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RPG Judgement Day- Black Earth (M-V,L,S)


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Participants are as follows:

Swordsaint--- Kyth "Mind Reaver" Syndal
Who am I?--- Luna Lee
Drizzt Do'urden--- Jason Rigley "Jace"
silverwol_fang--- Kyle Yugo
elementalshadow--- Eldrinn Pixler
Drake06(Me)--- Gia Kinshiro

Anyone else? :animeshy:
(We are all in space right now. Doesn't matter where.)

The space ship hummed, its engine emitted bright streaks of heat as the ship shot through space. It was a custom, single pilot, private, battle-class ship. Its pilot lounged in the pilot's seat, staring out of the viewing port. He was young, in his late teens. He appeared to by mesmerized by the black planet that was in his viewing port.

"So that's Earth huh?" He asked himself. "My parents told me that it used to be green and blue, filled with life. Now it's just coal black without a sign of life left on it. I wish I could've seen it when it was still full of life." He continued to think to himself, almost forgetting to check his ship's radar system to look for any intruders.

He turned his ship away from the black Earth, turning towards the the bright stars. He entered hyper-mode, headed towards the starport, Venus.

(OCC: It's your turn. :animeswea Sorry I took so long.)
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Kyle looks out the window at the Venus spaceport from another city on Venus and sees the ships going in and out. "I need money" He turns and walks down the street, with his bag slung over his shoulder, looking at all the stores that are closed due to it being night time. Kyle stops at a bank and looks around before ducking into the alleyway next to the building. He turns invisible and walks through the wall. Kyle walks up to each register and teller and empties it of money. He finds his way to the vault and steps inside. "Gonna need more bags" He fills his first one and sets it outside in the alley. He walks through the bank until he finds a rack full of bags and takes everything in the vault, including the safe boxes. After he's done, he lines them all up and counts them. "17 bags with a lot of money inside. Guess it will do" He runs back and forth between his hovertruck and puts the bags inside, then drives off to his house.
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