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Sign Up Star Wars Episode 1: A Hope Protected [M-VL]

Guest Sean

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Guest Sean
[SIZE=1][B]Star Wars Episode 1: A Hope Protected[/B]

[I]A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away?[/i]

There was once, three glorious stars, shining the brightest light upon the seven worlds of one galaxy, these stars were beautiful but the taint of every world. With these stars came heat, but when the seven worlds started manipulating the stars for there own use, wars between worlds started. And with this, the stars broke away from sight, dying, and leaving the worlds to collide with each other, those worlds plunged into darkness, and the stars disappeared from known existence.

The worlds created artificial replacements of the stars, which gave off heat and light, but somewhere deep in a brand new universe, the stars were crumbling away, they soon fell from the sky completely, after thousands and thousands of years. The stars fell for what seemed an eternity to the people in the near by galaxies, one night it could be heading straight into there own galaxy, but another it could have completely changed path and going away.

With loud crashes, the three stars broken into millions of pieces had landed on hundreds of different planets. The unfortunate souls who came near the dead stars were drawn straight into it and absorbed, the stars glowed for seconds then went dull again. But people came, who could manipulate the stars, and the stars brought about much power towards the people who could manipulate them.

Many bounds in technology were made, from small things like holograms, to the huge, decimating Star Fighters. However, the people who could manipulate the stars, shined a leap that would split the galaxies into two opposite sides.

The Lightsaber. The weapon of those who had the power of the stars, seemingly made from the skies themselves. Beams of light that could cut through anything that was ever made. From flesh to steel, it simply seemed to evaporate the materials that it came in contact with. It began as a simple white light, like a flashlight. Soon, they learned to channel colours into the blade.

Those who held power over the stars began a sort of religion. They called it the Khala, or the "Path of Ascension." It was a rigged path of honour, pride, and self control. It taught to never be controlled by your intentions, to act as a catalyst for the greater good of the universe.

However, with power comes corruption. There wasn't dissention when the Khala was first formed, but after a while, it began to get out of hand. There were those that chose to live like a normal being, with their awesome control over the voids of life still intact. They were seen as "evil."

Eventually, those with control over the unimaginable powers split into two groups. Those who held true to the Khala called themselves Jedi, while those who chose the path of a normal as they could get life, the Sith. Like every disagreement, War was spawned from this.

The two religions, tried there best to stay on good terms with each other, but when such views are so different, nothing can be sought, and this hope was only burned away with the swish of a black lightsaber. The black lightsaber, forged from the core of the star themselves, pulsating with immense power, the Sith had created the most powerful weapon in the entire universe. And the creators of the lightsaber were found as the lords of the Sith. Whilst, not soon after, the Jedi were crumbling slowly beneath the force of one swing from the saber.

The Jedi were nearly lost, but five Masters were sent away, away from what would have been the downfall of the Jedi, but with the Masters, they sent one young boy, barely alive, the saviour of the universe, or the corruption of all. In the small mind lay the very foundries of the Force and the Stars from which he was spawned. The King of Jedi, or the great Sith Overlord.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Now, no-one shall be playing as a Sith, it shall only be the Masters that will be played, and the ?the boy? who is going to be played by myself, and one master is taken for Sieg who has written a bit and helped me with this. So, 4 places to be filled. Sign-up if you will, you shall need the commitment to sign-up, if this goes somewhere then there might be another ?episode? to tackle. Plus, if you?ve read this far, and you?re thinking that you don?t know enough about Star Wars to take part, then you?re wrong, this is completely new, I shall provide as much information as you need. And if you wish for more, then just PM me.





Jedi Master - That is all

Single Lightsaber
Dual-Setting Lightsaber
Double-Bladed Lightsaber
Staff Lightsaber
Lash Saber*

[b]Force Powers[/b]:
[Stolen from KOTOR2 ~_^] - Chose 5
[*]Master Heal

[*]Master Valour

[*]Force Armour

[*]Master Force Barrier

[*]Master Revitalize

[*]Master Speed

[*]Master Energy Resistance

[*]Master Battle Meditation

[*]Force Wave

[*]Force Redirection

[*]Stasis Field

[*]Destroy Droid

[*]Force Confusion

[*]Force Immunity

[*]Force Breach

[*]Advanced Throw Lightsaber

A picture is perfect, but a description works too.

There view on what happened and how the got chosen to take 'the boy'.

The Jedi have no emotions, but they do have opinions.

Other items you could have, anything else you want to add.


[b]Blu Lithum[/b] 'The Boy': played by Sean
[B]Seith Cematari[/B]: played by Sieg

3 Places:


*Lash Saber is a flexible light-saber, not flexible enough to wrap around a target though
**Light whip is basically a light saber turned into a whip.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Clipso Lunada

[B]Age:[/B] 41

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Class:[/B] Jedi Master

[B]Lightsaber:[/B] Single Lightsaber

[B]Force Powers:[/B]
[I]- Force Armour
- Master Force Barrier
- Master Speed
- Master Energy Resistance
- Force Redirection[/I]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=8&pos=11[/url]

[B]Biography:[/B] It was cold, and slightly damp inside the pitch black cave. The human sat cross-legged on the unforgiving rock, which carried the same musk and twice the freezing temperature of the rest of the cave. He had been there for the past week, meditating. He had denied himself all luxuries -- talking, moving, sleeping, eating, drinking, or human contact. It was what had distinguished him from the rest of the Jedi, his flattering humbility, and his awesome determination. A cold, steeled determination that gave him a frightening look if he chose to be stern. As if by fate, his eyes were gray, as dark and dank as the cave he was in, as cold as the determination he forced upon himself.

[i]Food is a material. I don't need it. All I need is air, and my lightsaber.[/i]

And then, a burst of light broke upon the insurmountable, inconquerable darkness he had been faced with for the past seven days. It was a Jedi, he had felt her prescence ever since she had set foot on the planet. She was powerful, her aura lifting rocks up involuntarily as her heels clicked against the dead rock. Nonchalantly, he opened his eyes, not moving his head at all, not quickening his steady breathing pace. He was rather startled by her, as Clipso had been wrapped up tightly in his meditation exercise, reaching out to a new, intriguing life force he felt across the galaxy. She gracefully turned her eyes upon his, opening his thin mouth to speak.

"Master Lunada, rise. Come walk with me." She had warmth in her voice, inviting after the long wait in chilly darkness. He obeyed without question, knowing she outranked him. He had to maintain control, not let his emotions show, else he would fail, disobeying his Code. This, of course, was most difficult, as she was stunningly beautiful, intelligent, charming -- everything a regular human would long for. He, however, did not. He was a Jedi.

They slowly strolled out of the cold cave, climbing up the long ascent to the sky, the sun, the warm world he left behind. Once they reached ground-level, he bowed, and averted his eyes to the ground, not daring to make eye contact.

"I apologize for my most disgusting appearance. I had hoped that no one see me before I was cleaned up." She shook off the apology, cutting directly to the chase.

"Quite alright. You've been chosen to take a boy that could very well lead to the universe's destruction or salvation. The great power you felt, was him."

On the inside, Clipso's jaw dropped about ten feet in shock and amazement. However, he was quite good at masking his feelings both interior and exterior, and showed to signs of phasing. She smirked, knowing he had complete control of his feelings, but also guessed that he was puzzled.

"Anyway, time is of the essence. Let's go." They took off in a sprint, and made it back to the ship which would transport them back to the Jedi base, where the boy awaited them.

[B]Personality:[/B] Clipso is quiet, obedient to a higher officer, and gentle. He follows the Jedi Code to the letter, not allowing himself to stoop to passion, lust, or desire. He works for the greater good of the galaxy, and has always been a very rule-oriented person.

[B]Other:[/B] I guess you'll find it out later. [/SIZE]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Seith Cemetari

[b]Age:[/b] 58

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Class:[/b] Jedi Master

[b]Lightsaber:[/b] A red, Dual Setting Double Bladed Lightsaber. (So sue me, Sean. And red isn?t considered evil back then, because no one knows about Force Choke, Lighting, etc.)

[b]Force Powers:[/b]

Master Battle Meditation

Master Valor

Force Wave

Master Revitalize

Force Immunity

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=8&pos=10] Replace the Lightsaber with the one mentioned above.[/url]

[b]Biography:[/b] The black boots clacked on the cool steel floors, that were painted red with the blood shed from the last fight. A Lightsaber ignited, sending out a single red beam, followed by another on the other side of the hilt. It didn?t hum like the others. The man had put a sound dampener on the blade, to stop that unwieldy hum that alerted anyone he was supposed to rescue or fight.

Three more Lightsabers ignited, each bending and twisting. He knew that they were the newly formed Lash Sabers.

[b]?Out of my way, I need to speak with your?leader.?[/b] The man with the red Lightsaber said calmly. Their only response was three bending and flexing blades swooping for his arms, legs, and torso, their masters left behind.

[b]?You shoulda made it easy on yourselves.?[/b] The red Lightsaber went to setting two, the shorter, more focused beam. The man sent it sweeping, blowing away the blades, catching them on the handles, shorting them out.

[b]?You fools. You?re not Jedi or Sith. You?re those who managed to get Lightsabers and don?t know how to use ?em.?[/b] The man said gruffly, With a flick of his finger, they were sent flying into the walls behind them. He continued into the throne room. There, a protection job had turned into an assassination job.

When the man got back to the Jedi Conclave, he wasn?t punished. He was given another assignment, much more important.

[b]?Master Seith, you are to escort Blu Lithium. As the head of the council, you are the most fit for this job.?[/b] Was all that they would tell him. He had to take it from there.

[b]Personality:[/b] (Sean, buddy, JedI do have personalities. Heh.) Seith has been brash from a young age, but over the years, has learned to keep that under control. He?s got good head on his shoulders, and is a fairly nice man, but even at his age, he?s still got the strength of ten JedI Masters- literally.[/color][/size]
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Name: Antipov Lunqvest

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Class: Jedi Master

Lightsaber: A green, single bladed Lightsaber

Force Powers:

Force Armour
Advanced Throw Lightsaber
Master Force Barrier
Destroy Droid
Stasis Field

Appearance: [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=random&cat=0&pos=-358]Antipov[/URL


The cracking, sizzling sound of a Lightsaber duel erupted from the ruined buildings.
Two Sith, cloaked and mysterious, stood facing the lone Jedi master. One clutched a double bladed, red lightsaber, while the other hadn't drawn his. Antipov, his green saber held loosly in his left hand, watched the two intently.

[B]"Jedi. Your Order... Is ruined. Join us, join the Sith, let the power of the darkside free you."[/B] The unarmed Sith said, his voice masked and ominous. [B]"Your order is weak, your way, your style, all are insuffeciant. You cannot defeat a master of the dark side!"[/B]

[B]"Then... I shall have to settle for you two."[/B] Antipov muttered, his saber whirring as he engaged the two. The armed one countercharged, lifting his saber to challenge Antipov's.

With blindg flash after blindgin flash, the two dueled, jumping, dodging, parrying. With an overhand swing, the Sith brought his saber up to block; but too late, the blade sweeped down, rending the head in two.

The other Sith remained silent, watching as his comrade was cut down.
[B]"I will make you the offer one last time, join us."[/B] A small, thin red blade emerged from his cloaked hand.
"I have had fun, it's been long since I've had a duel. But it's over now, I must go."[/B] Antipov said quietly, retracting his saber.

[B]"Die!"[/B] The Sith screamed, charging as Antipov turned to leave, blade held over his head. With a lightning-quick move, Antipov turned, drew his saber, and slashed the cloaked figure in half.

Antipov sighed. He hated violence, but what had to be done... had to be done. He retracted his lightsaber again, sliding it into his belt.
"Well well, the elusive Master Antipov Lundqvest."[/B] A feminin voice spoke from behind. Turning, Antipov saw an old woman, cloaked in brown. [B]"We have been looking for you. Come, a delicate task is at hand. It involves the boy, Blu Lithum."[/B]

Personality: Antipov is a very quiet and peaceful individual. He does not enjoy violence, but he would not hesitate to defend himself, or others. He is often regarded as wise, although he humbly claims otherwise. Another of his traits, he is not one to overindulge himself, he keeps most things restricted.

OOC: Ok, I re-did everything.[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Lena Helus
[B]Age:[/B] 40
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Class:[/b] Jedi Master
[B]Lightsaber:[/B] A silver/grey Lightwhip
[B]Force Powers:[/B]
Master Heal
Force Armour
Master Force Barrier
Master Speed
Force Wave
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=12&pos=6]Lena[/URL] Of course, you have to imagine her whip is glowing.

The Jedi have no emotions, but they do have opinions.

Other items you could have, anything else you want to add.

I'll finish the rest later^_^ [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[Size=1][Color=DarkBlue]Name: Riedth ?Reid? Grongius

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Class: Jedi Master

Lightsaber: Purple Lightwhip

Force Powers:
Master Heal
Master Force Barrier
Master Speed
Force Confusion
Advanced Throw Lightsaber

[URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=9&pos=3]This is he[/URL]

Biography: Riedth or Reid for short was sitting the in Jedi library doing research. He had been looking into the prophecies of late over the forming of the Khala and the resulting wars. Many things that a Master predicted had come true.

The Sith had overpowered the Jedi, and even now, a small inkling of fear was creeping into him as he read. So, Jilkak wasn?t lying when he said that what was happening was predicted.

Reid thought for a moment in Jilkak, who was slain by the Sith just yesterday. Reid tried to not think on his friend?s ultimate demise at the horror that was the ?deathsaber? as the rumors that he had heard said.

Reid shudder again, and closed down the terminal that he been using. He stood up and let his robes fall back into place. He then turned and waved a goodbye to the librarian. He briskly walked out the door, and began to make a beeline for his room. He needed some time to meditate and think about what he had found out.

As he slid his door open, he took one look down the hall. No one was coming, so he let it shut, and sat down on the mat he left around for such occasions. As he closed his eyes, and began his breathing, he detected that someone was coming. He continued his flow into the Force, hoping they weren?t looking for him.

The door suddenly slid open, and Reid opened his eyes. ?Jediate, nice to see you again.?

?Hello Master Grongius, I?m here on official business, my master?? She began.
?Needs to speak with me?? Reid said, finishing her sentence. It was a bad habit he had picked up as a Padawan.

?Yes, that?s correct. I?m surprised you can do that, Master.? She said, with an expression that screamed amazement.

?Just a little trick you pick up when you get to be my age. That?s all. Now, will you show me to Master Hildec?s place of lurking?? Reid said smiling.

?Just follow me, Master Grongius.? Jediate said, motioning for him to follow.

The pair wandered the halls for what seemed like an hour, but was only about twenty minutes. Suddenly, Jediate stopped and motioned for Reid to follow her. They entered the dark room, and the man sitting on the floor opened his eyes.

?Riedth, I?ve got some news for you. You?ve been picked to usher the young one away from here.? He said standing up. ?A date still hasn?t been set on your departure, but be ready to leave at a moment?s notice.?

All Reid could do was stare at Hildec, and try to think of something to say.

Personality: Reid is a very deep person. He loves to learn, and also loves the quiet. He doesn?t stray from his quiet much, because he doesn?t like to show much of anything to anyone. Very few people meet with anything other than a cold wall when speaking with him.

Other: Hmm, maybe I?ll leave this for a more interesting time. ~_^[/size][/color]
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Guest Sean
Blu Lithum



Padawan Learner

Single Lightsaber: Purple lens.

[B]Force Powers[/B]:
[U]Force Aura

Force Push

Force Direction

Throw Lightsaber

Force Heal[/U]


Blu was born with no respect, raised on his Homeworld of Dorin, home mainly to the race of the Kel Dor, but he was raised in a human section of the planet. It was Blu?s mother that found out about Blu?s force powers first, when Blu was cut and bruised from falling on the sandy and concrete surface, he just stared at the cuts and they closed up, this was when the Jedi came and took him away to start his training.

Blu was at the young age of 3 when he was taken by the Jedi, his mother reluctantly agreed, but she was pregnant again with a girl so she finally let the Jedi, Blu got taken to the forests of Dxun, a moon of Onderon, a small base was being held here, a hide-out for the Jedi, only a small amount were here though, three actually. But Blu slowly learned how to control his powers from what grew to be the closest things to friends he had.

As he grew in age, so did his skills, and finally, Blu was allowed to take control of his first lightsaber, he was told what he would need, and that all the pieces he needed would be found in the ruins around the base. He had found all the pieces he was looking for in a matter of a week, and finally the lens that would determine the colour of his blade. He grafted this from the tree?s around him, the old parts of blaster rifles, and finally a small gold chain, one of two his mother gave him when he left.

When all the parts were connected he made his way back to the Jedi base, when he walked into the camp he saw them all awaiting peacefully near a fire. He walked over to them, and flicked the saber on, it pulsated a deep purple. They clapped and he smiled.

Blu feels like he is missing out on something, so he always feels like he is left out, paranoia it could be, but he doubts it, he has a strong sense of the force, and thinks that his masters are keeping things from him. This leaves him uneasy for the best part, but also has a strong trust in his fellow Jedi, his loyalty shows through in him whenever in small battles, and he would sacrifice himself for another, although the Masters would never allow that to happen.

Blu lives on his love for life, on everything, and on the force. He is a quick learner, but this is only projected by working in nature and the world around him.

Blu keeps a gold chain wrapped around the hilt of his saber, kept for symbiotic memories, this gives him a lot of his courage and keeps him fighting.[/COLOR]

Well this is it, I quite enjoyed reading through everyones RP. What I didn't tell you before was that I had already reserved a position for [b]Muse[/b], I completley forgot about it, so my apologies for not letting you know.

Well, onto who is in:
[b]Retribution[/b] - [i]Clipso Lunada[/i]
[b]Muse[/b] - [i]Lena Helus[/i]
[b]^.^[/b] - [i]Riedth ?Reid? Grongius[/i]
[b]Sieg[/b] - [i]Seith Cemetari[/i]
[b]Sean[/b] - [i]Blu Lithum[/i]

My muchly apologies to SadBlue, but I shall be contacting you via PM to discuss something with you. I wish everyone luckin participating in this, I shall have it up by Friday. [b]^.^[/b] is out of town until Sunday, so he shall not be able to post until then.

Good luck, ^_^
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