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RPG Revenge of Avalon [M- LSV]


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[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=Navy][I]Morgaine watched as the mists closed around Avalon, locking her out forever?[/I][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]


[CENTER]The setting is modern day British Isles. People have been disapearing from the area for the past month. After the last disappearance, a group is being put together to find out what happened to these people and bring them back. [/CENTER]

Ashlyn sat at a table in the pub, with a sandwich half in one hand and the corner of a map in the other. Prof. Arcaine had asked her to look at the maps of the area in which people we believed to have disappeared. Tomorrow they?d be heading out.

[B]?Well well, if it isn?t the prettiest girl in the isles?[/B]

She looked up over the edge of her glasses to see Pat grinning at her.

[B]"What do ya want Patrick??[/B] her voice came out in a heavy irish accent

[B]?I want you, to take off those glasses, set down that map and come out with me tonight?[/B]

She smirked [B]?Well as temptin' as that offer is, I think I?ll 'ave ta pass?[/B]

[B]?Oh come on Kelly? [/B] He leaned over and put a hand down on her map

She raised an eyebrow at him, [I]she prayed someone would rescue her from this egotistical pain in the?. [/I]


(OOC: Ok, everyone, I?m giving you a night before the quest begins to set up your characters and do some interacting. Students and Professor would be either at the pub or the main house. If anyone is playing a local, they?d be at home or possibly at the pub. Have fun guys :catgirl: )
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[SIZE=1]"This guy bothering you, Ashlyn?" asked Alex, planting his hand on the bar between Ashlyn and Patrick, whilst simultaneously ordering a pint from the barman. Alex didn't like Patrick much, especially when he'd had a few. He was rowdy and annoying, and tried it on with girls he could take advantage of.

"A little," she said, barely looking up from her map. She was a hard worker, was Ashlyn. But she never seemed to let her hair down enough for Alex's liking. This resulted in her getting a little tightly-wound on occasion.

"Leave her alone, Patrick. Can't you see she doesn't want anything to do with you?" he said to Patrick. Pat looked a little taken aback, and then slurred:

"Why are you sticking up for her, Alex? She's no fun at all!"

"Well, even if that is so, she still doesn't want anything to do with you. Now, I think you've had little too much to drink as it is, so I'm going to take you back to the house. You need rest. It's going to be tough enough dealing with you tomorrow when you're hungover."

"You're not going to take me back there! I hate it there! I much prefer it in the pub!" he shouted, struggling against Alex's grasp.

"Come on, now, Patrick, you like it in the house really. That's just the alcohol talking," he said calmly, grabbing Patrick in such a way that he couldn't get out of Alex's grip. He walked him slowly out of the pub, saying to everyone in there:

"Don't mind us. He's a bit of a lightweight, you see, can't really handle his alcohol."

As they got into the cold night air outside the pub, Patrick started gagging. Alex released his grip on him and let him go. He stumbled over to the flowerbed and doubled over. He threw up, quite a lot.

Alex walked him home, and made sure he got to his room safely, then leaned on the wall, and sighed. He was tired, and he wanted to be fully awake and prepared for the next day, so he went to his room, and got into bed. He dropped off to sleep quickly.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Navy]After arriving at the main house that was being used for the expidition pretty late in the afternoon, Armes didn't really meet anyone besides the head of the expidition who showed her around, and she kept to herself for the evening.

Around 10 o-clock Armes left her room where she had been unpacking her luggage and curled up in a chair in front of the fire in the main room of the house. She looked up once as Alex walked through with a drunken Patrick, but other than that she remained pretty much absorbed in her book.

She was reading about the languages of India when the clock struck three, she sighed, looking up at it. She didn't [i]want[/i] to go to bed yet, she usually had bad dreams involving mine shafts collapsing and her father's voice, and those weren't fun to deal with. She stayed in the chair for about half an hour more before she stood and walked into the kitchen just off of the living room. Making herself a cup of cocoa, she sat down at the table and once more began reading.

[i]I'll probably just stay up all night again, one more time won't hurt...[/i] She didn't hear the other person enter the room. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: Tag...whomever wishes it...[/COLOR]
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[color=#6633ff][font=Trebuchet MS]Keilantra sighed and shook her head as she watched as her colleague, Alex, kindly led Patrick out of the pub.

" That man could never hold his drink," Kei sighed. She sat at a table that she and Alex had been talking at, before he decided to go rescue Ashlyn from the drunk.

" Always such a gentleman, Alex..."

Kei stood and walked over to the girl who was studying a map very carefully.
" Find anything?" Kei asked as she flicked a piece of her navyish hair out of her eyes.
" Nothing yet."
" Maybe you should get some rest. Your brain can't work on empty."
" I know. I just want to get something before I go to bed."
" That's all right." Kei looked kindly at Ashlyn who racked her brains over this map.

" Bartender, can I have a white wine sprizter please?" Kei asked.
" Of course lassie. Always loved the Scottish accent by the way," the bartender said, winking at her.
" Why thank you."
The bartender walked away and quickly came back with her sprizter.
" Thank you very much kind sir."
" No problems lassie."

Kei looked over to Ashlyn who looked like her brain was about to explode.
" Ashlyn, you know you're going to be a wreck tomorrow?"
" I know but..."
" Just have a rest for a few minutes. It's best that you do."
" All right."
Ashlyn put the map away for a few moments and ordered something to drink. Kei took a sip of her drink.
" That feels better. Something to freshen you up."
" Yeah."

The two talked for about ten more minutes before Ashlyn insisted on going back to the map. Kei nodded and finished the rest of her drink. She thanked the bartender for his service, left a large tip and walked upstairs to her room. Locking the door behind her, she stripped off and let her hair out of the normal bun it was. It cascaded down to half-way down her back.

Kei walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. She waited until the water was warm and stepped in. The warm water ran all over her body, refreshing her body. A few minutes more of the complete bliss and Kei stepped out of the shower, drying herself off with a fluffly white towel. She walked back out into the main room.

Books covered the majority of the floor and table. Some even lay on her bed. Kei shifted them off, shutting them and lay them on the floor. She dressed herself in her pjs and slid into the warm bed. A few minutes later and she was asleep.

[b]OOC: Sorry its not really good. Didn't have much to go on.[/b][/color][/font]
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[COLOR=DimGray]She sat on a green hill over looking the blue of the lake. The others in the group stood or sat near by, also observing the landscape. The weather was clear and sunny, there were no buildings in sight, no disturbance in the water, no trees to hide anything, no caves, nothing; no place where the missing people could be. Prof. Arcaine walked over and sat next to her.

[B]?I?m sorry professor. I could have sworn this area had to be where they disappeared.?[/B]

He smiled at her [B]?That?s alright, we haven?t checked it completely yet, you could still be right.?[/B]

She nodded and watched the other students. Emory was walking around with some techy device, Kei and Armes were comparing notes, and Pat was standing looking at the landscape. He had probably discovered what she had; that there was no way this was the area. As she watched, he started to turn toward them, and then, he wasn?t there. He was gone.

[B]?Pat? Pat!?[/B] Ashlyn jumped up[/COLOR]

She looked around the room. She was sitting up in bed, the adrenaline pumping through her. She ran a hand through her hair and looked at the clock. She was supposed to meet the others downstairs in the dinning room in an hour. She got up, took a shower, blow-dried her hair, putting it in a bun and got dressed in a tee shirt and jeans.
She went down the stairs.

[B]?Morning Ashlyn.?

?Hey Professor.?

?Ashlyn, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Leo??[/B]

She smirked at him [B]?At least once more, as always.?[/B]

He shook his head, hair falling gracefully over his eyes.[B] ?Do you know where we?re going??[/B]

[B]?Yes, I looked over the maps you gave me. It was basic to discover where the people must have disappeared from, especially since Katie vanished between the site and here.?[/B] She sat down at the table across from Prof. Arcaine, and poured herself some coffee. [B]?I hope everyone is up for this, we could be gone for a few days, or longer.?[/B]

[B]?Or never.?[/B]

She glared at him over her mug [B]?Don?t even joke?[/B]

[B]?Sorry, couldn?t help it. I think everyone we?ve recruited will be fine? except maybe Emory? he doesn?t strike me as the adventure type, but he insisted on going.?[/B]


The others started filing in in various states of awakeness. Once everyone was there, Ashlyn presented where they were headed, and the professor have a basic pep talk and told everyone what they?d need to bring for basic survival. They agreed to meet back in half an hour with their stuff, ready to go.

Ashlyn went up to her room and put on her shoulder holster and placed her basic knife on her belt with her fighting knife in her boot. [I]No one knew about her father or her upbringing. They all thought she was a bookworm with a decent sense of humor[/I]. She grabbed her leather coat to cover the gun and grabbed her book bag from beside the bed. She glanced in the mirror and started down the stairs to meet the group.
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[color=#6633ff][font=Trebuchet MS]Twirling her hair back into a bun with two chopsticks, Keilantra looked through her room's only window. It looked out onto the open green pastures for a few miles, then forest reigned the landscape there after. She sighed. This was it. Finally, they were getting somewhere on this expedition of theirs.

Walking downstairs, she fumbled around with her white leather, mid-length trenchcoat. It reminded her that she was a researcher of sorts, but still had a little spice to it.

Kei saw no one down in the dining room.

" First one down here. How quaint."

She sat down, waiting for the others.[/color][/font]
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Emory sat, pseudo-yoga style, in the chair as he waited for everyone. He had his ever-present sketchbook, working on a drawing. His bookbag was on the floor next to the chair.


He jumped, dropping his pencil, as he looked up to see Ashlyn looking at him. His eyes widened and he looked away.

'Um.. What's up?' he asked, picking up the pencil he dropped.

'I wanted to know why you wanted to go with us so bad,' she said, 'You really don't seem like the type for adventures.'

'Uh, hehe,' he seemd a bit lost, but he managed to get out, 'Well,' he held up the sketchbook, 'Maybe I'll find something to draw on the way. Something I wouldn't have seen, otherwise.'

[I]Why did I[/I] say [I]that?[/I] he thought, [I]Now she's gonna think I don't care about the people that went missing. Or worse...[/I]

His head fell a bit as he sighed.

[I]Where is everyone? Please, someone show up and get me out of this mess...[/I]
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[B]?Alrighty then?? [/B] Ashlyn said under her breath shaking her head as she went into the main hall. Kei was sitting in the dinning room, she could see Pat sitting out on the front lawn sun bathing like an idiot. She was about to turn into the dinning room when she saw a piece of paper tapped to the door.

[I]?Ashlyn, inform the others that I went ahead and will meet you at the shore line. I had something to take care of. Don?t worry about me. If anything should happen, I have a tracking device in my watch, you will find a watch of similar make in the library on my desk. See you guys soon. ? Leo?[/I]

[B]?Oooo, Leo huh??[/B]

She turned around to see Armes peeking over her shoulder. Ashlyn rolled her eyes

[B]?Don?t even start with that.? [/B] She looked around and realized something [B]?Hey, when was the last time you saw Alex??

?Alex? Last night, I saw him come in dragging Pat.?

?He wasn?t at the meeting this morning was he??

Armes shrugged ?I didn?t see him?

?k, I?ll send Emory to see if he?s awake. Then I guess we?ll head out??[/B]
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[COLOR=Navy]Armes sat down on top of her duffle bag, trying to stifle a yawn as they waited for Leo to arrive. She pulled her book out of her backpack, turned to the page she had marked and was about to begin reading when Ashlyn sat down beside her. She smiled, setting her book down.

[B]"Is Alex the only one who hasn't shown up so far?"[/B] Ashlyn nodded.

[B]"Yeah, he's the only one since Leo has informed me that he will be meating up with us later."[/B] Armes leaned back against the wall fighting to stay awake.

[B]"So have any theories as to [i]where[/i] these people have dissapeared to?"[/B] She shook her head [B]"There haven't been that many people around when they've dissapeared, have there?" [/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: So sorry, Astdis.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Alex woke up with a start. He had a strange taste in his mouth, and his hair was ruffled. He struggled his way out of bed, and fell to the floor in a tangle of sheets. He shuffled into the bathroom and splashed water all over his face. He looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes were bloodshot, and he had stubble growing all over his face. Dark rings were forming under his eyes, and his hair was all over the place. He ran the shower over his head, freshening himself up for the day's adventure. Only then did the idea come to him to look at the time. He stuck his head out of the bathroom and looked at his clock. The LCD display read: 9:45.

"Dammit!" he shouted. He was 45 minutes late for the expedition. He towel-dried his hair, threw some clothes on and grabbed his rucksack, luckily prepared from the night before, and was about to run out of his room when he saw a note pinned to the door.

The paper was old, heavy, thick and yellowing, and the writing was calligraphy, curly and intricate. Alex read the note. It said:

"Lance, son of Avalon, we welcome you to our shores. However, your companions will not gain such an entry. The waters here are rough and deep. Be careful your boats do not go adrift..."

He read it over and over, then folded it up carefully and put it in his pocket, before opening the door and running down to the entrance hall.[/SIZE]
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[color=#6633ff][font=Trebuchet MS]Kei looked around. She heard heavy running footsteps come up the hallway. Alex appeared out of the doorway, looking rather red in the face, puffing.

" Alex! So everyone is here now?" Ashlyn said. Everyone nodded. " Then lets go. We'll meet Leo at the shoreline."

Everyone hoisted their luggage over various parts of their bodies and started to make their way to the shoreline. As Kei stood up, she froze. Something wasn't right. There was a slight pulling in her stomach. It always happened when she knew something was going to go wrong, but she would never find out what until it happened. Her eyes narrowed.

" Hmmm... everyone's going to have to be on guard. Something just isn't right."

Placing her rucksack on her back, Kei adjusted her hair with a slight push from her hand and followed the others out. As soon as she stepped outside, she noticed that mist thickly covered the surface of the lake. A prickling sensation crept over her neck.

" I wonder if [i]he[/i] is trying to tell me something..."

Kei kept quiet about her suspicions as she lagged behind the group, deep in thought.


Soon the group found the mooring for their boats. A gentle old man stood at the end, waiting for them. A fleet of about three small boats bobbed in the water.

" So, are you ready?" he asked, a wry grin on his face, as if he knew something they didn't.

[b]OOC: Sorry Astdis for moving it along.[/b][/color][/font]
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OOC: that?s ok Reiku, the post is excellent :catgirl:


Ashlyn nodded to the man, but Alex looked uneasy.

[B]?I don?t know about this guys??[/B]

Ashlyn looked around the shore. [I]No Leo.[/I] [B]?I?m going to walk down the shore and look for Leo. He can?t be too far off.? [/B] The others nodded and she started to walk off.

[B]?Wait! You can?t go by yourself, I?ll come too.?[/B] Kei hurried to walk next to her.

They walked in silence for a while [B]?I don?t like this.?[/B]

[B]?What??[/B] Ashlyn looked at her

[B]?Just a feeling. Even Alex has been on edge, like he?s afraid of the water, and he?s not afraid of anything.?[/B]

[B]?I wish I knew where Le? I mean, Professor Arcaine was.?[/B]

Kei nodded, ignoring the name slip.

[B]?God this fog is dense??[/B]

Back by the shore the other waited for their return in nervous silences. Only Armes seemed calm, leaning against a rock and almost smiling to herself. Alex paced and ran a hand through his hair.

[B]?What?s wrong Alex?? [/B] Armes asked smoothly

[B]?I can?t see where we?re going?[/B]

[B]?Let me check the compass? wait??[/B] Kei looked up sharply as if she were trying to read the fog in front of her. [B]?Something, is coming this way? fast.?[/B]

Ashlyn gave her a questioning look. What was she talking about? She strained her ears and held her breath. Nothing. Then she heard it. Horse hooves, coming down fast. She peered through the fog as it parted and her heart leapt up to her throat.

Two horses tilted down across the plain toward them. They were dressed in medieval armor and their swords were drawn, pointed directly at them?

(OOC: Reiku, these knights won?t talk to you, but you can try. Good post so far guys, keep it up!)
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[color=#6633ff][font=Trebuchet MS]Kei slightly moved her hand to the chopsticks in her hair. Unbeknownst to everyone, they were actually a weapon Kei used to protected herself. People never thought that a bibliomaniac would know how to defend themselves. Obviously Kei was an exception. Ashlyn looked very confused. Why would there be medievil knights wandering around these parts?

The knights just stood their with their swords pointed at the two women. Kei stood defensively.

" Who are you? What do you want?" Kei demanded to know. The knights were silent, although their horses pawded the ground anxiously as if wanting to attack. The detail in the cloth weaving was amazing, Kei noticed. It actually looked all real. The knights advanced slowly, one step after another. Ashlyn and Kei had to take two steps back to compensate for the horse's stride.

" What is this?" Ashlyn asked, amazed.
" I don't know. But if we don't move out of their way, we're going to get trampled," Kei said warningly.
" What?"
" The horses look like they want to attack. See them pawd their feet on the ground. They're anxious."

Without warning, the knights attacked, each letting out a warcry. There was only enough time for Ashlyn and Kei to get out of the way.

" Shit!" Kei exclaimed. Normally she didn't swear, but this was an exception.

The knights reared and turned around, their horses almost looking like demons.

" What are these things?" Ashlyn exclaimed.
" I don't know, but they're out to kill us!" Kei shouted at her as the knights parted and singled out the two women.

Ashlyn rolled, dodging her attacker. Kei flipped out of the way but the knight's sword nicked her shoulder. Blood started to trickle down her shoulder. She clutched it with her right hand, it being on her left shoulder.

" Ashlyn, are you okay?" Kei shouted at her.
" Yeah, you?" Ashlyn shouted back.
" I'm okay."

The knights rounded again and charged. Ashlyn, again, dodged her easily. However, Kei wasn't as lucky. The knight charging at her had her in a position in that she couldn't escape. Kei panicked.

[i]I'm going to die... die by these weird medievil knights that are in modern day Scotland.... I'm going to die![/i]

Suddenly, a blast of wind came from behind her as she thought her last thought and knocked the knight fair off his horse. The metal-clad knight hit the ground hard, his metal armour clinking. Kei looked at him, amazed and shocked.

" Where did that come from?"

[b]OOC: Hope you don't mind a little of Merlin's powers finally coming out Astdis. I think it would b a good idea if you did a nice long post, so we can get the story moving along. Just a suggestion.[/b][/color][/font]
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[font=Verdana][size=1]"What's wrong, Alex?" asked Armes.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"It's nothing really. I got a really weird note stuck on my door last night."[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"We would have seen it, though, Alex. I passed your door and there was nothing on the outside."[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"That's the weird part. The note was on the inside, but my door had been locked all night. There was no sign of a disturbance to my keys or anything, and even then they couldn't have gotten inside to get my keys."[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"It's probably nothing," said Armes, "It was probably just the innkeeper playing a joke on you."[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"Well it wasn't a very funny joke, if you ask me, Armes," replied Alex, running his hand through his hair, as he did when he was nervous.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]Suddenly, Alex felt a rush of wind blow from where Kei and Ashlyn were. He jumped to his feet, and ran to where they were. A medieval knight on horseback was facing them, and another lay on the ground.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"What the hell is going on here?" shouted Alex, "Stop attacking my friends!"[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]The knight turned to him, bowed his head, then rode away. The floored knight got to his feet, bowed and ran after his partner.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"This is getting weirder and weirder," said Alex. He walked over to Kei and Ashlyn, helping Ashlyn to her feet.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"What was that all about?" he asked.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"I have no idea," she said, "But Kei did something to them before you got here."[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"I don't know how I did it, but I created a gust of wind powerful enough to knock one of them off his horse," said Kei, looking a little shaken, "How did you get them to leave?"[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"I don't know. I just told them to go, and they left. It was really weird."[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"Well, I guess we'd better get back to the group. Professor Arcaine should meet us there at some point," said Ashlyn.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]"I guess you're right," replied Alex, and they all went back to the group.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1](OOC: Hope I haven't rushed anything or gotten in the middle of anything important here, Astdis and Reiku)[/size][/font]
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[COLOR=Navy]Armes narrowed her eyes. Why couldn't Ashlyn and Kei realize that [i]they[/i] where not supposed to be here? [i]They[/i] weren't welcome, [i]they[/i] were not the chosen ones, [i]they[/i] were the reason it had been sealed off from all in the first place?

She had been about to tell Alex, that it had been she, who placed the note inside his room, but it had seemed as if he would be unreceptive to this piece of news. She'd have to find a way to tell him later.

She sat on the ground and watched as the running Alex met up with the others. She smiled as the two knights ran off once Alex told them to. They did well obeying a true child of Avalon.

Getting up, she greated them as they came back. Once more she slipped easily into her normal persona, Viviane's veiws slipping away as easily as water in a stream.

[B]"Who were they? Did they have something to do with the dissapearences?"[/B] Ashlyn shook her head, as Kei answered shakily.

[B]"They didn't tell us who they were nor did they say if they had anything to do with the dissapearences."[/B] Armes thought for a minute before speaking, as they once more headed off.

[B]"Did they speak at all? Did they speak in another language? That might prove to be helpful in setting us on the right path to finding those who have dissapeared..."[/B] She looked at them expectantly, trying to keep Viviane's way of looking at them as if they didn't belong from showing in her eyes. Those were [i]Viviane's[/i] veiws, not hers.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=Georgia]OOC: Seriously, I should be fined for how long it takes me before I remember to post.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=#6633ff][font=Trebuchet MS]Kei looked at Armes with a piercing look. The two were locked each other with a cold stare before Kei decided to answer. Rather delicately too. As she clutched her bleeding shoulder, she confronted Armes. There was something in the woman's eyes that disturbed her, but on the other hand, there was something [i]attractive[/i] about it.

" They didn't speak at all. Not a single word. They attacked us without warning, nor cause from what we saw. Although that not might be entirely true. It seemed as though we were intruders in an ancient land. It almost felt like I was in the legend of Arthur and Camelot with those knights."

Armes' glance shifted slightly but Kei didn't miss it. She saw it. That look. The look that said everything. That they didn't belong here, wherever [i]here[/i] was. Kei growled in her throat, feeling rather threatened by that mentality.

" So what now?" Alex asked as he started to tend to Kei's wound.

" Well, Leo... I mean Professor Arcaine should be here soon," Ashlyn said, craning her neck to look over Kei's shoulders.

" Ashlyn, we're all adults," Kei said, " We are going to be working together. Therefore I think it would be easier, and more friendly, if we call each other by our first names." She hissed as Alex dabbed sterilising liquid onto her gash.

" True."

" It seems as though Leo isn't coming. Maybe he's gone ahead?" Alex said, finally finishing the bandage. Kei smiled and thanked him.

The old man standing on the pier approached them.
" Do you perhaps mean the man who came by earlier?" he said.

Ashlyn whirled around to him.
" You mean you saw him without telling us?"

" Must of slipped me mind lassie."

" Great. He's probably waiting for us on the banks on the other side," Ashlyn sighed. Kei pulled a comforting hand on Ashlyn's shoulder.

" We should get going then," she suggested. Ashlyn nodded reluctantly and they all boarded the boat. Together with the oars, they started to glide across the misty surface of the lake.

[b]OOC: The attracted part is Merlin bing attracted to Viviane. Astdis, sorry again for moving it along. I'm sure you can do something with that. I can delete this if you want me to if you had something else planned.[/b][/color][/font]
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OOC: that's fine Reiku, you didn't move it too fast at all (and it works with my thoughts). Sorry I've been kinda MIA guys, my grandma has been in the hospital since last Wed. Between that and work I haven't had much time, sorry gang... :catgirl:


[B]" Great. He's probably waiting for us on the banks on the other side," [/B] Ashlyn sighed. Kei pulled a comforting hand on Ashlyn's shoulder.

[B]" We should get going then,"[/B] she suggested.

[I]Leo. Damn it Ashlyn the guy?s name is Leo, even the kids like 5 years younger than her could call him that, why the hell couldn?t she?[/I] Shaking her head, she looked out over the water. Some of the mist had faded, but not enough to see the shore. [I]Kei was right; she was not acting her age, or her experience. She wasn?t a college geek with a map. She was 27 years old, she had a master?s degree from Oxford in architecture and medieval combat, Her father was in the IRA, and so far it was just a couple of myths in tin cans, that?s all. It was time to dig in now. She could handle this.[/I]

Ashlyn went to the boats with a new glint in her eyes. Emory seemed so startled by it he nearly dropped his equipment in the lake. Pat just appeared as bored as ever, having not gone too see what had happened in the first place. Alex looked slightly confused by this new glint but Kei was completely unruffled, climbing into the boat with Armes who seemed almost disappointed. Alex went into the boat with Emory and Pat climbed in behind Ashlyn.

Pat reached over to take the oars winking at Ashlyn ?That?s no job for a lady.?

She turned coolly to face him, took an oar from his hand, and flipped it to hit him square on the back sending him flying into the lake.

?I never claimed to be a lady.?

Kei cheered and Alex nearly fell out of his boat for laughing. Emory scrambled to help pull Pat out. None of them saw the ripple the came toward them across the lake, as if something on the other side, had also fallen in?
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[color=#6633ff][font=Trebuchet MS]Kei laughed so hard that tears were coming out of her eyes.

? Ahh? well done Ashlyn.?

Emory pulled Pat into the small boat. Alex recovered from laughing.

? Now, shall we go?? Ashlyn asked, becoming a little stern. Pat gave her a sidewards glance before nodding. The boat jerked forward, gliding across the surface like an ice-skater would on ice.

The mist earlier had lifted slightly, although not enough to see the other side of the lake clearly. You could just make it out in the thin layers of mist. Ashlyn pulled the oars.

A sudden prickling feeling ran all the way down Kei?s spine. She shivered. Something didn?t feel right. The air? something about the air was wrong? it seemed ? ancient. She looked around. The air almost sparkled with some strange substance. Her eyes narrowed slightly. It was the same feeling as last time, when she met this group for the first time. She had met Alex earlier, but the others, this was the exact same feeling she got..

? This is getting weirder by the minute?? Kei muttered to herself softly.[/color][/font]
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