think that's a dumb statement, some people just can't keep up with stuff that isn't readily, legally available to them.

In any case, the one anime I feel almost bombarded with is Inuyasha. It just seems like so many people who enjoy Adult Swim enjoy that show and it's generally the first anime series I see late at night. I don't really attempt to watch much anime anymore, but I can't really seem to avoid this series whatsoever.

Yet, in terms of what this thread is asking about, I don't know. You get that sort of thing with every type of entertainment: books, movies, games, music. I can't base my opinion of someone on the way fans may or may not act. Some people just don't have the time or same amount of interest to be quite into something as much as someone else.
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That's true, but because our country takes so long to get new anime titles, and since people cannot seem to find the proper outlet for TV anime besides adult swim, they can't expand their viewpoints. If i didn't join the anime club here on campus, I would proabably be one of those kind of People. I feel that the key to this is information. If people would read Animerica or Newtype, they can see so many different kids of anime they can sink their teeth into. If we just look to adult swim for anime, we'll never learn to expand to other anime on our own.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]My simple solution to this is easy. I dont watch tv, nor do care what other people say, unless of course it is something to my interest. For axample, i am a participating member of OB here, thought there are many discussions that i dont even bother viewing. In fact, it was pure boredom and slight curiosity that even compeled me to check out this thread. I buy my own anime/manga (or download it, mainly thinking of Naruto), i watch it, and if i care to i discuss it.

Most of the time it's a series that isn't in America yet, thought there are still plenty of people to talk about it. The largest of which i can think of would be Naruto, with amazing popularity in the states, well before there was even mention of it coming to America. No doubt i see your point, Naruto will be coming to America soon, the fan base will grow tremendously especially since it is airing on AS, and many people will be talking about how great the fight is with Zabuza, while the rest who have been fans for much longer are well past this.

My point is i just ignore them. Not that they dont matter, or that i dont value their oppinion, but its as you say, its boring. So, let them discuss what they want, and i'll discuss what i want.[/COLOR]
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