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[COLOR=#004a6f]I thought I'd try drawing a muslim girl wearing the hijab (head scarf), anime style. I think it turned out pretty well. The girl is dressed the same way my older sister dresses, though I think I put way too many folds in the scarf. But hey, it looks cool. I plan to draw several pictures of this girl, doing various islamic things.


Feedback please. :animesmil [/COLOR]
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[color=darkslateblue] Aw, she's cute. ^_^ *hugs her* Your proportions are very well done, yay! That's always a good talent to have. I applaud you on how you drew the face, because I can't draw frontal faces worth crap. V_V Kudos.

The only complaint I will choke out is that wrinkles you drew in the head-scarf (sorry, I don't know the official word or anything >_>) are all fully connected. You could perhaps go on Google images and look up a picture of similar clothing and try and imitate the cloth wrinkles. It's very helpful. :)

Great job![/color]
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