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Sign Up Boundry [M-VLS]


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[i]Someone was trying to kill her. She didn't know who, or why, but it was true. She was a merchant, and the caravan she was with had been ot its way to Vanduo, a major port city. It had been ambushed, but the caravan itself was unharmed. the attackers zeroed in on her and her alone, and she had bolted.

She ran into a cave, hopeing to lose them in the darkness. It quickly became apparent that this was no ordinary cave. there was an unnatura glow, some kind of light source where there should have been complete darkness. the first thought that came to her mind was underwater. That's what it looked like, the light one saw when underwater.

She didn't know if she was supposed to be here, but she had no choice. It was the unknown ahead of her, and sure death behind her. She kept running. Eventually, she heard a voice, a woman's. And not a normal voice. it sounded... odd. there was some unidentifiable quality to it. And then there was the fact that she heard it directly in her mind.

[color=seagreen][It is not your time to die.][/color]

She kept running, knowing that she would die if she stopped. The voice did not speak again. Instead, se suddenly found herself in mid-air, falling. the ground that had been underneath her seemed to be flowing away. So were the walls, creating a chamber. the tunnel she'd come in through closed off.

She fell as the walls receeded from her, eventually stopping. So did the floor. Then, she was in the exact middle of the chamber. When she was in the exact middle, she was hit by six large, blue spheres of energy. One had come from each wall, one from the floor, and one from the ceiling. They were followed by a torrent of water and ice. The entire chamber was filled, and it kept filling as the water and ice circled around and flowed into a focal point at the center of the chamber. Flowed into her. finally, six more energy spheres came from the walls, floor, and ceiling, ending the torrent. these spheres, like the first, were absorbed into the center. The chamber walls were returned to their original positions as a tunnel, and the entrance became unblocked. Her pursuers ran through, but there was no sign of her.[/i]

Got your attention? Good. Now, let's move from story to concept.

Imagine for a moment that there are two seperate but connected universes. Our universe, and one other. This other universe, like ours, has an inhabited planet called Earth. A parralell world. Unlike our world, this paralell world is a place of fantasy. Where we have technology, they have magic. No cars, no guns, no modern equipment of any kind. Just swords and orses and that kind of thing. Dragons and centaurs and other creatures out of our stories and myths exist there, as well as magic.

The year was 2025. Millitary scientists working on developing artificial intelligence accidentally discovered this paralell world. A month later, they managed to create a solid link. They could only maintain it for a tiny fraction of a second, but it prooved that the other world was real.

In the year 2027, a top-secret underground facility was completed. This facility, located under the Nevada desert, was named EDRI, short for Extra-Dimensional Research Institute. Everyone who knows about the place, with the exception of two or three government officials and a few recruiting agents, lives there and is not allowed to leave. The place is entirly self-sustaining. Its purpose is to conduct research on the other world.

The year is now 2033. EDRI has developed a reliable means of travel to and from the other world. There are four types of people at EDRI. There are the people who keep the place running, the scientists themselves, the recruiters, and the field agents.

The feild agents are in charge of doing whatever needs doing in the other world. If there's any information or sample the researchers need, feild agents get it. If there's any possibility of a security breach, feild agents take care of it. And anything unusual that happens, they investigate.

Now, these feild agents have access to the most advanced equipment and weapons that exist. they're at least a decade ahead of anyone else in that area. And they're well trained with these weapons. True, they can't use magic, but no mage can stop a well-aimed shot. Their technology gives them a decided advantage.

Feild agents are carefully evaluated before they are even approached by EDRI recruiters. These people are devoted to locating the perfect candidates. When a candidate is found, he or she is approached asn asked if he or she is willing to abandon the rest of the world and take on an unspecified and dangerous job. It's a mark of success that they've never gotten a 'no'.

The candidates are taken to the facility after undergoing the most intensive background checks ever. There, they are put through an unbelievably rigorous training program. They are trained in literally everything, from espionoge(sp?) to solo tactics to squad tactics to interrogation techniques. By the time this is done, even the newest agents are very, very good.

Well, there you have it. You play an an EDRI agent (If you want to play as someone from the other world, PM me). Here's the sign-up:


Age: 18-30, please. If you want to be younger than 18, PM me (these are trained agents, not randomly selected kids. They're normally not taken when they're below 18).



Bio: Optional. I find that having a set bio limits character development potential. If you choose to have it, remember to include the EDRI recruitment process.

Personallity: Optional for the same reason that bio is. However, I recommend that you at least put something to give others an idea of how your character acts. It can be detailed, or just a couple sentences. Oh, be sure to remember that agents are carefully selected, and personality is the biggest part of a person's suitability for the job.

Area of Expertise: This is the area or two that your character is best at. It can be weapons, tactics, nogotiations, interrogations, etc. Just don't go too nuts, and limit it to two areas at most. Oh, and no magic. You can know about it, but nobody from our world can use it.

Well, I think that's everything. PM me if you have any question.
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