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Sign Up A Series of Horrible Happenings [PG-V]


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[CENTER][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v641/ozyssite/hh.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]
[SIZE=1]Thanks Ozy[/SIZE]

[COLOR=Blue][CENTER][I]Three little orphan?s stand in the sand
A man approaches them and said there has been a terrible happening
Their tears fell into the sand, making it rather tan
For they had heard of horrible happenings
But they knew what was going to come?
A Series of Horrible Happenings.[/I][/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DimGray]Three children sat on the pier looking out into the dark abyss. The eldest one, Adam, sat in the middle he was 16. He swung his legs over the edge and leaned backwards, he took in a big sigh and exhaled, his two younger sisters sat down next to him, doing the same motion of swinging their legs over the edge. The one in the middle was Ashley. Sweet little Ashley what a sweet girl was she, but she will soon fall into a series of horrible happenings. Ashley looked up at the stars and tried to count them all, a very hard task for a 13 year old if you ask me. But then again it?s a hard task for anyone actually; for there are so many in the sky they reach a number of infinity.

The youngest one, they baby of the family. Literally, the little girl named Luna. Only three years old Luna talks in a completely different dialect of some language of nothingness. It?s quite cute; then again it can be very annoying to some people. The moon shone down on the three children The Ocean cleaned her long slender fingers on the beach, it made a nice soothing sound. It seemed to sparkle in the distance, a beautiful view. It would be very nice to see, well if you weren?t going to fall into a series of horrible events that is.

?Bloo? Luna shrieked as she pointed in the opposite direction the children were sitting in. This shriek could have meant something like ?Give me something good to eat!? that would have been nice and sweet. But this story is not nice and sweet. The shriek meant something like ?Look! What is that rather round woman appearing from the black abyss?? The other children looked at each other and then stood up and turned around. There stood Mrs. Chime, the librarian and orphan tracker. ?Hello children, I am here to inform you on a very horrible happening.?

The children looked at each other with puzzled faces, ?Mrs. Chime, what is the horrible happening?? the orphan tracker sneezed into her handkerchief and looked at each of the children. ?Your parents have died in a mysterious earthquake. Now please enter my car and we shall drive you to a guardian.? Adam picked up Luna and grabbed Ashley?s hand they walked slowly toward the open door of the small red car. This door, this orphan tracker, and this whole story was the beginning of a series of horrible happenings.

Plot: Obviously if you have read the books you can tell that this is based of A Series of Unfortunate Events. The back story is so short because it would ruin the first chapter. The RPG will be played in a series of volumes. Each volume will have chapters. This RPG should be fun to play. So here are the required characters for this volume.

[B]Ashley[/B]- Lady Dust
[B]Adam[/B]- Who Am I?
[B]Treacherous Tham[/B]-

[B]Man who has one eye[/B]-
[B]Man who has a rather large mouth[/B]-
[B]Two women who wear tutu?s and different colored wigs[/B]-

[B]Name[/B]: Choose from characters
[B]Age[/B]: Orphan ages given above, Evil people: 20+
[B]Gender[/B]: Given
[B]Character Snippet[/B]:
[B]Area of Strength[/B]: Orphans only [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DimGray][B]Name:[/B] Adam

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [B][URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/fullmoon/59.jpg]Click Here[/URL] [/B] No barcode.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] *Past flashback*

It was 29 to 29. There was a minute and 30 seconds on the clock. Adam had the ball.

"Hey Adam! Pass the ball!" One boy shouted.

"Yeah pass!" another yelled.

"I'm open!!!"

Adam threw the ball and it landed on his teammate's hand. On the sidelines, he could see his parents and his sisters waving and cheering him on.

"YAAY! Adam, go, Adam, go!!"

He ran with his teammates and soon the opponent's team got the ball. He chased after him. He rushed towards him and stole the ball and passed it to a friend. He ran towards his basket and his teammate passed it back to him. He did a slam dunk and his parents, sisters, and teammates were jumping for joy. Within seconds, they had finally won the game.

"Adam! Adam! We're so proud of you!" His mother said giving him a hug.

"Thanks..." Adam panted.

"Yeah. For a moment, I thought you guys were going to lose!" Ashely said.

"Thakk!" Luna said which probably meant, 'That was some game, here's your water!'

"Yeah it was. Thanks!" He said while taking a big gulp of water.

"Hey! Let's thank our good sportman, Adam!!" the coach said.

"Yeah!! Hoorah!!!" the team shouted.

They huddled around him and celebrated for their victory and game.

[B]Area of Strength:[/B] Atheletic [/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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Name: Luna
Age: 3 yrs.
Gender: Female
Appearance: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/azurasea/OrangeTea.jpg]Click Here[/url] exclude the ears, make the hair blond, and make the eyes bright green.
Character Snippet: *past flashback*
"Luna, let's go!" Luna was picked up by their mother.
"Hooka!" She cried happily, which meant 'Thanks Mom' in this case. They all got into the car and drove downtown.
"I couldn't beileve that we got tickets!" Cried their father happily, "little Luna, you should enjoy this immensely."
"Gi." Said Luna, sitting in the back. "Gi" meant along the lines of 'yep, I sure will.' in this case.
"Finally," muttered Adam, and they got out of the car. It was amazing how many Moonwalks and trampolines were in the area. Luna started to jump on the trampolines, showing up everyone on them. When she got off, their father hugged her and said,
"Good job, honey, I'm glad you can jump so great. You can get out of scary situations by doing that."
"Cevice," yawned Luna. Cevice means 'I know, but can I go to sleep now?'. Everyone loaded up the car and drove home, Luna sleeping in the back seat.
Area of Strength: Jumping
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