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Request FF Banner/Ava


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I'm looking for a banner and avatar to go with my FF RP some of you might have seen in the Arena. I'd like it to have my character on it
I'd also like either 1 picture to be on each side of the banner or one picture placed in the middle (or close to it). I was thinking 1 on each side might look a bit better, as far as the whole FF look goes. I'd like the text to be "I was frozen in time, but I feel as if my time is just beginning..." going across the bottom of the banner. I like a fancy sort of text, not messy. Similar to the current text on Kairi's banner, for example. The color scheme can be what you choose, I was thinking more of a blue. I think it sort of helps to immulate the feeling. I'd just like the avatar to match the banner, whatever you choose to do. I'm accepting any and all of your creations, just because you see someone has already posted, don't be afraid to post your own :p . Thanks.
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Okay, I gave it a shot and I've come up with an idea that is a bit different from what I believe you were thinking of.



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Beautiful, its a bit hard to read the font on top, but other then that, I love it, exactly what I was thinking of when I pictured the banner. Thanks doukeshi. And don't worry about it Momo, things happen :animesmil
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