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Discuss Bell Ringer of Notre Dame Underground [M - VLS]


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[color=Navy]Ok, this is the Underground thread for the Bell Ringer of Notre Dame that can be found in the Adventure Inn, [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=651869#post651869"]HERE[/url].

So I haven't posted an RP in a while and decided not to do an original at this point in time.

So, if you look in the Sign Up thread, it says about Character Types/CT for short. This is where I will post the different types of characters and who they're based off from the movie, some won't be from the movie. And gender is what it must be, unless it states either.

I may add more information if I think of more, or if I run out of time.

[b]~Bell Ringer
Played by: [/b]Sakura [Rogue]
[b]Gender: [/b]Female
[b]Based Off: [/b]Quasimodo
[b]Information: [/b]She's the bell ringer and the one that helps the others escape from the cathedral after they're locked in. She's been trapped in the bell tower since she can remember and is forbidden to leave. She harnasses lots of power, which the Frollo character wants when she gets old enough, after the powers are matured. If she experiences a true, mutual love the powers will become Restoration for the Earth instead of Destruction, which the Frollo character doesn't want, which is why she's trapped up in the tower.

[b]~Frollo Character/Rogue's Master [PM me!!]
Played by:
Gender: [/b]Male
[b]Based Off: [/b]Frollo
[b]Information: [/b]He just wants Rogue for her powers, she thinks that he cares for her but he doesn't. He wants to rule the world, which is why he wants to destroy it, then he can start his own world where he is the almighty ruler. He makes up excuses as to why Rogue can't leave, like because she won't be accepted, but its just so she doesn't find love, so the destructive powers don't become restorative powers.

[b]~Captain of the Guards
Played by: [/b]Kayin [Melchior]
[b] Gender: [/b]Male
[b]Based Off: [/b]Phoebus
[b]Information: [/b]He follows all of the characters into the cathedral, that's when everyone cries [b]'Sanctuary!' [/b]which means he can't arrest them. Guards are posted everywhere. He will eventually go to their side like Phoebus did, it won't take as long though. I'll figure it out with the player.

Played by: [/b]Blanko [Quinn]
[b] Gender: [/b]Either [Male]
[b]Based Off: [/b]No one in particular, I guess one of the Gypsies?
[b]Information: [/b]Caught stealing something was chased and ran to the cathedral. Ran into the cathedral for cover. Said the 'magic word', trapped in the Cathedral with the others, meets Rogue.

Played by:
Gender: [/b]Either, preferably Female
[b]Based Off: [/b]No one in particular, if one it'd be Esmerelda.
[b]Information: [/b]Was seen dancing or something that Gypsies do, got chased away by Mr. Gypsy Hater [Frollo character], ran to cathedral for cover, said 'magic word', trapped with the others, meets Rogue.

[b]~Common Person
Played by:
Gender: [/b]Either[b]
Based Off: [/b]No one, general people
[b]Information: [/b]Have some kind of business, found protecting gypsies, run, go to cathedral, say 'Sanctuary', trapped with others, meets Rogue.
~Father of the Cathedral
Played by: [/b]Sakura [NPC]
[b]Gender: [/b]Male
[b]Based Off: [/b]The archdeacon
[b]Information: [/b]The head of the church, talks to Rogue now and again, he's wise and gives advice. Covered for Rogue as she escaped with the others.

Ok, That was done quickly since I have to go. I'll probably edit them later.

[b]BTW: [/b]One of the characters will have to fall in love with Rogue at some point so keep that in mind.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here or PM me or whatever other way you find of contacting me.

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