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Request Life's a dance banner/ava set


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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1]Well I am looking for a new banner with a dancing theme this time. Sorry but I don't have any pictures this time, so you can use whatever type of them you want.

Banner: I want the banner size to be what I have about now, nothing to much smaller or to much bigger. I want the quote "Life's a Dance..." and I want it written in an elegant font or one that will match up the picture. For the picture I would like maybe a pair of dancing shoes (like ballet slipper, tap, or hard shoes), or maybe a couple dancing, a single woman dancing, or a man holding a wonen in a silhouette. Those are two ideasif you have another one you can do that.

Ava: I want a picture relating to dance. It can be anything really.

Well thank you for whoever helps me. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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I gave it a shot...
they kinda suck though...




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