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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][b]1. Leading principle[/b] Any, absolutely any, rule can be altered in the course of the game, including this one.
The rules can only be altered through proposals.
During the 24 first hours, the dictator is free to make any changes he feels are necessary.

[b]2. Roles[/b] There a players and a dictator.

[indent][b]a) The dictator[/b] There is a dictator. The dictator is in charge of running and keeping the game up to date. The first dictator is Circéus. The dictator is also a player.

[b]b) the players[/b] There are ten players. There cannot be more than ten participating players at any time.

[b]3. Points[/b] Player can lose or win points.

[indent][b]a) Starting Points[/b] Players receive 10 points at the start of the game.

[b]b) Gaining and losing points[/b]

[indent][i]I. Gaining points[/i] One may gain points by doing any one of the following:
[*]Making a post whose number is a [url= http://wikisource.org/wiki/Fibonacci_numbers_1-500]fibonacci number[/url] (1 point)
[*]Making a proposal proper (2 points)
[*]Proposing an amendment (1 point)
[*]Having a proposal become a rule (5 points)

[i]II. Losing points[/i] Player may lose points for:

[*]Failing to vote before the end of a cycle (2 points)
[*]Failing at presenting a proposal correctly (1 point per offense)
[*]In the case of the dictator, failing to keep the game up to date. (2 points)

[b]4. Modifying the rules[/b] Players vote over the course of a cycle on various proposals to change the rules

[indent][b]a. Cycles [/b] A cycle begins with the posting of the proposals by the dictator and ends on Saturday midnight, Eastern Time

[b]b. Proposals[/b] Proposals may change the rules if they receive enough votes

[i]I. Definition[/i] There are two types of proposal: new rules, and amendments. [b]Amendments[/b] can only modify previous rules, while [b]new rules[/b] are added below the old one. One cannot combine an amendment and a new rule.

[i]II. Related amendments[/i] A proposal can include as many [B]related amendments[/B] as the player wishes. These are alteration to previous rules in relation with the new one. (For example, to state that failing to meet the proposed rule will cause the docking of points, one must amend rule [B]3. b)[/B] [I]I. Losing points[/I])

[i]III. Making proposals.[/i] Proposals are made by PMing them to the Dictator.
[indent][b]A) Number of proposal[/b] A player may send in up to 2 proposals

[b]B) Time limit[/b] Proposals must be sent in before the end of a cycle

[b]C) Presentation[/b] A proposal must follow the same presentation as the starting rule and be labelled as either a new rule or an amendment. Any secondary amendment must also be labelled as such and specify the rule it modifies. All of its text must be enclosed within a pair of [qwote] tags, and it must be in unmodified font color, size and typeface.

[b]c. Vote[/b] The dictator posts the proposals between Saturday midnight and Monday 8am Eastern Time. The players then vote Yes, No or abstain on each proposal. A proposal receiving 6 votes or more is accepted and added to the rules.

[b]5. Rule conflicts[/b] If any rule conflict arise, it is ultimately up to the dictator to decide on the result. This decision is considered a rule, although it is not added to the written rules.

[b]6. Winning[/b] A player wins when its score reaches 100 points.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

This is a game of Nomic, these are the rules, you will be 10 players (plus myself) making new rules to try to win more rapidly, or keep other players from winning. All I want is 10 names, after which these same rules will start off a new thread in Adventure Square. Feel free to ask questions to get the thing vlearly, caus' I might not be as useful once the game start.

Brittish Obers will be happy to know that a (theorically) famous Nomic game is [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mornington_Crescent_%28game%29]Motrnington Crescent[url].

Current players:
[*]Circéus (dictator)
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This sounds interesting. I'm not familiar with the original game, but I'd like to participate.

How will the voting be run? In-thread voting, or by sending private messages to the dictator? If it is in-thread, what will be done to avoid racking up a series of one or two-word "Yes" or "No" posts?

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Guest Sean
[SIZE=1]I'm with Dagger on this, I have never heard of 'Nomic' in the first place. But I would enjoy to take part.

A new question here, exactly, how do we participate in this game?

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[QUOTE]A new question here, exactly, how do we participate in this game?[/QUOTE]

Well, I consider you and dagger to be players so far, since I am not too sure about Cyriel. I plan to PM the players when I launch the game.

[QUOTE]How will the voting be run? In-thread voting, or by sending private messages to the dictator? If it is in-thread, what will be done to avoid racking up a series of one or two-word "Yes" or "No" posts?[/QUOTE]

I was hoping in-thread voting. At worse, I'll add that to the ruling when I'll start the game. I wouldn't worry too much about one-word posts: I'd expect us to quickly spend enough time haggling about the rules to not have problems putting the votes in. At worse, I'll rules out one word post with point loses. Since you'll be voting on up to 10 proposals each week, you should be able to write nice posts discussing why you like or don't like a proposal.

I think I'll add the precision that the game is still superceded to the forum's rules, though.
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