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Sign Up Global Consequences [M-VL and possibly S]


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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]The explosion ripped through the carriages of the train in a wave of burning shards of metal. Orange flames shot through the vehicle, blasting out all the windows, shards of glass shattering as they made contact with the floor. The metal casing of the carriages buckled and groaned as they were thrown outwards by the force of the explosion. Metal ripped, and fire shot out through the gaps in the train?s metal plated walls.

People ran around screaming. Women had seen their children pulverised by falling chunks of metal, husbands had seen their wives burnt to death by white-hot air, young boys had seen their mothers ripped to shreds by hot shrapnel.

And amidst all the chaos, all the destruction, all the mayhem, one man sat watching and laughing. He started his car, and drove down the road, still laughing like a maniac. The police were too busy clearing up the mess to try and follow him, so he was home free.

He got back to his hotel room, and picked up the phone. He plugged in a small device to stop them from finding out where he was, and dialled a number. It was the number of the Anti-Terrorist Bureau in London.

* * *

At the bureau, Jack Gordons picked up the ringing phone. Everyone around him was busy working on the train bombing, just as he had ordered.

?Hello, ATB London, this is Gordons speaking,? he said into the receiver.

?Ah, Mr Gordons, good evening. I assume your people are working on that little surprise of mine,? came a distorted voice on the other end.

?Who is this?? asked Gordons, beckoning for people to come over to him. A small group of technicians rushed over to him.

?You can call me Hotwire. This is, of course, not my real name, but you will need to call me something, won?t you now? Anyway, I am the one who destroyed that train a few minutes ago.? Gordons put his hand over the receiver and spoke to some of the technicians who had just run over to him.

?This is the guy who just blew up the train. I need a satellite track on his location,? he said. Two of the technicians immediately ran off to try and trace his location.

?It?s no good trying to track me by this phone call, Mr Gordons. This is a secure line, completely untraceable, even by your superior technology.?

?You?re bluffing. Our computers can trace anything.?

?Then go ahead and try. Just don?t come running to me when you fail.?

?Do you have demands?? asked Gordons, the first thing you should ask in a situation like this. You need to keep the terrorist happy, otherwise there?s no knowing what he could do next.

?I have only one demand. Send out your best field agents, and surrender control of them to me. They will obey my commands, and my commands only.?

?How will you ensure they do this??

?They will each be fitted with a tracking device by my men. Then, whenever I want them to do anything, I will call them on a secure line, and if they do not comply, then there will be another little ?accident? on the way somewhere in Britain, or even in America. Do I make myself clear??


?Excellent. Then send them to the Waterloo tube station, where they will meet my men. If they come with any sort of backup or weaponry, then I will detonate another bomb. Are we clear on this??

?Of course. They will have no backup or weaponry, and they shall come to Waterloo station.?

?Oh yes, and if they don?t get there in the next hour, I shall assume you have decided to ignore my threats, and I will detonate another bomb. Bye!? he said jovially. Then the line went dead.

This country needs you! You are now part of a crack team of specialists, from British, American and Chinese intelligence. You have been taken control of by an insane terrorist, and must make sure his demands are met, otherwise you could be facing an incident of catastrophic proportions.

I will not be playing an agent, only the terrorist, and I will be issuing my demands by PM. If anyone does not obey my instructions, then a bomb will be detonated somewhere in your home country.

You must obey my instructions, or you will face the consequences.

Here is the information I need from each of you:

[B]Name[/B]: anything
[B]Nationality[/B]: anywhere in the world, but I will need at least one British agent
[B]Appearance[/B]: picture or detailed description is fine
[B]Bio[/B]: two decent paragraphs please
[B]Weapons[/B]: just handguns please, and you will not have these weapons for some of the time anyway

PM me if you have any problems or questions. I will be picking the best sign-ups from those I get, if I get any! So please make sure your sign-up is of the best possible quality.

Happy creating![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Evan Brodeur

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Nationallity: Canada

Appearance: [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/albums/userpics/10001/oxide2_1.jpg]Evan (Ignore the sword, and take out the puffy shoulders and pants)[/URL]




OOC: I'll finish this later, I had to go. Sorry.
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