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[COLOR=Navy]I've been trying to color in photoshop more and more lately. Here are some of things I colored. Please post comments. I drew them all, scanned them in, and colored them.

The first one is from Naruto. It's Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou.


Second is of a demon angel.


This last one is of Tifa from FF7, and my friend Jason, who is obsessed with her. Jason is the puppet.


Thanks for the replies in advance. Hope you like them. ^_^[/color]
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[COLOR=Blue]hehehe....first post! i think their quite creative! i like them. i like your style for drawing as well. much different from mine!:P i have the same Potoshop as you i think. do you have Photoshop Elements 2.0? anyway, i think the last one's cute! keep up the good work!!!!![/COLOR] :catgirl: :animesmil
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[COLOR=Navy]Thanks, Ryoko. I use Photoshop at school, so I don't know what the exact version it is.

Here are some more of my art, though different than the last post.

Here is a drawing that I did for Japanese club a while back. It won that t-shirt design contest. It's called, "Kamikaze Puppy."
The kanji on the far left means power, while the other kanji means dog on the head band.


I was inspired by Juuthena for these next two. The first one is titled, "Forgotten Love," and the second is titled, "The Unforgiven II." The photographer and model are both me.



Your comments are greatly appreciated. ^_^[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue]wow....those pictures of you are really good. you look so pretty in them. i'm jealouse (i think that's how spell it)....and the dog is really cute. i think your really good at drawing. if my scanner would work for me, i would show you my drawings. but it doesn't work. gah! anyway, good job![/COLOR] :catgirl:
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[color=navy]Sorry about that, you guys. It's fixed now.

I might as well put up the next batch of art.

These first few are pictures of my dog that I took when I was eleven.





Is This Seat Taken?


[color=teal]-It enlarged the screen a bit, so I made it a link. That alright, Japan? ;) -Syk3[/color]



Stway Back You!


Also here is something I just finished coloring in photoshop. I drew the original image before coloring.

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[COLOR=Blue]oh, you have such a cute doggie! mine died....i miss them both. but i like the white diamond on its chest. it seems you have a talent for photography(sp?). and your Chi drawing is kewl too. DO MORE DO MORE!!! yay!!![/COLOR] :catgirl: :animesmil
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[COLOR=Navy]More? Ok, I have plenty more to post.

This one I did of Sai from Hikaru No Go.


Here is another picture, but of my cat. It's titled, "Ornament Soccer"


Here's the original of the Chi drawing I colored.


A five minute sketch of my friend, Charlie.


I should be able to post some of my woodwork and pottery this weekand, and possibly Monday, another colored picture in photoshop. (InuYasha)[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]Here is the latest addition. I finished it today. I'll get off my lazy bum and post of my woodwork later...hopefully. Anyways, here is InuYasha.[/COLOR]

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