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Request X-Men Avatar and Banner Request


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Could someone please make me a matching banner and avatar featuring either the X-Men's Gambit of Cyclops. I have chosen the pictures I would like them to be created from. I will give you credit in my signature if I use your material.

I wish the avatar to macth the banner and to simple say the characters name. I would like the Gambit banner to say: The Luck of The Draw is all in The Deal . I would wish the Cyclops banner to say: The Greatest Curse is to be Gifted.

Thankyou who ever posts.
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Out of the many Gambit banners I have made over the years, I do believe that this one is my favourite. I had to scan my own copy of the issue to get a bigger picture, I hope you don't mind that it is bigger than your original.


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