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Sign Up The Ziodammerung [M-VL possible S]

Box Hoy

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[I]Rated Mature for Violence, Language, and possible sexual themes[/I]

(Minor spoilers ahead for the movie the matrix)

::Our Savior::
The day our savior, the yang, the one, touched the source was the day the new conflict began.
Little did any of us know that by doing that he and the source became linked.
By sacrificing himself, the one hoped to achieve what everyone wanted. Peace.
A link was created from the real world to the dream world.
Using this link the ying, the dark one, came to reality from the dream world. He was destroyed.
Our savior went into the dream reality to finish of the nightmare within everyone's mind. Damage had been done by ying.
Yang sacrificed himself to destroy ying. And thus there was no more balance between good and evil.
By sacrificing himself yang affected the source. Becuase the source was connected to everything within the dream reality, the unreal was affected as well.
The source would've been eliminated as well as the dream reality but it wasn't. That could only mean that our savior was still alive somewhere. But why and how we did not know.

Alright. What was above was a brief sypnosis of the events within the final two movies Reloaded and Revolution. And this is what will happen after revolutions. And at the end is what will be the basic starting plot of this rpg. Neo (the one, yang, savior) is alive, but where, why, and how.
Where: We'll find out, possibly the Machine City, mentally more than likely within the Matrix.
Why: Unknown, possibly being used to fuel the Matrix with his imense power
How: A possible hack by someone or something else
This rpg will take place a couple weeks if not a month after the events of Revolution.
::Sign ups::
There are several positions you can take. A human, a program, or a machine. Anyone works. Each one presents a series of different goals and beliefs. Some primary goals of each group:

::Sign Up::

[B]Humans[/B]: Working to rebuild zion after the battle with the machine army/improving relations with the programs and machines/and recognizing the possible pro's and cons of Neo possibly being alive mentally or physiclly.

[B]Programs[/B]: Renegade programs live within the matrix as citizens of the technological dream reality and are helping both the machines and humans/ Agents are still on patrol throughout the matrix for glitches and another possible anomolys.

[B]Machines[/B]: Working on the 7th version of the matrix which would be a matrix without glitches for their own private needs leaving the 6th version to the renegades and humans/trying to avoid human interaction for fear of another anomoly

Description/Appearence: (Picture is cool but may be hard to get)
Group: (Human/Program/Machine)

I'll post mine after some people join.
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