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RPG Star Wars: Everything Can Die Twice (M-VLS)


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[color=red][size=1]Four thousand years before the Galactic Empire, chaos and strife ruled the known galaxy, from the war scarred planet of Telos to the Graveyard of Malachor V, where countless bodies orbit the planet, ships ripped in half by the final fight of the Mandalorian Wars. From the battle of Malachor V, only one Jedi returned to face the judgment of the Jedi Council for going to war.

His punishment was exile, to wander beyond the Outer Rim, to travel with none, to never stay in one place too long. His Lightsaber was stripped of him. From the screams of the Jedi and Sith, he was deaf to the silent call of the Force. Exile was his only option, or imprisonment, since Jedi never executed. For years, he wandered the planets.

A disturbance in the Force pushed him back into the chaos. On the Republic ship, the Harbringer, the Exile stayed. A small ship, the Ebon Hawk, was being attacked by a Sith warship. The Harbringer was attacked, and occupied by Sith Assassins. The Exile managed to reach the Ebon Hawk, and escape onto the nearby mining facility of Peragus II.

From there, he met two allies, his Utility Droid, T3-M4, and a respectable scoundrel, Atton. Together, they managed to escape Peragus II, but were pursed by Darth Sion. He lost them in the now exploding planet of Peragus.

When they reached Telos, several more mysteries began to unveil. Our heroes were taken into police custody for the explosion of Peragus. Our hero, the Exile, chose the Czerka fraction on the war for control of Telos' restoration funds. They seemed more respectable, but in the end, he ended up siding with the Ithorians, a strange group of aliens.

However, the Ebon Hawk had been stolen. For his service, the Ithorans let him take a shuttle down to the planet to discover what had happened. After a turn of events, our group met a Zebrack Weapons Tech by the name of Bao-Dur. He had served under the Exile in the wars.

After a few more events, they stole a new shuttle, heading down to the Polar Ice Cap. They were ambushed by there HK-50 Assassin Droids, out for a bounty. When they were defeated, the Handmaidens, a sect formed by one of the last Jedi, Atris. However, she blocked them out from feeling the Force. The Exile's mentor thought that strange. Her name, Kreia.

The Exile was sent on a mission. He had to gather the remaining Jedi Masters to the ruined Enclave on Dantooine, to hold a Council, a decision which would save the known galaxy. However the last of the Handmaidens, simply called The Handmaiden, had stowed aboard on Atris' command. The Exile began his journey to planets like Nar Shaddaa, Dantooine, Korriban, and also Dxun and Onderon.

After a while, a Sith Assassin, Vistas, had snuck onboard. The Exile struck her down, but spared her. They began to have a close bond, and so did he and Handmaiden.

However, at the Council, The Exile's nature was revealed. He was a wound in the force. He had over three thousand Force Bonds with Jedi in the Mandalorian Wars. On Malachor V, when they died, the screams that echoed from the Force had deafened him to the Force. It had opened a rift inside of him. He would draw on the power of the Jedi and Sith around him, no matter what. He had to die, according to the Council.

However, Kreia intervened. She showed her powers, killing them all instantly with a Sith power no Jedi could fight against. The Exile had been knocked out. When he woke, he knew where Kreia was. Malachor V.

After fighting through the Ravager, and destroying Darth Nilhlus, he destroyed the ship, The Ravager going down in flames yet again.

Soon, the Exile had destroyed Darth Sion, and Darth Treya, who was Kreia. He had dominion over the Dark and Light side. He meditated on Malachor V in memory of those that had served their, in the wars long ago. At last, the general, the Exile, got up. He spoke his name.

"Cain Sotestu. The General of the Dead." His title fit. He rejoined his crew at the Ebon Hawk, leaving for areas unknown.[/color][/size]

Cain's hands on the throttle of the ship, he lifted it off the greaking and collasping planet of Malachor V. His crew was waiting onboard. As the planet went Supernova, Cain brought the ship into hyperdrive. He set it on autopilot, and went to go speak to everyone.

He assembled them into the Conference Room, which was basically the passage into the hallways of the freighter ship. A Holoprojector sat in the middle off the room, several planets shifting views. Bao-Dur, Atton, HK-47, T3-M4, G0-T0, Handmaiden, Vistas, and Mandalore. That was his crew.

However, the ship was soon attacked, as Sith boarded the ship. Led by one man Cain thought he'd never see again. Darth Sion, formerly Uthar Wynn. Cain had laid him to rest. It seems that Kreia had a stronger hold on him than he thought.

[b]"I have come for you, Jedi."[/b] Cain had heard that back, so long ago. He wasn't afraid.

[b]"I have killed you time and time again. Last would of been the last, if I had not destroyed Kreia. You shall be broken, lifeless, and torn."[/b] Cain ignited his lightsaber, the purple and red blade humming. Sion iginited his own, single red lightsaber.

Cain waited for the charge, as Sion circled. Sion lashed out with a Life Drain, but Cain leapt in with his Lightsaber, slashing with one end, bringing the other end up and then down. Sion blocked both ends, slashing at Cain's stomach. Cain parried easily, and looked in horror. The blood of his comrades ran through the grill of the ships, slain by the Sith Marauders.

He had to work not to grow angered. However, he let out a massive Force Storm, destroying the Marauders. It was him and Sion once again. He kicked Sion in the stomach, and leant above Sion, holding down his Lightsaber hand, Cain's lightsaber above Sion's neck.

[b]"Your time in this world is over, Sion. Rest in peace."[/b] Sion's eyes, the blinded one, and the red one, closed. A smile crept along his lips, and he whispered.

[b]"Thank you...for freeing me from Korriban..."[/b] Cain's saber slashed through Sion's flesh, cutting through his larynx. Cain got up. A Sith Assassin had set the Ebon Hawk for self destruct. Cain sought him out, and used Force Crush, to destroy the assassin. Thinking fast, he boarded the Sith ship, which was completely empty.

HE pulled away from his dead comerades, tears running down his cheek. He wiped them off, and no more came. These weren't the nameless Jedi he knew on Malachor V, the first time. They were...friends. Cain steered the ship away from the Ebon Hawk. As he read the logs, he found the coordinates for the planet Cousaunt. He set the course.

The ships name was the Ravager. How could this be? He had destroyed this ship long ago...no matter, the captain of the ship was dead. Cain sat back, the hyperdrive activiating as autopilot kicked in. Cain leaned back in his cot, eyes closing. He better find a new crew.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=DeepSkyBlue]The hum of her Lightsaber as she twirled and slashed hid the noise of the other Dark Jedi as he entered the room. ?[b]Serael.[/b]? Whirling, two Lightsaber?s clashed, and Serael stopped. Stepping back, she turned the blade off, sliding the metal handle into her belt.

?[b]The Sith has been destroyed, Serael. We must go intercept the Ravager before the Exile reaches Cousaunt.[/b]?

She nodded, and took her cloak from beside the door. She put it on, raising the hood, and went to the controls. The ship Siofra (meaning Changeling) was a small ship. Its only crew were the two Dark Jedi. Sitting down at the consol, Kilael and Serael began charting their course so it would cross in front of the Ravager?s ship before it reached its destination.

Serael leaned back in her chair, watching Kilael from beneath her hood. Cool, calculating eyes met a fiery hue of gold, and her lips twisted up in a cruel smile. ?[b]No Sith now, hmm? This should make it interesting.[/b]?

Kilael did not answer her, except with his own twisted smile.

Serael turned back to the consol, and spotted the Ravager coming into range. ?[b]Looks like we?ll be meeting the Exile sooner than planned?[/b]?

As the ship came up along side the Ravager, the pair made for the loading hatch. Serael followed close behind Kilael, and before the Dark Jedi could move, Serael sliced his head off cleanly with her blade. She looked down at him in disgust.

Serael went back to the consol, and decided to make contact with the Ravager. She sent out a request to board, and then steepled her fingers in front of her hooded face..[/size][/color]
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The wind howled around the gigantic trees in the ancient jungle. The debris on the forest floor, shot up from their comfortable bed, pulled away by the wind. Exotic scents filled the air. Small creatures raced about, both in the air and on the ground. Ferocious sounds also filled the stirring air. Shrieks of pain shot through the jungle, unfortunate creatures were falling to the giant unknown predators.

The wind continued on its way. Not bothered by any of the small disturbances. It rose off of the forest floor and into the tangles of the jungle canopy, passing a silent figure perched on a limb. It was a young Jedi, Shannon. His eyes were closed, as if he was asleep. His short black hair stirred as the wind continued pass him, a sigh escaped his mouth. The wind continued, passing twelve huge ape-like creatures with long fangs who seemed to be stalking the lone human.

The ape-like creatures continued crawling towards the Jedi, seeing him as easy prey. They crept closer and closer, dangling from tree limbs that were directly above him. They silently dropped down, falling towards the Jedi and his promise of a meal.

Shannon?s eyes flashed open, a smile crept across his face. The ape-like creatures were now only 10 feet above him, rapidly closing in on their meal. They came to a sudden halt, stopping in midair, just a foot above Shannon?s face. Surprise and confusion filled their humanoid faces. Shannon looked up at them, a small smile on his face. The creatures were suddenly moved beyond the tree limb, still suspended in the air. Shannon?s smile disappeared, the ape-like creatures fell with it. Loud thuds filled the jungle as the creatures struck the ground, stone dead.

?Why?d they have to attack me?? Shannon asked himself. ?Oh well, they made the wrong choice. Guess I have to get back to my mission. I was enjoying the peace here.?

Shannon flashed up to the top of the canopy, heading towards a small platform. His starship, Xero, was resting on the platform, waiting for his return. He walked over to it, climbing into its roomy cockpit. He placed his helmet on and activated the ship. It lifted off of the platform and accelerated into space, leaving the still wild rim planet behind.

?Here I come Ferriz.? Shannon told himself as he set the coordinates for Cousaunt, where Ferriz, the person he was told to capture, had his base.
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OOC: Coruscant

Dxun had been home to Cedric for two years now. He'd survived the Mandalorian Wars, in which he slew many of his own people. He'd made it through the Jedi Civil War, in which he slew more of his own people. And he'd lived to see a day in which he thought he was the last remnant of the Jedi.

Two years was not long enough to seperate him from the Force and her sense of fate, though. The Force, it seems, did not need Cedric so much as he thought. When the Exile came to Dxun, Ced sensed the walking void. Drawn to it as matter to a vacuum, he witnessed the power of that void.

The Force called out from that void, as though the Force herself was caught in it, half-dead from struggling to survive in the viscious vortex. Cedric had seen the Force nearly die before his own eyes, and he, too, wanted to dive in.

Cedric had seen the others...the Handmaiden, the Myra-luka, the gambit, the huntress, the witch, the devil and the droids. He had seen that several of them were beginning to develope Force sensitivity. Though, only on the most child-like level. It wasn't until later that Ced realized their latent Force inclinations were only being drawn out by the vacuum that was the Exile. Eventually, those small flames would flash and burn intensely, and after a quick culmination, die.

The encounter with the Exile, and the nuances of change Cedric felt led his mind away from Dxun. He felt that this Galaxy was moving away from the war path. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but hope burned bright in his heart again. Ced was a true Jedi. He loved the Force, and he loved peace.

Cedric awoke from meditative sleep early on the fifth day of January, in his third-straight year on Dxun. For a reason unknown to him until now, he'd been fixing a small, one-man fighter he'd found only days after it crashed on the moon. The pilot died, of course. If not from the impact, then from being eaten by Dxun's beasts.

Everything was as it was when it was operable. And now, four days after completing the repairs, Cedric knew why he'd been doing it. The Force was calling away from Dxun.

Within the hour, he was entering hyperspace. He'd charted his path, he was headed to Coruscant, and no one could stop him. He felt Dxun pulling him back to her, but he had no time for his home now. His task was unclear, his motives unknown, but his heart moved onward.

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