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Digimon Journey 4: The Double Dragon Hourglass [M-VSL]


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Now... You people might not know this but a very very long time ago I creature and rpg. Digimon Journey. People liked it and someone else made Digimon journey 2. After that the final one was Digimon Journey 3. Iv decided to make another. I came up with the original Digimon Journey idea and i figured id finish it off (or start another chain but i doubt that) So most or even none of you know what they were about but thats ok.

In the digital world there sits hidden from all a double dragon hourglass. Two dragon statues hold the hourglass in place. This hourglass is the timer for an evil darkness. Each time the sands run out the darkness dies for a while. But this last time the darkness found it and flipped it before his time was up. Now he causes problems all over the digital world.

A small group of young digimon are now faced with a challenge. One is to gether all the shards to the crests. Unlike the crests the humans got in the show these crests come in four parts. One shard for each form. Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. Once a shard is aqquired it lets that digimon go back and forth between those forms. For example if viximon got the rookie shard and the champion shard she will have the ability to go to rookie. From rookie she can easily go to champion and back when she likes. Because without digivices and kids digimon's digivolution takes a very long time. And right now... they dont have that kind of time.

They must find special weapons. Only mega forms can use their weapons powers so first the shards must be found. Then they search for these special weapons. Each weapon has its own way of working and all these weapons need to be put together. All attack at once. It is their power alone that will break the hourglass and destroy the evil forever. But theres one problem... Where is the hourglass?

In this rpg you play the digimon. No humans involved. Just like all the other digimon journey rpgs you play a digimon off to defend its world. First there is a search for the shards, then a search for weapons (Like in digimon world 4) and then to finally find the hourglass. But it wont be all fun and games... after all the evil has plans and his plans inclue minions.


[b]Name:[/b] What digimon are you? (made up or real) Intraining to start off.
[b]Attacks:[/b] needed to defend self
[b]Description:[/b] A picture or well detailed words... this is a MUST for made up digis
[b]Digivolution Line:[/b] rookie, champion, ultimate, mega
[b]Digivolution Attacks:[/b]
[b]Mega Weapon Choice1:[/b]
[b]Mega Weapon Choice2: (must be different from choice 1)[/b]
[b]Why do YOU want to go:[/b] Why does your intraining character want to go? Make this good. It doesnt have to be "because they wanted to save the world" there can be... different reasons for chosing to go.

Now... You start off in primary village as an In-Training digimon like Koromon (who can go into agumon and such) Tokomon (patamon) and so on so forth. You are given the rookie shard to begin with so then for the rest of the rpg you can stay rookie. You can digivolve from rookie to champ, champ to ultimate, ultimate to mega, and much later warp from rookie to mega. But when your not needed for battles you basicly stick to being rookie.

And the weapons to chose from are these:

[b]Staff[/b] (for the magicle sort)
[b]Bow[/b] (with unlimited arrows of different elemental value)

Ill post my sign up after someone joins.

The reason you chose 2 weapons is if someone else ALSO chose the weapon you want then you have a back up choice. Ill make a final decision when it comes to weapons once the sign ups are closed. Unfortunatly im only allowing 4 people to join. I make the fifth.

The rules for this is make your sign up good and ill chose from the best. Plus i need active members who are willing to PM ME if things go to fast or to slow and get boring. If you people do that then I can start something to make it less boring. (Also could you people pm me and tell me how often you get on ob and have enough time to post. Its just a way to see how active you are)

Anywasy join if you like and ill post my sign up soon.
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[I][COLOR=Teal][B]Name:[/B] DemiMeramon
[B]Attacks:[/B] Fireball
[B]Description:[/B] [url=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied3/images/DemiMeramon.gif]Here we go![/url]
[B]Digivolution Line:[/B]
[B][U]Rookie:[/U][/B] [url=http://rds.yahoo.com/S=96062883/K=demidevimon/v=2/SID=e/l=IVI/SIG=12ffg1vnt/EXP=1115805727/*-http%3A//ca.geocities.com/digi_josied3/images/DemiDevimon.jpg]DemiDevimon[/url]
[B][U]Champion:[/U][/B] [url=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/Wizardmon.gif]Wizardmon[/url]
[B][U]Ultimate:[/U][/B] [url=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied5/images/Myotismon.gif]Myotismon[/url]
[B][U]Mega[/U][/B] [url=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/VenomMyotismon.gif]VenomMyotismon[/url]
[B]Digivolution Attacks:[/B]
[U]DemiDevimon:[/U] Demi Dart, Evil Whisper, Butt Smasher
[U]Wizardmon:[/U] Thunder Blaster, Magical Game, Vision of Terror
[U]Myotismon:[/U] Crimson Lightning, Grizzly Wing, Nightmare Claw
[U]VenomMyotismon:[/U] Venom Infusion, Nightmare Claw, Screaming Darkness, Crimson Mist, Mental Illusion
[B]Mega Weapon Choice1:[/B] Sword
[B]Mega Weapon Choice2:[/B] Staff
[B]Why do YOU want to go:[/B] DemiMeramon only wants to go because he thinks he can get stronger. Well, he has some other personal reasons as well, but power's at the top of his list. He's not power hungry though! He'll be glad to save the world along the way.

Ok, I'm done! :catgirl: [/COLOR][/I]
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Attack:Dark Orb
Description: A small purple fox head with black ears and tail

Digivolution Line:
Rookie: Nyxmon, a small black fox with a purple ring of fur around its neck.
Champion: Necromon, a child sized, humanoid Digimon, dressed in black with purple fox ears and tail.
Ultimate:Umbramon, a fallen angel type Digimon, an adult sized Digimon, with bat wings and purple fox tail
Mega: Kagemon, a demon angel Digimon, 9 feet tall, black angel wings, with purple skin dressed in black.

Digivolution Attacks:

Nyxmon: Shadow Fang, Dark Slash
Necromon: Dark Ring, Shadow Flare
Umbramon: Black Wave, Hade's Judgement
Kagemon: Lone Destroyer, Star Flare, Shadow Blaster, Double Darkness.

Mega Weapon Choice number 1: Staff
Mega Weapon Choice number 2: Sword

Why Do I Want To Go: Zanamon, once a servant to the darkness, betrayed it. She had the ability to digivolve taken away from her, now she wants it back so she can fight against it.
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Ok here is my sign up. Gosh I hope others sign up too. By the way everyone so far your sign ups are great.

[b]Name:[/b] Ploymon

[b]Attacks:[/b] Metal Spike

[b]Description:[/b] Pictures for all will be posted below

[b]Digivolution Line:[/b] Ploymon, Rraikmon, Rylonamon, Rampantmon, Ramrexmon

[b]Digivolution Attacks: [/b]
[color=darkorange] Rraikmon[/color]: Freezing Fog, Burning Steam, Silver Mist
[color=green] Rylonamon:[/color] Tiger's Eye Beam, Sonic Horns, Stego Tail Slam
[color=red] Rampantmon:[/color] Horn Ram, Spike Slammer, Rampant Rage
[color=blue] Ramrexmon:[/color] Thrashing Tail Spikes, Infernal Flame, Deadly Dash

[b]Mega Weapon Choice1: [/b]Axe
[b]Mega Weapon Choice2: [/b]Mace

[b]Why do YOU want to go: [/b]Ploymon although young has been around the digiworld a few times. He died a long while back in a fight he thought he could win. Of course digimon dont really die so he was reborn. He now wishest to more than seen fights. He wants to help his fellow digis. He does feel something calling him though.

[b]Notes about my digimon:[/b] Ploymon is male, rraikmon and rylona are female and rampant and ramrex are male again. (strange i know but im making sure you know.

Now for the pictures.
The smalldog is Rraik. The tiger is rylonamon, the dino with horns is rampant, and of course the trex one is ramrex.


Ploymon is just a small red ball of fur with eyes and a metal spike poking out of his forhead ( like tsunomon)
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I'm sorry if I'm too late but this sounds fun

Name: Raomon

Attacks: Sharp Tail

Description: In-Training-White yellow eyes with red stripes scalely ball of pudge with long tail that can bonce
Rookie- Yellow scales with red stripes yellow eyes very long tail small arms always croched legs semi sharp toenails with one sticking out
Champion- very large red scales with green stripe green eyes down the middle of both back and belly long tail with hooked edge short arms long legs very musclular with one toe rasied
Ultimate- Sleek metalic body with purple sword-tail with saw edge sword like claws legs with wheels ankles and sliver eyes
Mega- black clothed ninja like being with blue striped on uniform metal spikes sticking from head

Digivolution Line: Veilomon, Raptaurmon, Metalveilomon, Ninjitzmon

Digivolution Attacks:
Veilomon: Speed Trap, Veilo Tornado, Back Ram
Raptaurmon: Raptor Hook, Lava Claws, Raptor Rampage
Metalveilomon: Ultra Speed Trap, Super Tail Slash, Sliver bullet
Ninjitzmon: Shadow Raptor Strike, Ninjitz Sythe, Death Slots
(may I use a sythe)
Mega Weapon Choice1: Axe
Mega Weapon Choice2: Sword

Why do YOU want to go: Because Raomon loves speed and adventure and helping out other digimon wants to stop evil because killed his best friend Triymon wants to collect his crest shards. always going fast no one can catch him at top speed.
Notes about my digimon: Ploymon is male, rraikmon and rylona are female and rampant and ramrex are male again. (strange i know but im making sure you know

Notes about my digimon: Raomon is male so is Veilomon Raptaurmon is female and MetalVeilomon and Ninjizmon are male

if I need anything else just say so
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