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A long time ago during different time all the worlds were together as one. One day all of the races began to fight. Many died and then the elders of the races held a meeting and at this meeting they decided it would be best to seperate the worlds and give them new histories. All of the races besides humans wanted to remember what had been before the humans however rewrote their whole history.What kept the worlds together and what allowed them to be seperated are the stones of the elements. These elements can only be brought back together when the chosen ones right all wrongs and unite the races once again. Many lost hope and began to fear that things would stay apart forever. Then one day 3 girls found places they could go to escape and be somewhere else. The method they use to travel is called soul traveling using this method they could see any race they wished and could make their own worlds. They fight many wars and battles. The 3 girls were 3 of the chosen ones.They find they are destined to marry 2 people a human and someone in these new worlds. They also discover different families. All of these teenagers come from bad or hard backgrounds.

Okay basically the chosen ones need to come together and reunite the worlds by discovering magic, crossing boundries, sacrificing things and keeping secrets. They must also deal with a sword and find their families in the other world. They also must get others to see the worlds and are always (almost) in danger. There is alot of leniency in the story plot.In other worlds no cars, guns, or anything electrical.

Drax (guy):
Also you can make up characters.These people are from America. If you want a person of diferent origin then make up your own.

If making up a character you will need:
Race(can be mixed):
Relation to anyone else in the story:
World they live in Demon, Mcatheral, Human or Other.
Spirit animal(bald eagle taken)

Name: Moonlight
Age: 17
Appearance: 5ft 9 in Black hair, Green eyes, Black pants and black shirt. Black DCs with anarchy shoelaces and wristbands with skulls and other punk bands, 4 tattoos: irish flag, wolf bear and eagle in one and the name conner on her lowerback. She also has a snake up her arm. Scar shaped like a star from cutting her wrist below her right one. She also has a mark of an eagle on her neck. Black fingernail painting and a political banner on her shirt.
Background: She is a punk in this world and a punk princess in the Mcatherall world. In Mcatheral she is know as the Madien Eternity because she will have many children but marry only one in the other worlds. Her sister Aphrodite is a traitor to her family in Mcatheral(Mc). Her friend Skye is traitor to all the worlds. She had a tough life in this world and was beaten by her brother. Her parents in the human world are divorced and dislikes her Mc mother. She goes to a high school in Minnesota USA with her human world friends and has a guy who likes her she doesn' t feel the same for. She knows she is destined to marry someone she isn't even friends with.Her aunt in the human world is wiccan.She is the unspoken leader of the kids always making hard desicions and saving butt. She is loved by Vampy, Drax and Aaron. All demons.
Race:100% Macatheral
Weapons(liked most): Her fire blades
Relations: Best Friend to faith in the human world and sister in Mcatheral. Cousin in this world Amanda, best friend in Mcatheral.
Lives in: Human
Spirit Animal: Bald Eagle!
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[size=1][color=#ff6699]Unfortunately your RPG doesn't have a proper rating in the title so the thread is closed. You can try again later and repost the RPG but it [b]must include a rating[/b] or I will only close it again.

This is all explained in the Inn's sticky, which I suggest you read. You can find a link in my signature. If you've got any questions about anything you read there, don't hesitate to PM me for more information. ^_^

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