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Sign Up Rumors:Whispered Truth [M-LV & possible S]


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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][CENTER]"Can you hear my cries?..or do you choose to ignore me??[/CENTER]

As students pass by each other?they whisper:

?That?s her?she?s the one who?s boyfriends die. Can you believe she still comes to school.?

?Look its him?they say he killed his brother.?

Whispers are always about, lingering in the school corridors. No one dares to speak it out load, nor do they dare to confront it. All they can do is whisper, hoping that the person they speak of won?t hear?but they do hear, that?s why you see them with their heads down. Those who are spoken of cry inside?because what the whisper is true. It breaks them up inside?soon they?ll crack and who knows what they?ll do. Seven teenagers will meet in a school where whispers are all about. Some will comfort one another and some will hate until they rid of them. They may even find their soul mate, but will their soul mate commit suicide?or end up in a mental institute? Who knows?maybe the whispers hold a clue.

[U][B]Info:[/B][/U] Ok it takes place in 2004 and the location is somewhere in Hawaii (ok can one of you give me a name of a city there.)! Like I said in the story 8 teenagers will meet. They will either kill or kill themselves, end up in a mental house or find themselves. That includes me as the 8th person (something like that).

[B]Sign ups:[/B]

Age: (14-18)
Grade: (9-12)
What do they whisper about you:



[U]English I, II III, or IV[/U] (grade: 9-12)
[U]Algebra I or II[/U] (I=9th grade, II=11th)
[U]Geometry[/U] (10th grade)
[U]World history [/U] (llth)
[U]Social Studies [/U] (9th)
[U]biology[/U] (9th)


[U]Chemistry[/U] (11 0r 12th grade)
[U]Physics[/U] (11th grade)
[U]Philosopy[/U] (10, 11 or 12th grade)
[U]Law & Government[/U] (9-12)
[U]Civil History[/U] (11th)
[U]Pre Calculus [/U] (12th)

[B]Honor Clases:[/B]

[U]English Advanced I, II III, or IV[/U] (I=9, II=10, III=11 & IV=12 grade)
[U]Algebra Advanced I or II [/U] (I=9th grade, II=11th)
[U]Geometry Advanced[/U] (10th grade)
[U]World history Advanced[/U] (llth)
[U]Civil History Advanced[/U] (12th)
[U]Social Studies Advanced[/U] (9th)
[U]Biology Advanced[/U] (9th)
[U]Pre Calculus Advanced[/U] (11 0r 12th grade)
[U]Trigonometry[/U] (12th)


Drawing I or II
Home Ec
Gym (A must)


Soccer (Coed)
Tennis (Girls)
volleyball (Coed)
Track (Coed[/U]

[U][B]Note:[/B][/U] You must have 4 regular classes if you are a freshmen - Junoir. You may have 2 or 3 regular classes if you are in the 11th grade or 12th. In any regular class you can be in an honor class or just regular. 2 extra classes, 1 or 2 sports, 1 or 2 other classes. Anything unclear pm me.

[B]Side Note:[/B] More than 7 players can be in the story if your sign up is good.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1][color=red][b]Name:[/b] Sarah Hahn
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Nationality:[/b] Japanese-American
[b]Grade:[/b] 10th
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Looking for a picture?)
[b]Personality:[/b] Sarah is a rude girl, but only in her own defense. Once or twice she has been caught standing alone, silent and with eyes full of tears, and when caught, she always tilts her chin up, and makes a snide remark. Everyone leaves her alone, except the badass guys, and those she flirts with relentlessly.
[b]Bio:[/b] (Working on it?)
[b]What do they whisper about you:[/b] She kills her boytoys, and leaves their bodies with her name carved in them.
English II
Law & Government
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Name:[/B] Micky Lee

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Nationality:[/B] Korean-American

[B]Grade:[/B] 12

[B]Appearance:[/B] Look at Banner/Avi

[B]Personality:[/B] A calm, relaxing guy. He usually doesn't care about anyone. He started to hear rumors about people saying he's gay and that got him really depressed. He tends to look down a lot and gets pick on because of what people say to him. He's not gay and he has a few friends that lives far away from him. He stays in alone and mostly at home, he likes to stay on his computer the whole time.

[B]Bio:[/B] Lives with dad and mom. Tends to be on his computer the whole time and his mother worries about him. *Finish later*

[B]What do they whisper about you:[/B] He's gay...no way I thought my was a bi, no he's gay.

-English I, II III, or IV
-Law & Government
-Pre Calculus Advanced
-Volleyball [/COLOR]
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[font=Comic Sans MS][color=black][b][u]Name:[/u] [/b]Young Hi
[b][u]Age: (14-18)[/u][/b] 18
[b][u]Nationality:[/u][/b] Korean
[b][u]Grade: (9-12)[/u][/b] 12th
[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b] Attachment
[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b] Quiet and secretive. Tends to never speak unless spoken to and sometimes even then she doesnt talk. She has a lot of hatred for pretty much everyone and this is why she keeps quiet. At times though (Once or twice a day) she flips and will yell and/or hurt people.
[b][u]Bio:[/u][/b] She was given away as a baby and adopted by a couple. She grew up for a while with the couple and then the two began to argue and then the man murdered his wife and dumped the silent girl in a foster home. She lives with a few other foster kids who are scared of her because she is extreamly violent when messed with.
[b][u]What do they whisper about you:[/u][/b] "That girl, Young Hi, kills anyone that bothers her iv heard!" and "Shes violent... She does and deals drugs"
English Advanced IV
Pre Calculus Advanced
Drawing II
Civil History Advanced
Law and Government

ooc: By the way Hawaii huh... Kailua-Kona (big island)... Its also just known as Kona. (Im planning my birthday vacation there actually heh.

Note about my sign up: Young Hi was the name of a south korean girl on the tv show "MASH"

And as for this attachment. She doesnt wear those clothes. She wears long black pants and a orange t shirt under a leather jeacket.
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