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RPG Virtual High School (M-SLV)


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"Leo hurry or you'll be late logging in." Leo's mother called up to him as he threw a few computer chips into a bag full of them. He had been trying to decide which one was possibly the closest to the newest modle so that he could play around with it and try to make it either just as good or better. Just one of the things that he loved to do. "Get your ass down here now."

Of coarse his only problem was that he had his mother always nagging him. For some reason all A's in school wasn't good enough so Leo began not caring as much. His grades began to slip a bit, but no so badley that he was having problems. That was until the day that she announced that he was enrolled in the Mircosoft Online School district. Leo couldn't understand how she could do this to him. Wasn't that one of those private schools that only the top students got into?

Leo never expected for an acceptance e-mail to come to them letting him know that he was going to be attending this next school year there. That all led up to where he was now. Just about ready to take the cord and plug it into him so he could log on and get directed to the school that would be his knew prison.

He went downstairs and his mother greeted him with a frown and THE LOOK. He was sure everyone knew what THE LOOK was. You'd have to be crazy not to.

"You start in five minutes. That gives you barely enough time to dial in. Now get going you lazy boy." She pushed him into his computer room and forced him into the chair. She pulled the cord out for him and slid the prong into the slot in the back of his neck getting connected directly to his spinal cord. Everything that was real then melted away and he was being transported to the net. The last thing he heard his mother say before he was taken in by the swirling rainbow vortex was, "Be sure to make a few friends too." Then she was gone.

The next thing that popped up was a little box that verbally asked him for his password. He gave him the one that was given to him with the acceptance e-mail and then another vortex opened up sucking his mind ever deeper into the system. A strange noise like the one of old dial-up internet could be faintly heard as he passed thorugh to the actual world. As the pieces of information conbined part by part to become the reflection of his physical form he could see the school as well as all of the students walking towards it. He had finally arrived at the virtual high school.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]James woke up lazily and got up. He got his shirt and a pair of clean jeans. [/B] [/COLOR]

"James, your lunch is down here," His mother said.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]"Alright," he called back.

[B]He combed his hair, brushed his teeth, and wore his shoes. He rushed downstairs and grabbed his lunch.[/B][/COLOR]

"Have fun!" His mother shouted.


[B]He got on his computer and logged in. Soon he got sucked into a vortex along with his backpack.[/B][/COLOR]

[B]OOC: Sorry it's short...[/B]
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His eyes suddenly began to focus. The bright light of the Sun shone in through Andrew’s open window like a natural wake up device.

“Alright, alright, I’m up! Get off my back!” Whatever possessed him to shout at the Sun quickly disappeared and he groaned as he rose from his bed.

Andrew headed towards his dresser and removed a pair of clean socks and boxers before heading to the bathroom. On his way to the bathroom he turned on his CD player and it began shouting out great music. After a quick shower in the bathroom he changed into his clean clothes and began to form his usual spikes with gel and then went back to his chest of drawers in the bedroom and took out his jeans and T-shirt.

The T-shirt was a tight fitting black one and his jeans were dark blue, as always. Just before he left the bedroom to get his breakfast he turned on the laptop on his desk. Sitting on the chair in the combined living and dinning area, Andrew ate his bowl of cereal while watching whatever anime happened to be on this early in the morning. With breakfast out of the way he headed back to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and put on some after shave and then returned to the laptop.

By this time the computer had booted and was already waiting for Andrew to insert the port into the back of his neck. Without delay he grabbed the port from its holder on the side of the laptop and inserted into the back of his neck and his body immediately went numb.

Andrew found this part of the procedure the best. That split second where your consciousness had left your body but hadn’t fully left. It was breath taking. After confirmation of his password and the searing white light of acceptance he found himself in this strange new place.

Andrew immediately decided that since he was early he would sit around in some kind of socialising area...but where to find one?
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Tres grogily rubbed her eyes and sat up in bed and yawned. After running her fingers through her hair she took a shower and dressed her self in flair lef jeans a black tank top and convers.

"Tres are you up yet?!?" Her father yelled as he ran around the house trying to get ready for his meeting.

"Yes dad im up." ,Tres answered as she rolled her eyes, "I have time to spare so I could get on the computer awile." She said to her self and grabed a patch covered back pack and sat in her computer chair.

"You need to be getting signed on like...NOW."Her father called franticly before he left the house.

"Pft." Tres typed in her password and before she could even think she was drawn in to her computer screen. Tres looked around as she had a strange feeling in her stomach then the school apeared,"So thats it?" She said as she glanced at the building. After landing her backpack landed becide her. "Wonderfull." Tres said a bit anoyed as she slung it on to her back.
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"Hmm..." Andrew grunted as he looked around, seeing nobody he recognised...obviously.

He pulled from his back pocket a small typed letter which displayed his name, a list of the subjects he'd chosen and a note that he should go to the main reception area for a copy of his time table. Again his head darted to and fro searching for any indication of where this recpetion area might be. Andrew guessed it would be where everyone else was headed...towards the big doors which had a sign saying 'reception' and pointing in that direction.

Andrew slapped his forehead as he began to walk in that direction. He was confronted by a long line of people who were also here for timetables apparently. He figured maybe they've have some order or something but then got fed up and took a seat in the waiting area. He saw many groups of stereotypical people standing around, as usual.

Andrew could immediately tell the popular crowd, the ones who laughed at their own jokes and just generally had no concern for anyone else around them. He sighed and put his head back on the small comfy chair.

"It's gonna be a long day!"
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As Tres examined the building before walking in a guy who seemed to be in a hurry ran past her and accidently nocked her to the side.

"Hello im standing here!" Tres yelled to him but he was already in the building. After mummbleing to her self she took a print out from her zipper pouch on her back pack looked at her classes and saw the comand reading [B]After entering the school go to the reception area.[/B] Tres walked in and saw the long never ending line of people and then her eyes strayed to the bench. She saw a guy with an almost smirk on his face. Tres followed his eyes untill she saw what he was looking at.
"Great! They were at my old school and now they have to be here!" Tres thought to herself as she sat down beside the guy on the bench leaving some space between him and her. She occasionaly glanced at him and her cheeks got a little pink. She quickly shifted her eyes to the group of people so she would have no reasion to blush. "I cant believe I am starting to fall for someone I dont even know." Tres said under her breth and sighed as she waited for the line to die down.
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Leo unfolded a paper he had kept in his pocket and looked at it as he found a bench and sat down. He looked over the classes that he had signed himself up for and wasn't the least bit suprised that he hadn't gotten everything that he wanted. He wished to take a language class, but unfortunatly Japanese had been filled to the brim long before he was even accepted to the school. Leo also wondered about why he was accepted because a private school would usually surpase someone like him.

He looked around and saw maybe one or two people that he knew from his old schools that had been talking often about transfering into Microsoft's schools just the semester before this one. All of these kids just those rich snobs that he couldn't stand and he sure wishes they don't spot him.

The reception area was decorated in the schools colors and there looked to be a mascot walking around entertaining all of the students it could, which none seemed interested.

"Hey Leon." Someone called his full first name. He looked up to see Calium, a snob from his old school. "What the hell are you doing in a school like this? Maybe the you got the wrong connection. This isn't a reform school for losers."

"Look whos talking." Leo said. "If you excuse me I think I'm going to go find someone who isn't a jerk like you." Leo got up from his seat leaving the little paper behind, but he had one back with his real body so it didn't matter. Leo rushed away in bit of a red daze and didn't see another bench in his path. He ran directly into the back of it causing a guy and a girl on it to look back at him with confusion.
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As the bench fluttered forward, Andrew caught himself and noticed that the girl to his side was still falling. With a slight adjustment in his balance he threw out an arm and caught her before she fell. He gave her a nod and turned his attention to the guy who was now sitting on the floor looking very embarrassed.

"help ya man?" He questioned as he held out a hand to the embarrassed stranger.

The guy grabbed Andrew's hand and Andrew pulled him up with a quick tug. The guy was back on his feet dusting himself off when Andrew sat back down and got comfy.

"Sorry about that," the stranger commented as he took a seat the opposite side of Andrew to the mysterious girl, "I'm Leo".

"Andrew." He grunted with a certain sense of mystery.

"Call me Tres." The girl said as she turned to them both.

Andrew had noticed her noticing him while she had sat quietly next to him. He had also noticed the roseyness of her cheeks after looking at him and did have smirk spread across his face when Leo had bumped into them. His first few minutes and he's already attracting someone, it was a pleasing moment.

Breaking out of his reverie, Andrew pointed his thumb to the popular crowd and said "You know them?" To neither in particular but both quickly answered in unison with "Yeah."

Interesting he thought to himself. Maybe this day wouldn't be so bad as he had first thought.
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Katsumi yawned and sat upright on her bed and glanced at her clock. It read 9:30am. Katsumi wasn't worried, she didn't care about school anyway.

[B]"Katsumi! You're late!"[/B] her mother yelled from downstairs.

Shrugging her shoulders, Katsumi got out of bed and quickly brushed her hair and dressed herself in her usual attire; a black tanktop, dark blue jeans and black fingerless gloves. She ran downstairs and into the kitchen, wordlessly ate breakfast and ran back upstairs to her computer. She logged on and was instantly transported to Microsoft Online Schools.

She glanced around the area and sat down on a nearby empty bench, for she was not feeling social.

OOC: srry its short, and srry for bein late...I just found out that it already started 2day! -_-
again, srry!!!
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]James walked into the building and looked for the receptionist. [/B]

[I]Oh man...the lines huge. I never knew so many people would be here.[/I]

[B]He decided to wait in line instead of sitting down waiting for the line to get shorter. He looked at his schedule and looked to the people. [/B]

[I]Wow...so many people. I wonder if any of my friends are here.[/I]

[B]The line moved up front a little and so did he. He sighed and waited.[/B][/COLOR]
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Tres made eye contact with andrew finally and smiled.

"Hi im tres." She said as she held out her hand. Andrew looked at her hand then smiled as he shook it.
"Im Andrew but I knew your name already...you just told him." He said as he pointed to Leo.
"Yeah...Well...how long have you been waiting?"
"Just a few seconds before you arived."
Tres was despritly trying to make conversation to talk to him or get to know him more.
"Those girls in that group over there are so awefull they make me want to gag." Tres said as she pointed to the prep group.
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Feeling bored, Katsumi rose from the bench and walked into the Reception Area, which had a HUGE line-up. Silently, Katsumi walked to the back of the line, her arms crossed, and glanced around the room. She glanced at the boy infront of her, and decided to strike up a conversation. She tapped him on the shoulder and when he looked over, Katsumi immediately rose her hand, for him to shake.

[B]"Yo."[/B] she greeted, [B]"I'm Katsumi, whas your name?"[/B]

[B]"James."[/B] the boy replied, shaking Katsumi's hand.

Katsumi smiled, [B]"Nice name. So anyways, how long d' you think we're gonna stand here and wait?"[/B]

James shrugged, [B]"I'm not sure,"[/B] he said, [B]"As long as we have to I guess,"[/B]

Katsumi nodded, [B]"I see,"[/B] she said, [B]"Did your parents make you come here?"[/B]
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"I know exactly what you mean." Andrew commented wryly.

He had always found that type of girl to be a complete let down. They're always cheery about something and they're so fake and two faced it just wasn't funny. Generally he just ignored them to begin with, it was much easier.

"I admit I have energy, but they just take it too far, y'know?" He questioned with an empathetic look in his smouldering eyes.

Tres immediately stared at his eyes without noticing what she was doing. She quickly shook her head and then continued, "Yeah, they're so two faced and fake, it's unbelievable."

Andrew smirked at her comment, 'like reading her mind'. He nodded in her direction and then flopped backwards again.

"Maybe now I'll be able to get my timetable," He sighed as the line of students was quickly decreasing, "Ladies first." He gestured with his arm for Tres to head to the line before him.

Andrew then turned to Leo and offered him the next place. Leo gave a gratifying smile and hopped to his feet in the line behind Tres. Andrew then stood behind him and began to speak again.

"So what subjects are we taking Kiddies?"
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James patiently waited in line until a girl tapped him on the shoulder. She introduced herself and he did as well.

A few moments later, Katsumi, the girl, asked him, "Did your parents make you come here?"

"Oh my parents? Not really. I thought it would be cool here so I decided to come but I never knew so many people were going to be here. What about you? I mean, did your parents make you come here?" He smiled waiting for a response.
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Katsumi nodded and tucked some of her dirt-red hair behind her ear, [B]"Yeah,"[/B] she answered, [B]"They applied for me, cuz' I was brought home by the cops too many times...But all I did was graffiti, I didn't steal or anythin', so I don't know why they had to send me t' this snobby hell-hole, y'know?"[/B] She paused for a moment, [B]"No offence t' you or nothin'."[/B]

She grinned and stuffed her hands in her pockets, [B]"Anyways, what classes did you get?"[/B]
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"Me??" James scratched his head, "Uhh...I have Math, Languages, Gym, Art, History, and Science. It's like the basic stuff. I don't have much talent anyways. What about you?"

He looked at his paper. The line was moving a bit faster now.
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([B]OOC[/B]:[I] sorry if i'm posting out of turn, i only signed up yesterday, and my sign up hasn't even been approved, if i'm posting out of turn, then i apologise[/I])

"enter password...." a computerised autoprompt announced. Dante keyed in his pasword as he walked straight into the already materialising gateway, without loosing a single stride.

Dante continued walking even as the microsoft online schools system dissolved into view, continuing toward the front desk to recieve his timetable.

stepping to the back of the seemingly never-ending line of students. glancing around the entrance hall, dante could make out even more students sitting around, waiting for the line to go down.
"who are you? shift so I can get ahea-" cutting off the obnoxious student's sentance with a sidewards glare.
"i'll just, ah -. i have to go...place..." the student said as he backed away.

dante continued to wait in line silently
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Katsumi took out a piece of paper from her pocket and glanced at it.

[B]"I have: math, science, english, home-ec, art, gym and music."[/B] she replied, [B]"I don't have much talent either, unless grafitti counts as a talent," she giggled a bit after she said that and glanced at the ever-so-slow moving line-up.

[B]"Oh my freakin' God, how long does it take to do, whatever the hell they're doin'!"[/B] she exclaimed, [B]"Bunch o' kono yaros they are..."[/B]

[B]"Kono yaro?"[/B] James asked, confused.

[B]"It means bastard in Japanese,"[/B] Katsumi explained, [B]"But I call almost everyone a bastard, so the word lost its..."[/B] she thought for a moment, [B]"Well it lost something"[/B]
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reaching into his back pocket, Dante drew out a piece of paper.

"let's see - " Dante thought to himself. "[B]Advanced swordsmanship[/B], [B]Astrophysics[/B], [B]Ancient history[/B], [B]Music[/B] and [B]Advanced computing[/B]. piece of cake."
Dante continued to stair at the piece of paper for a few minutes. "oi! kono yaro!" someone shouted over at dante. "You're in music, aren't you?"

The person continued to approach Dante. "..."

the woman snatched the piece of paper from dante's hand. "see! You ARE taking music! who are you anyway?" Dante, saying nothing, snatched the paper back and took up his place in the line.

Once the woman had moved on, Dante began thinking to himself, "who in the world was THAT? and how on earth did she know that I was taking music...." Dante continued to ponder for a few minutes more, untill a call broke him out of musing.

"next please!"
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Leo pondered for a moment getting the list from his memory. " Believe that I an taking Pre-calc, Adv. Physics, Weights, Personal Fitness, Microsoft CPU work, and I have a free hour somewhere in there too."

"How come you have a free hour?" Tres asked in a jelaous tone.

"I requested it so I can go hunting." Leo joked. "Actually I don't know. I never actually applied for any classes specifically accept for one or two that they didn't even give me. I think it may have something to do with personal studies or something."
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Looking at the timetable dante had just recieved, he saw that his first lesson of the day was music.

"great, a lesson with that wierd mind reading thing" he thought to himself, reluctantly setting off toward the online directory.

"let's see.."dante mumbled, acessing the directory.

"take warp gate A-171A to subsection alpha of the first floor, then head down corridor 5B to room 9999" dante memorised, and started out.

"i hope i don't run into that thing again" dante thought as he headed for the warp gate.
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  • 3 weeks later...
Leo looked at the clock centered about the entire struckture. The bell was about to ring and all of them would be transported to their classed in an instant. "Hey I'll talk to you guys later." Leo said as he was teleported to his classroom.
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[SIZE=1]As the bell rang, James got teleported to his first class, [I]science[/I]. He walked towards a seat and sat down. He took out a notebook and waited silently.

[I]Hmmm...is this school fun or what? [/I]

He sighed heavily and looked at the clock ticking ever so slowly.

[I]This is gonna be a long day...[/I][/SIZE]
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The school seemed to be fine in Leo's opinion, except there was something just not placed right. He decided that there was something that needed to be discussed. He found Tress and Andrew while they were allowed to temporaraly log off to get some nurishment. He found the both of them in mid conversation and was about to say goodbye when he showed up.

"Hey just a second you two." He called to them as they began to walk away.
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