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Sign Up Fruits Basket 2: The next Generation (M-LVSD)

Angel Lover

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[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=Century Gothic]OCC:This story is for the people that like the Fruit Basket storys. This is was happens when the 13 Zodiac, yes i said 13 because if you have never read the books or seen the movies you dont know that cat is in this story, have childern. I hope you enjoy this story.

This is for you that do not know the story of Fruits Basket. When a member with the Shoma family curse is hugged by a member of the oppisite gender or they become weak, they transform into an animal of the Zodiac unless by someone of the Zodiac.
The biggest problem is the time limet is always different, plus when they change back they are 100% naked, and that can be troble.

For this generation life is hard. For Yukin the son of Yuki (Rat) he is stuck with the pain of being the cat everybody knows that a cat and a rat never get along. It gets worse when when for this generation sometimes when they get hugged they transform evn if it is a member of the Shoma family.

AKito has passed away but not before leaving the family with somthing to puzzle them all, after ages of looking he has heared of a way to stop the curse for a short amount of time every so often. But the last thing he was able to say before death was that "Only the right of heart can find the cure."

Relitives Yuki and Kyou put their heads together and for once in their life agreed on somthing. That Yuki's son and Kyou daughter would try to get some of the other members of the Shomas to try and find the cure. The only problem is that Kyou's daughter was bron with the rat.

Though they got along great as kids they even grew to like each other as teens. Yet when he left for school and training they lost touch and now no longer enjoy just hanging out like they used to. They no longer get along, maybe that is why they were being sent to find the cure. But they do know that finding other members of the family is just as importent as the cure.

Animals of the Zodiac:Rat, Cat, Dragon, Dog, Pig, Monkey,Rooster, Ram, Ox, Tiger, Snake, Horse, Rabbit

Manly the point of the story is for this generation to first find each other and then to findthe cure. Some members change when any one from the oppsite gender hugs them no matter what. And to who ever choses the rat for the Zodiac know that it is Kyou's daughter just make her any way you want.

Here's what is needed to join:
Name: That is easy but the last name is Shoma cause they are all related some way.
Age: Another duh (15-20)
Gender: Yes there can be gays, just no it's
Appearance:yes pics are ok but a little explanation would be helpful
Background: At least 3 paragraphs more if you want
Animal: From the list above
Can your person fight: Yes/No know that it is only hand to hand fighting NO GUNS.

If or when people sign up i will post my own sign up along with the legends of the Zodiac and the Cat.
Cat: lil
Rat: Angel Lover
Ox: Latharix
Tiger: alchemist
Snake: Moonlight
Rabbit: Momiji
Monkey: Midori
Dog: Dark
Dragon: Kyo [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Ok, finished it.

Name: Sohma Jiro

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Looks just like his uncle, Kyo.

Background: Jiro spent his life as the cat of the Sohma family curse. Shunned and ridiculed, only knowing that they hated him for something he could not control. He learned to hate his family from an early age and continues to until this day, especially that damn Yukin. He also has a tendency to disappear for months at a time to train... Or just get the hell away from everyone else.

Animal: Cat

Fight: Oh yeah.
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Name: Kokiro Sohma
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'9, black hair that reaches her shoulders with a shock of white hair flowing through it, soft brown eyes, and wears gothic lolita or industrial clothing
Background: Kisa-san and Hiro-san's daughter. They are still living in Japan, but instead of Tokyo, they live in Osaka. Kokiro grew up thinking she was slow and stupid because of the Zodiac legend. She idolizes Hatsuharu-san and follows his example of by turning into Black-san when upset.
She's loud and obnoxious, at 13 she became a delinquent. She smashed things up, got into fights, and did nothing but upset her parents. After spending a year in juvie, she was ready for a change.
Thanks to some help from other Zodiac members, Kokiro has become more withdrawn and quiet. But she still thinks of herself as the slow and stupid ox from the legend. And that's something that will keep her snapping and snapping until she can see the light.
Animal: Ox (transforms into a small heifer)
Fight: Yes
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[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=Century Gothic]Name: Shoma Yukin or Yuk for short
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has white hair shaved close to his head. Stormy gray eyes. He wears a long slevved white shirt under a black t-shirt. Over a pair of dark blue jeans (baggy). Hie tennis shoes are dark blue and sliver with the laces pulled really lose.
Bacground: He moved from the main house to an all boys school when he was 6, on Akito's orders. Little did he know that Akito would die soon after. At the age of 10 when he moved back to the main house,and he found out about Akitos death, he moved again but this time to his cousons house. Where he met Jiro. He could tell from thr get go that this was not going to be a good relashinship.

Yukin entered the public middle school. He contined to train with Kyo who would come from the main house once a week to give him a lessen. For some reson he got along great with Kyou even if he was short tempered and easy to anger. He started to spend less and less time with Kyo's daughter they talked less and less. He thought nothing of it until he turend 14 and entered the high school.

Kyo's daughter enroled at the same high school as Yukin. And that was when the trable started. She ignored, him pretened not to know who he was. Then when he turnend 16 and found out that he had to find the Shoma family curse. He thought whatever then he found out that the girl and the cat would be going he went nuts.
Animal: Rat
Fight: Really Well

OCC: Still dont have the legends should have them VERY SOON. I know about the story i love them so much.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Raze Shoma
Apearance: see below( he normally wears glasses and what looks like sacred scrolls for cloaths)
Background: Raze prefers to stay alone. He often goes out into the backyard and meditates. He has lived in the main house all of his life. He has gone to public schools as well, but he hates them. When he gets around gurls he gets really quiet. He has even been known to run.

When he became 5 he was told of the curse, yet he feels that it doesnt matter. The first time he was hugged by a girl, he became a tiger and scared the girl out of her mind. She was entered into a mental institute. He has never beenthe same twards his curse after that.

Now that he is older, he has become good at preventing the curse. He avoids any contact as best he can, yet he has begun to fall for a girl in one of his classes. She likes him as well, yet he cant do anything about it because of the curse.
Animal: Tiger
Fight: He uses his enamies strenght on himself, if his glasses come off he can't see a thing
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=SlateGray]So far so good i would really like it if soulreaper would type some more info. But i have gotten more posts than i thought i would WOW!!!!! This looks like it is going to turn out great keep it up ppl :D :cool: :D :cool: [/COLOR] [/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]I luff this manga series to bits.XP.So I /must/ join.

Didn't seem likely.But yep,our little boy Momiji settled down with -shocker- Kagura and thus came Minna.

Minna is a petite but spunky and energetic girl.She has waist length,strawberry blondish hair and blue-grey eyes.But mostly grey.She loves wearing cute little sailor and the occasional maid fuku.She is like her father in many ways,childish,adorable, fun-loving and a little naive.She is also head-strong,like her mother.Even at the age of 15,she still acts like a little child.But she has a mature side in serious situations.

Another similarity to her father,is that Minna is cursed by the Rabbit spirit.

Minna is a lover,not a fighter.She tends to avoid conflicts, due to the fact that she is quite fragile and a bit whimpy.She takes the lovely Ghandi route of passive resistance,getting was she's served.She sometimes longs for a little assertiveness,but she will deal with her stand-offishness for the time being.

Is this okay?I am a teeny bit proud of myself.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=Century Gothic]SInce nobady else is signing up if u want to take on another person go ahead and i still need sombody to do Kyo's daughter :animesigh. They all are looking good, but Soul can u add a little more infomation. And Lil could u try and finsh yours. But go right ahead and take on a 2nd person if u want to.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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sorry about that.... very depressing to be around happens to be a 2 tailed cat(it can actually happen) very shy and dark wears eye shaddow can be a romantic but his life is like a tradgedy
sibling to akito and shuned from the family for being a cat and on top of all that its a black cat(supposedly cursed even more so) with two tails(whispy ones not bushy ones)!
kind of an antagonist and constantly wears the color black about 7 ft tall pops up out of nowhere
and rarley loses his cool.
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Alright Back ground and appearance now.... Hope your happy Angel Lover!!!!!

Background: Last year when Kyo went to Ireland he found a Shoma named Xiashia. He is half Irish half Japanese. He was at an orphanage because his mother was killed as a cat and his father ws a top secret military man for the U.S. and they killed him after they fired him so that he couldn't tell their secrets. He is of the snake zodiac sign and his version of the curse is worn down from the original curse so if he kisses a girl he changes instead of hugging them. At the age of 5 he saw his mother change when her boss hugged her and she was thrown out the window in front of him. On his 17th birthday he fell and love and kissed his girlfriend she freaked and he killed her laying the blame on her abusive father and leaving the correct evidence his father died a month later and Xia left for Ireland. He always felt alone until he saw Kyo change in a dark alley and spoke to him. Then Kyo brought him from Ireland to the Shoma's main house where he sleeps next door to Thoru. He gets along well with Thoru and Kyo but surprise hates Yuki since Kyo does. He has a crush on (duh duh duh)....... Hanajima-San!!! Bet you didn't see that coming! He doesn't go to school because he has had 89 girls kiss him at school causing him to transfer 12 times. He works at a pub from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. He has 3 pet snakes he brought from Ireland ( Shoky, Amanay, and Ibato). He believes he may have other siblings.

Appearance: He is 6' 5" with short balck hair with red tips. He has a round face and green eyes when he gets mad they turn black ( NOT glossy yellow). He has a 6 pac and huge pecs and biceps. Hes wearing a black AFI T-Shirt and black baggy shorts with chains, zippers, and safety pins. He has 3 tattoos. A snake running down his left arm, an Irish flag on his right arm and the name Kary on his lower back. He has black shoes with anarchy shoelaces. He isn't a virgin and he loves RUM!!!!!!!!!!
He has 6 wristbands (3 on each arm) I smell death on you , a star, black with pink skulls, a green day one, the punisher and 1 that says damn you all. He hates people who think they are better than everyone else, mean preps and of course the British.
He loves intuitive and psychic people and he loves his girls hot , adventurous and smart. He is a practical joker and can be mean but he is a total punk/ goth/ rocker.
His favorite motto is "I LOVE preps... they taste good!"
:animesweat: oh my god that was so hard I think I am gonnna die even though it took me a whole 5 minutes....
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Hey i wanted to know if you had a Dog i'd loved to be one

Name: Kira
Age: 15
Sex: F
Despirtion: She has shoulder lenth hair, sliver/blue, she has golden eyes and dog ears with a sliver/blue tail. She wears a blue Kimono most of the time and is very loud and noisy.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=3]Name:Tetsume sohma
apperance:He is hatori's son and he looks like a young him.exept he isn't half blind.
background:he never really new his mother who rejected him with her whole body but his father was always there for him in his time of need.He has been living outside of the family.he had a large fight with the family in the main house and him and his father moved away he hasn't been seen by anyone else in the sohma family.
fight:Yes he can fight
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[SIZE=1]Name: Magara Sohma (frequently called ocha-chan or maa-chan)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Maa-chan looks much like her father (when he dresses in a girl's kimono). However, her hair is lighter, and she has opal-gray eyes. She often is seen wearing a kimono than in regular jeans and a t-shirt; she only wears them if she is not very depressed. She is about 4'11 in height and has very pale skin. She is also skinny.
Background: Magara is the daughter of Ritsu Sohma. She, however is not as loud as her father, but tends to apologize for the smallest of things. She is quiet, likes small and dark places since it calms her and likes only ocha (tea) and water, and at times is called "Ocha-chan". Maa-chan is not interested in sports, but has an envy in reading. At birth, she spent a year in the hospital since she was small for a baby. (extra: magara means "child of constantly cries" in Rhodesian)
Animal: Monkey
Can your person fight: No[/SIZE]
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Is the horse still open? I saw it open on the first page but I just wanted to make sure it was still open with you first before I go ahead and take the role (I once did that without checking and I got into trouble when I first started Rp'ing *twiddles her thumbs innocently.*
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Name: Harimi Sohma
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: She looks exactly like Rin.
Background: She still lives at the house but never really comes out of her room. She hates pretty much everyone except for two people...Yukin and Tetsume. She usually only talked to him until he moved away after that she never came out.
Animal: Horse
Can she fight: Yes from all the time she spent with the two boys.[/COLOR]
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