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Art Fan Art: Akimichi Chouji (Comments please)

Sentou Ryoku

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Hi. Just wanted to post this one up for critique. Done in pencil, inked with Sakura Micron Pigma pens and edited in Adobe PhotoHome deluxe. Oh yah, for those not in the know, that's Akimichi Chouji from Naruto.


Let me know what you guys think. Thanx.
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[COLOR=#FF3399][SIZE=1]I really like this picture, though I'm always partial to lineart above the final coloured piece.

You?re lines are really gorgeous, I love the way you used a thicker line for the main outline and lighter ones for the inside. It really gives a very bold effect and even though there's a lot of detail in the picture, everything can be seen clearly.

Your proportions and perspective are excellent, something I can never seem to mix together. ^_^;

I haven?t seen Naruto but form the few clips I've seen this is an excellent picture of said character.

Overall, I love the picture, really well done.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it. No one's ever approved of the Sharpie marker outline stuff that I do with my pieces so I'm glad you approved.


[color=teal]EDIT:[/color] Hey, for those who are tiching to see this piece in color, here it is:


Colors done by Shin Kell from the narutofan forums.


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