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The Amazing Race 411


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I've been watching the Amazing Race since the first episode, and I think that this season has been one of the best yet!

The Amazing Race pits teams of two, teams comrpising of existign relationships, against each other in a race aroudn the world. Kind of like a reality show version of that Rat Race movie.

Every year I go for a particular team, and this year I've been going for Rob and Amber, former survivors. However, Meredith and Gretchen have put up a valiant fight to stay in the race, and I would be equally as satisfied if they won.

[spoiler] I would have liked to see Ryan and Chuck stick around longer, they had some pretty cool lines in episode one.

Rob and Amber's survivor-esque plotting in that episode where they successfully conned teams out of eating the meat, in the episode where they got a 3 hoiur penalty for doign so, was genius. Who'd have thoiugh it'd actually work? Did the other teams not know that they were letting Rob and Amber off what may have been their demise? lol. [/spoiler]

What of past seasons? what did you think of how those races panned out, and the teams that participated?
Or Future seasons, do you have an idea as to where the Race should head next?

-Amazing Race, love it or hate it?
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[size=1]I love the Amazing Race. I watch it every season, and always enjoy it. The season you're talking of hasn't started yet for us in Australia. It starts this Wednesday. Last Wednesday I was really disappointed that Kris and Jon didn't win. I really disliked Freddy and Kendra.[/size]
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I actually like this show. Although its another reality show just like the 3204983249843 others on TV, its actually pretty fun to watch. I love to see couples who say "Oh we love each other so much, we never fight. Of course we'll win" and then you see them yelling and cussing at each other after they miss their plane to the next checkpoint. It really shows you how little you know a person until you travel around the world with them in a race with barely any money and mediocre transportation :animeswea
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