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Sign Up Of Misery and Defeat (M-VLS)


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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Defeat. Misery. Chaos.

The land was engulfed in The War. There was no name for it. It was just?The War. Everyone knew it was a gigantic war, taking from China to America. Of course, that?s not what they were called back then . This was the era of war, when written words were just coming into format. This was the time of angels and demons. The time when corruption and purity could be defined by one action. Save them, or let them die, or just?massacre them.

However, a new threat had been unveiled, the fighting of the Angels and Demons halted. A new entity had come from the sky. It called itself ?The Overmind.? A light that shifted with shadows glimmered faintly in the sky the day the Overmind had come. However, this ?light? was only a cruel aberration of what the true Overmind was. A cruel beast, the shackles placed on it long broken.

It told the people of this?crude era that it was the entity they called ?God?. They didn?t know better. Like cows being herded into the slaughter. It told them to build monuments in the Overmind?s name. They built monuments through the stone that they had on the earth.

These actions angered the Angels, and God himself. He sent his three Archangels to deal with this??God.? Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. They descended to the Earth, but were soon defeated. The Overmind had control over the peoples, who rose against the Archangels, a single word from the Overmind sending them into false accusations that led to death of the people, and the momentary defeat of the Archangels.

The Archangels knew that this would be a hard task indeed. The Overmind had changed the people, not only spiritually, but physically. When they had attacked, they had grown wry, muscular limbs with huge, untamed claws that maimed the Archangel?s holy flesh. It seemed the Overmind had done something to them. Drastic. Most likely Genetic Engineering.

So, Heaven was forced to form a pact with Hell. Ever since the Overmind had taken over, anyone who had died didn?t go to either place, nor the place?in-between. They rose to a different plane. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael chose Belial, the Fallen Angel, Archimedes, the Hell Medium, and Baal, the Demon Prince.

This is their fight, aided by a few humans who have resisted the Overmind, and have been granted powers. Those are the lucky ones?

[b]Sign ups:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Something oldish.

[b]Age:[/b] 15+


[b]Appearance:[/b] Make this correspond to what you are, demon, angel or human. Demon and Angels can have human forms too.

[b]Race:[/b] Human, Demon, or Angel. PM me about anything else.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Keep it in the really OLD times. Swords and stuff, no M4s, AK-47, etc. Two max.

[b]Powers:[/b] What powers you got? Keep it under control, peeps. Things like Pyrokinekis, Cyrokinekis, etc.

[b]Biography:[/b] Two paragraph minimum. How have you lived your life? In detail, please.

Reserved Spots:

Michael: Empty
Gabriel: Empty
Raphael: Sieg

Belial: Empty
Archimedes: Empty
Baal: Empty

Sign ups are now open.

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Name: Arcana
Age: 75 (looks 16)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Originally a crow which turns all different colors in the light. Her human form is small and impish. She has short black spikey hair that flops down around her head. Her eys are a deep purple. Her ears are elf-like and have pixie skulls pierced into them. Two large, black, feathery wings sprout from her shoulder blades. She wears a short, black, raggedy dress with sleeves that are too long for her arms. She walks around barefoot; her fingers and toes end with sharp talons. This is the typical appearance of a crow-girl.
Race: Demon
Weapons: A small dagger and her talons.
Powers: Can transform between a crow and a human girl. Can shriek loud enough to break the sound barrier, which normally knocks out anyone within ten yards of her and summon high hurricane winds by beating her wings.
Biography: Arcana grew up like any other child living during The War. Her parents and elder sister went to battle, leaving her and her big brother, Fenrir, to fend for themselves. They never returned from The War.
Despite all the grief and hardship left over from The War and still coming from the Overmind, Arcana grew up to be a very happy, mischevious little trickster. Like any other crow-person, she is attracted to shiny objects.
But the Overmind soon became such a problem that Arcana and Fenrir had to answer the call of duty. After all, a crow-person is a born trickster, and if the Overmind gets what it wants, well, there wouldn't be any good humans left to play with anymore!
[B]Is nobody else signing up for this? Shame on them![/B]
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