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RPG AMD: Thinning Time [M-LVS]


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[SIZE=1][FONT=Arial Black]Currently Ben, Ima, Camilla, Kadar, Zane, Raven, Kariz, and Rubedo are on an plane that is hidding for the Earth below. Demons attack the aircraft. Human passangers are at stake and the Hand of God, Adoil cannot save you. Use your powers together to try and save yourselves and the other humans.

Reoan, Jacob, David, and Amber are in Madrid searching for Raphael. I knew secret will be revealed here and the hidden life of David.

Lucifer and Azrael are on their way to Madrid to stop Reoan hopefully for the last time.

K O'Brian, Raed, Emily, and Tristen have started their journey in search of the other Zodiac. Word has reached all four that they are traveling to Japan and there still remains one in the United States.

As for the other creatures (Ashleigh, Asariel, and Kraven) they do there part to either help or prevent the war from spreading across the world.[/FONT][/SIZE]

[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=SlateGray]Oh my god...I am so terribly sorry on how bad this intro to this rpg sucks. I've been so freakin busy with stuff that its not even funny. I was hoping for this huge glorious post with a BANG at the end...but I couldn't find the time to write it on here or by hand. But I didn't want to keep you all waiting forever so I decided to give ya a basic idea on what to do with your characters and let you guys start it. I shall post ASAP. :animedepr [/COLOR] [/FONT]
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ooc: don't worry about it, i'm just glad the game's back ^_^

Ben launched one of the demons into the air with an uppercut that landed right below the demon's ear. He grinned as he heard something crack, probably a broken jaw.

'Not bad, human.' the demon said as it's jaw popped back into place. He thrust his hand, like a knife, at Ben's face. It hit only empty air.

'Ho-?' the demon was cut off by a foot landing in it's stomach. Then, they hit the turbulence. Ben saw two of the Zodiac fall as he srung from the floor, the force of the turbulence sending him flying over the demon's head.

'What?' Ben asked, 'You think that, just 'cause I don't have super powers that I can't kick your ass?'

The demon whirled on him, planting his fist into Ben's stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Ben dropped, gasping for air.

'Exactly,' he said, raising his hand and grinning as his nails grew into claws, 'You may be good, but you're still only human.'
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The passengers were becoming even more terrified, not only the fact that they were crashing, but by the appearance of these creatures. It was hard enough for them to keep things under control.

Ben was slightly caught off gaurd, and he had fallen over from one of the demon's attacks. Kadar rushed in, surprising it, and thrusted his open palm into the torso with blinding speed and force. The demon was merely startled.

With a barrage of open fists as well as clenched ones, Kadar brutaly attacked the demon wherever it was vulnerable. It couldn't react to the speed and froce. The zodiac's attack was merciless and swift, but he wasn't sure that it was doing any good.

'These demons are unusualy powerful.'

Kadar placed one more blow to the face then finished with a roundhouse to the head and knocked it into the wall. But before he could land, the next demon bullrushed Kadar and tackled him to the ground with his own lunge of fists.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Kariz was knocked to the side when one of the demons went for Ben. She fell and rolled into something with a thud. She stood slowly, trying to maintain balance of some kind, the demon?s backs were to her. Kariz was about to draw a knife when she noticed what she had fallen into. It was the controls. She turned and studied them quickly. She had seen a few movies involving close plane crashes. She leaned over the body of the pilot and took the wheel, pulling it up hard. The plane began to level out. A demon noticed the change in decent and turned to her. Kariz drew her smaller knife from her hip and turned to the demon. He grinned at her.

[B][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]?What do you plan to do with that little stick pin then??[/COLOR][/B]

She returned his smile. He paused, grin fading, taken aback. She took the knife and jammed it hard in wheel to keep it level and whipped around with a roundhouse kick, knocking the demon off his feet and sending him skidding across the pit.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DimGray]Adoil watched helplessly as the Zodiac struggled to save the plane and its passangers. Demons and humans whirled around him unable to see his physical form. He was posed so calmly and beautiful near the rear of the plane. His white feathered wings stretched out so he could lean against the aircrafts interior.

"Its so hard just to watch isn't it?" A heavenly voice slid across the chaotic screams. Adoil lowered his head, his arms crossed on his chest.

"And you're one to listen to that rule." Adoil's voice was filled with a hint of bitterness.

"I would know plenty, Hand of God. You forget that I've watched your tanglement with the Guardian race for many many human lives." The voice slowly became visible into the fair image of Sartael, the angel of God's Side.

Adoil did not bring his head up as he pulled one foot up against the plane's wall. "I have no attachment to these creatures," he said plainly.

"Then why do you insist they destroy her?" Sartael walked as if she was never touching the interior's floor. She came to stand before the ancient angel, creatures passing through her heavenly body as if she never was there.

"I want her to find peace, Sartael. I will long for it until she receives it." Adoil looked up into the glass blue eyes of his fellow angel.

"She will never receive it until your blood covers her hands and even then she will continue to kill. Its in her nature, Adoil. You of all beings should know this by now. She was created to destroy and she's doing what she knows best. There is no rest for her wicked soul."

Adoil rushed forward and grabbed the angel by the throat. He swung her around and slammed her body against the haul. Sartael didn't make a noise nor flinched at the angel's movement.

"Never will you pass judgement on her when you know nothing of her!" Adoil hissed at her. "You may have helped condem her to this fate, but you nothing of her or what she has been through. You will not speak of her in my presence ever again, God's Side or you will feel my wrath ten fold." Adoil shoved his arm forcely against her before dropping her. He turned suddenly to the others who were franticly trying to figure out the demons weaknesses.

"There is a whole on the left side of their chest. Pierce it and they'll disappear back into the realm of the shadows." Adoil shouted over the noise.[/COLOR][/FONT]

OOC: Wow...that was a few too many short posts all in a row. :animeknow Has this RPG really gotten that bad? :animenose
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Tristen looked around, trying to find her bearings,"Where am I now? China? Dang, still got a ways to go." She lifted her bag up to her shoulder and began walking to anything that looked like it could be of help.

A few moments later she reached an inn and went up to the front desk,"Umm hello. I was wondering if you had a room that i could use for the night. I can pay pretty much anything, as long as its not too high." She blushed a little as the innskeeper grinned,"No problem miss. We actually have one room left. How long were you planning on staying?" She sighed and told him that it would only be for the night. He nodded and led her to her room after she filled out the paperwork.

The room wasn't big, but it was just enough for her,"Thiss will do perfectly. Thank you." She gave him a little bow as he handed her the key and went back to his office. "I have a feeling that this will be a long night." She looked at the clock, it said 1:30. She sighed and got into her bed as she heard a bang next door and the laughter only a demon would make,"Dmmit! Of all places!" She quickly jumped out of bed and ran out her door.

The room beside her was dark, and the door was cracked,"Ok. Calm down. You can do this." She slowly opened the door and turned the light on. There was a young looking demon towering over a woman that looked terrified."Hey! Why dont you get the hell away from her and pick a fight with me!" The demon slowly turned around, revealing its horrid face, its jaw mangled and its eyes, there were none, only empty spaces that its eyes should have been in," Oh shit. What have I gotten myself into?" She slowly began taking steps back, leading the demon out inot the open, as to not harm the woman.

When she got in the parkinglot, the demon sniffed the air and gave Tristen a crooked smile,"You are a zodiac, no?" Tristen gave it a small nod that it seemed to understand. She slowly started to reach for her sword as it took a step closer. "And what if I am? What the hell are you going to do about it?" It gave her another crooked smile as it took another step closer,"What you have in store, zokiac, will please me very much." Tristen gritted her teath as she cursed under her breath.
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[size=1]Sitting very still at the edge of the lake, Ashleigh closed her eyes and began to hum. A small wind rippled across the surface of the water, and soon the lake was roiling madly. Ash changed the pitch, eyes opening, and looked up into the sky. Sharply she cut it off and the air fell still, the lake calmed.

Curling up, her knees up against her chest, Ash began to sob silently. Pearly white wings curled about her slight form protectively. A voice said over her shoulder, ?[b]Ash, you?ll solve nothing by running away from it.[/b]?

?[b]I?m not running away,[/b]? she replied bitterly.

?[b]Yes you are, Ashleigh.[/b]?

Ash shook her head. ?[b]No, I?m not ? I?m only hiding.[/b]?

There was a silence behind her, and a feather light touch on her shoulder before she was alone again. The half-angel whispered, her words floating out across the lake?s surface, ?[b]And I?m all alone.[/b]?


The dimming sunlight made the blade of Ashleigh?s sword flash dangerously as she danced back and forth. Her eyes were blindfolded, and the other being in the room was having trouble dodging the determined soul. ?[b]Give it up, Ash ? I?m going easy on you.[/b]?

Ashleigh didn?t reply as she swirled, sword coming up to block and parry. Then she sliced down, and stepped back, removing her blindfold and sheathing her sword. Her cool blue eyes looked straight at the demon girl who was her half-sister. ?[b]Deima, I?ll never give up. I?m better than you blindfolded.[/b]?

The girl huffed, and whirled out of the glade. Ash looked up into the sky, and spread her wings, launching into the air. Flying higher, she turned west, and headed for where she knew humans were in trouble.[/size]
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[color=darkred][size=1]Asariel turned his face from the wind, leaning easily against the apex of a clock tower several stories high. The night was chilly and clouded, and an ominous weight lay upon the horizon. The fallen angel allowed himself a wider smile than normal -- this was his kind of environment. The streets were almost rank with sin, a slow-burning fire kindled by the unspoken desires of each individual human that composed such an environment. But that was not what Asariel was concerned with.

After all, humans by nature were sinful creatures. Had he wished for his fair share of sin, well, Asariel needn't look further than his own shadow...for after all, he prided himself in being able to corrupt almost any soul. But Asariel sought a deeper purpose, one that had driven him from the bonds of Hell in search of it...


The name made Asariel's skin tingle with apprehension. The end to his inner grief and pain, heralded by the destruction of the mortal world; God's world. He had received reports that she had been, or was currently, in Spain -- but such direction did not serve to aid the fallen angel much. After all, Spain was a rather large country, and despite Asariel's considerable power, he could not be in more than one place at once. Therefore, the search had slowed to a crawl. Much to Asariel's dismay, of course, but he could feel the spark of achievement within him, begging to be released. His instincts told him that Reoan was near.

And for now, that was enough. Releasing his hold upon the clock tower's side railing, Asariel dropped silently through the air, halting at the last moment with a mighty pump of his wings that sent dust scattering on the ground below. Rising into the sky, Asariel made his way east, into the heart of Spain.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Ima ground her teeth, almost hanging off Zane's shoulder. Kadar had disappeared toward the cockpit, leaving only the Pisces Zodiac between Ima and what she was certain would be a complete collapse.

[I]So many people...[/I]she struggled to keep her focus on the air molecules around the plane, struggled to not think about what would happen if she lost her focus. [I]So many people...[/I]

The plane leveled out; it seemed that someone had gotten some form of control in the cockpit. That helped - a bit. The pressure on the edges of her mind, however, merely continued to grow. She bit her lip, trying to stifle a wimper as she tied air molecule to air molecule. Her breathe was coming in short gasps now, her concentration making her pant...

There was a trickle of cool water down the side of her face. She opened her eyes a crack to see Zane smiling slightly, the water seeming to run from his fingertips.

[B]"Cool water is good for headaches." [/B] He eased her into one of the nearbye seats, sitting down nest to her, one hand maintaining gentle contact with her head, keeping the water in motion. [B]"Just stay focused..." [/B] The soft voice helped, as she kept weaving the air together. The plane seemed to be slowing; ironically slowing slowly. She closed her eyes again, trying to pay attention to the voice and the air, and not the sounds of fighting from the front of the plane...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrange]OOC: I think the reason they're so short is we're just getting back into the swing of things...they'll get longer again, I'm sure...;)[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange]Raed sat on the bench silently. There was a lighted parking lot on the opposite side of the street. Standing in the middle was a huge, ugly demon. And a zodiac. [I]Hmm... Wonder if she can use her power.[/I] Raed leaned back, preparing to watch the coming battle. [I]They havn't noticed me yet. That's a good thing, isn't it?[/I] She asked herself, cocking her head to one side. A wind shift brought the demon's stench towards her. [I]Egh, gross![/I] She thought, a look of disgust crossing her face.

The wind changed again, blowing towards the monster. "Uh-oh." She said to herself as the demon raised it's head sniffing the breeze. "Oh crap." Raed stood-up. "Ah, another." The beast said aloud. It looked right at her, grinning hideously. "Oh, crap." She repeated.

The other woman turned to, facing Raed. "She is a zodiac." The stranger whispered.
"So, my little morons," the demon said staring at them. "I'm about to destroy both of you. Any last words?" It asked. [I]Most demons are always such morons.[/I] She thought, rolling her eyes.

Advancing to the lot she had already felt her power gaining. Ready to be let out. [I]It's been awhile...[/I]

OCC: Sorry for the late intro.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Wind whipped around the top of the building, and Kraven sat on the edge, the wind blowing his hair into wild patterns, struggling against his strength to blow him off the top of the building. He looked into the sunrise in the distance, and knew that today, a great many things would occur. He smiled, knowing that he would finally come into contact with Reoan today.

But even then his quest would only be half over. After he had killed Reoan, he would have to hunt down the Dukes of Hell and destroy them. He knew that this was a fool's quest, as no demon could defeat all of the Dukes of Hell, but he had to try.

A quiet noise behind him heralded the arrival of a demon, come from Hell to destroy him, like so many before. He stood, sighed, and drew his swords. The demon reared up, like an angry bear rising on it's hind legs. It growled, and short claws popped from it's hands. Kraven's swords glittered in the deep red sunlight, and he smiled.

The demon roared, and charged at Kraven, it's teeth bared as if it wanted to devour him. He ducked, dodging the first swipe of the claws, and drew his sword quickly across the demon's leg. It crumpled, falling to it's knees, blood pouring from the back of it's legs. Kraven placed his swords next to the demon's neck, crossing over it, like a giant pair of scissors. He smiled grimly, and drew them across the neck.

The demon's body fell to the floor, and it's head was sent rolling along the ground, leaving a trail of blood after it. Kraven cleaned his swords on the demon's scaly hide, and sheathed them. He walked back into the building, and down to the street.

"You had better look out, Reoan," he said grimly...[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=1]K walked among the quiet town, inquiring and acknowledging the passersby. Even in times of peace, his long pole-axe leaned upon his shoulder as he walked. He'd guarded the town for ages and although weapons were not usually permitted, he was able to walk around freely equipped with whatever he chose. He smiled as he walked, the Gods had blessed him with a beautiful day and the wind blew slightly against his face and through his hair.

He walked the town's main street eventually reaching it's exterior. He strolled along a dirt path leading away from the town to a cliff where he often sat to think. He did so as he reached the very end. His legs bent at the knee as they hung over the side of the large peak. His pole-axe lay next to him, the metal cluttered with dust and dirt. [I]Its due for a cleaning[/I] he thought to himself. As he looked out among the scenery below, his gloved hands clenched. This place always reminded him of his parents and as he gazed out among the land he'd sworn to protect, he couldn't help but wish that his parents were here to share it with him.

His father was always very hard on him, and K wondered if he'd be proud of him now. Protecting his loved ones and the people of the town, he'd strived to make them proud and hoped they were watching down always as he fought valiantly for good. His solemn thoughts were interrupted by a man he knew well. Mysterious the man was, always wore a black coat and a black vail that covered his face. K sighed and rose to his feet, turning to the man. "The Zodiac has become clear to me. It is time for you to go." the man spoke quietly. K sighed once again "Its been so long since I've left this place. Do you promise to protect it for me? I'm trusting you." The mysterious man nodded and handed him a map "You'll find the location marked on this map. You are to leave here immediately and seek them out. You know what to do." K nodded and accepted the map placing it in his coat pocket and walking from the scene.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

OOC: Sorry for the delayed introduction. I was having some comp problems.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][FONT=Arial Narrow]"Adone estas?" David's mother shouted as she rushed up to her massive son. She grabbed a hold of his arm and attempted to pull him away from the others.

David turned to the woman, a firm look on his face. He forcefully pulled her off and shoved her towards his grandfather.

"Adone estas, David?" His mother cried over and over again.

Reoan opened the apartment door, the hallways and stairs littered with people. She watched Amber and Jacob exit the room and start down the hallway. David pryed himself away from his family, gun holesters exposed. The ex-Guardian watched him duck under the doorway. She turned just in time to block the door from David's mother.

"Out of my way!" the woman shouted, pushing on Reoan's arm.

The ex-Guardian swung around quickly placing her katana's blade softly against her throat. The woman caught her breath as she held herself completely still.

"There are things that are beyond you, human. You're son has choosen to take part in that which is beyond you. You cannot stop him and standing in his way would be pointless." Reoan slid the blade carefully across her neck so she could feel the slight bit of the steel. "I will not watch your son die without giving my life first," and with that Reoan pulled her sword towards herself and sheathed it as she stepped out the door to follow the others.

The woman was completely speechless as she watched the ex-Guardian decend down the massive building, the cries of joy and happiness still engulfing the building. The travelers were silent with Jacob leading the way, Amber and David following, and Reoan bringing up the rear. The whole scene was a dramatic event that seemed too far fetched for it to be real.

The travelers exited the building and began their long journey to where rumors had stated Raphael had been last seen. They tried to avoid using public transportation, but some times it was necissary. It had taken them most of the evening to reach the Tajo river that stretched across most of Spain. The cool night breeze swept over their tired bodies, but they all knew they could not stop.

"Reoan," Amber spoke up as she climbed up a few rocks after the ex-Guardian.

Reoan turned around once on top of the ledge to help pull the girl up. Amber was well worn from the travel and she was starting to struggle to keep up.


"How did it feel when you killed for the first time?" Amber said as she dusted off her pants. Jacob and David were already at the river's banks waiting for them.

"It felt like nothing, it was just another task given to me by those that had direct contact with God." Reoan said simply as she turned around to join the others.

"Oh," Amber hung her head as she followed behind Reoan.

"Here," Reoan said, bringing Amber's head up. The young girl looked, wide-eyed, at the object placed before her.

"I...I couldn't take this." The girl stammered.

Reoan grabbed Amber's right hand and placed the brightly colored katana into her hand. "It is my gift to you. Use it well tonight." Reoan turned away and shoved her way through the small brush.

"Tonight!?" Amber shouted as she started running to try and catch up.

When she reached the others she noticed how quiet every one had fallen. She stood, the sword in hand, staring across the crisp water. Its surface nearly calm. Jacob and David standing on either side of Reoan turned all their attention to her. She slid her sword quietly from its shealth as she stepped forward, her first step sinking into the thick mud that had been left my the river. A small gasp left Amber's lips as Reoan's next step stayed flush with the surface of the water. The ex-Guardian slowly made her way to the center of the river upon its surface, not a drop of water touching any part of her body except the bottom of her shoes.

"You've learned some new tricks since the last time I saw you, Guardian." A firm masculine voice swept over the ex-Guardian's body as a light figure appeared before her. His toes bearly touched the water's surface, his brillantly white feathered wings fanned out on either side of him, his heavenly blonde hair cut short around his very femine face.

"I no longer follow your rules nor your God, angel." Reoan snickered.

"So I have seen. You now fight to destroy us." The angel folded his arms gently across his flat chest, his face unreadable.

"You wish to destroy lives for your own self worth or those that aren't fit to be part of your cult." Reoan said calmly, her sword's tip dipped into the running water.

The angel slowly smiled. "You were getting out of line, young one. It was time for some one to put you in your place."

"Then why not punish the other that has caused such harm?"

"He chose to betray you, Guardian. It was no choice of ours." The angel smiled as he slowly walked towards her, not even a small ripple coming from his steps on the water's surface.

Reoan smiled, he had walked right into her little plan perfectly. She pulled her blade forcefully through the water, sending a wave of water into the angel. Taken off guard, the angel fell back, plundging into the depths of the river. Reoan was right upon him when he surfaced again. He managed to just avoid her blade as he pulled the ancient sword that was hidden within his being out. The shimmering light sent Reoan to stumble backwards. As she regained her balance, the angel was upon her.

She threw her sword up to block his advancement. The two blades clanged together and screeched as the two tried to keep the other at bay. A smile creased upon Reoan's lips, her teeth showing brightly in the night.

"You look delightful drenched, Raphael. Must be a new feeling for you to have some one out smart you."

"You little..." Raphael brought his foot up to kick her, but instead found nothing.

Reoan's footsteps splashed on the surface as she avoided Raphael's attack and made her own. The angel managed to swirl around and parry the ex-Guardian's attack. [/FONT] [/COLOR]

OOC: Well I've lost my inspiration for the rest of this post so I'll leave it here for any one who wishes to make an appearance. There will be no killing of Amber, David or Jacob...and of course Reoan herself. You can do whatever with the angel and attack whomever. Sorry this took so long.
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Tristen smiled as she looked the demon over,"Well, now this should make it a little more fun." Tristen slowly reached for her sword as the demon turned to her and charged,"Shit, not good." She did a roll to her left as the demon camee right over her with its claws.

"I got it!" Tristen turned to see Raed charging it with her sword drawn, pointed right at the demons head.

"Not so quick zodiac!" The demoln duched under and tried to strike at Raed's stomach but missed when she sidestepped."No, you arent gonna get my that quick!"

Tristen stood backup and was able to get her sword out. Water slowly began to cover her sword as it froze to ice in seconds,"Now, second round." Tristen began to run at the demon as it smiled.

"Petty zodiac. You will die first!" It began to run at Tristen and struck at her head, she ducked then brought her sword up, it finding its target, right in the demon's heart,"You will never be able to take the life of a zodiac with that attitude!" She stood up and brought her sword out as Raed swung her sword through the demons neck, killing it.

Tristen slowly put her sword back in its place on her back as she turned to Raed."Thank you, for all of your help. My name is Tristen Brady, Zodiac of Scorpio. Whats your name?"

"Its Raed. I am the Zodiac of Leo. What are you doing here?"

"I am on my way to Japan, to look for anyone else i can find. What about you?"
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Oh my god, it's a post!

[color=darkred][font=garamond]"Don't lag Lucifer..." Azrael called over his shoulder cheerily, "We're nearly there."

Lucifer snorted quietly to himself, not seeing land for several miles ahead, just all of the blasted Atlantic spread below him. They had been flying all night, dawn approaching slowly as the two beat their weary wings on their way to Spain.

As usual, Azrael was in his element, for he loved flying. That and Lucifer assumed that he couldn't feel the subtle exhaustion that plauged the newly accepted angel. Tired or not he really didn't think he had the choice of stopping on his journey. Not like there was anywhere to land.

And so, the two flew on their way in relative silence, spare the occasional complaint from Lucifer, or the uplifting chipper call from Azrael.

[center]* * *[/center]

Shore had come into sight not soon after the sun rose, giving the two an opertunity to rest on the craggy banks for a short while as they both determined where the former guardian could be.

"She's on the move again" Lucifer spoke as he lifted his head into wind, scowling at their luck.

It seemed that they had only arrived at the one place she could be before they lost track of her again. No need visiting the homestead, the people there would have no information of her whereabouts anyway.

But where could she be...?[/color][/font]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Orange]"Same." Raed replied pointing her swords blade to the ground as the blood dripped off slowly. "How many more are there?" Triston asked. "Don't know." She answered sheathing the sword and picking up her pack. "You staying in this dump?" She looked at the inn, a run-down rat infested building. "What'd ya expect?" Triston said, all ready talking like they knew each other. Raed had always put people at peace when she was around, it was her character. "Yeah, well see you." She replied walking towards a dark alley. "Wait. If we travel together then there won't be as many to look for, right?" Triston called after her. "I guess," she turned around calmly. "Maybe they have another room you could stay in." Triston continued. "Thats alright, I'd rather sleep outside." Raed remarked, shudering at the thought of waking-up with a bunch of rats and cockroaches. "Suit yourself."

Raed sat down on the wet grass and closed her eyes. She started to hum and absently threw a ball of flame in the air. [I]I wonder how many more there really are...[/I] [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Sartael looked cursiouly over her fellow Angel as she watched the Zodiac finally defeat the rest of the demons and allowing the plane to slowly take its course again. Camilla and Kariz made their way around the plane, comforting and reassuring people, bringing them back to their seats. Despite the craze, all the humans seemed to listen to them.

"Why did you help them?" Sartael said, walking up behind Adoil. "To be defiant?"

Adoil cocked his head back to look at the Angel, her angelic voice was the opposite of soothing, it was irritating. He sneered at her.

"Why do you help the Capricorn?" Adoil spat at her.

The Angel smiled childishly and turned her head from Adoil. "We have found ourselves at a stand still."

"I see." Adoil glared at her for a moment before turning his attention back to the others. "Soon the plane will be landing and they will be on their way to find your precious Capricorn. You won't be able to protect him forever."

"I do not protect him, my dear. Just doing what God has asked of me." Sartael smiled again, in her mischieves manner as she started towards the rear end of the plane. "I shall be seeing very soon Adoil. Let's pray that Reoan doesn't get to you first."

Adoil continued to look over his shoulder and managed to sneer at her comment. "I fear for you more than myself, Sartael." Adoil commented as the Angel vanished.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Reoan parried another one of Raphael's moves and stumbled back from the angel's force. She quickly regained her balance and stood perfectly posed with her broad sword. The others had remained relatively quiet as they watched the battle take place, both warriors not advancing.

"I'm surprised you've gone this long with me, Guardian. It feels like it was just a lifetime ago you couldn't even stand next to me without passing out from the effort." Raphael panted as he held himself in a similar position as the ex-Guardian.

"I've learned quite a bit in the Pits, Angel. You should try it some time." Reoan lunged at him, her sword's steel clanging against Raphael's as he slid across the water's surface.

Reoan sent a flying foot towards the Angel's feet only to find herself parrying his attack with her sword. The Angel jumped up into the sky, his wings were spread wide as he floated amongst the stars.

"I always knew you were a coward." Reoan sneered at him.

"Not a coward, Guardian, wise." He snickered as he twirled around in the air, mocking the Guardian below him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Green]"What is he doing?" Amber turned to Jacob.

The Guardian didn't take his eyes off of Reoan and her enemy, he wanted to be ready if anything went wrong. Kadar's sword was strapped to David's back, its silver incasing shimmering with the faint moon light. The Grigori half-breed had taken quite a liking to it on their trip.

"He toys with her, teasing her because she is part angel and part human." Jacob said softly.

"Half angel? How?" Amber questioned as she brought her gaze up to stare at the ex-Guardian again.

"Guardians are suppose to be the perfect combination between human and angel. They were meant to walk amongst humans without being noticed, but physically here so they could manipulate their world directly. Favored by no one and hate by Angels, Guardians did not have the best of both worlds." Jacob narrated as Raphael continued to play his game of cat and bird, swooping down every so often to tease at the ex-Guardian.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Fight me you damned coward! What do you have to lose? Your life." Reoan mocked. "You're immortal, what do you have to fear from me!"

"I am not a fool, Guardian. I know you know our weakness." Raphael said as he regained his altitude.

"Aw, too bad." Reoan smiled playfully. I was hoping for some real action, not this child's game."

"You'll get what's coming to you, Guardian." Raphael nearly growled at her.


Raphael rose to a great height and suddenly began to swirl towards the ex-Guardian that stood ready for the Angel on the surface of the river. Everything went deathly silent as the angel's desent increased. He tucked his wings back along with his arms and sword. Faster and faster. The angel was nearly upon her when she rolled out of the way.

It took every thing Raphael had not to plunge head first into the water below them. He pulled up and landed with a few jerks and some grumbling as he might Reoan's blade, it nearly cutting off his right wing. The angel pressed firmly against Reoan's blade.

"You almost had me there, Guardian. Cle--" Suddenly Raphael's eyes grew wide as if they were going to pop out of his head. His feet slowly began to seep into the water as one feathery white wing splashed into the river. Reoan brought her eyes up to see a figure hovering in the air a brillant glaive's blade dipped into the cool water.

Reoan could not seem to make herself move as she stared into the ever changing purple and red colored eyes of this stranger. Something, an over powering emotion and energy engulfed her whole being when a sudden surge of pain entered her right shoulder. Everything became fuzzy as the grip on her sword weakened. She clutched her shoulder as her contration weaked and she too slipped into the water.

"REAON!" Amber screamed as David rushed into the slow moving water. He was just tall enough to wade through the water and grab the ex-Guardian and drag her back to shore.

Amber and Jacob hovered over her until she shoved them away as she sat up. "Let me guess," Reoan said bitterly as she made her way back to her feet, her sword in hand. "You've finally found me Kraven."

"Such a smart girl." The man's voice replied.

Reoan turned to see him standing on the other side of the river, Raphael had managed to crawl onto the shore some distances from all of them. The strange figure still hovered in the night sky, his glaive at ease.

"Should have felt you sooner," Reoan grumbled to herself, her companions taking postions beside her.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]OOC: Hey everyone, the character played by Kairi needs to stay in play for awhile long so please make sure to include him in things. Also we've lost our Cancer Zodiac so if you guys want to find...we'll make Cancer a male to try and even out the genders between you guys. Also, the only one that can see Sartael the angel is Yasuo. Camilla will be have to be kept in the story for awhile as well because her user has been unable to post and might be awhile on doing so. Lucid and Fallen. If one or both of you could post your response to mine that would be great. Remember, no killing of Amber, Jacob, David or Reoan, but you can have your way with Raphael now that he is partial mortal from the missing wing. [/FONT]
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[size=1][color=darkred]His figure backed by the glow of the full moon, Asariel was a frightening sight to behold. In his element, the fallen angel's body crackled with dark energy, his eyes twin maelstroms of red and violet light. Blood dripped slowly from [i]Ashen Hand[/i]'s bladetip to splash into the water of the river below at a circadian pace, as Asariel smiled at Raphael. The fallen angel's dark garb swirled about him as he touched the winds, his hair whipping about his face.

[b]"Give me a moment, little angel,"[/b] laughed Asariel almost good-naturedly at the one-winged Raphael, who was now at the lake's bankside on all fours. [b]"I don't think you're going anywhere, regardless."[/b]

Allowing himself to set both booted feet upon the water's surface, Asariel paid no heed to the other demon, Kraven he had thought Reoan had said his name was. Striding slowly towards Reoan, a slight breeze caressed his cheek gently. His smile suddenly became crooked.

Whirling about, Asariel faced Raphael, who was beating one wing in an attempt to lift himself from the cold ground and regain leverage of some kind. Drawing a single automatic pistol from within his coat, Asariel squeezed off a single round. His aim precise, Raphael bellowed as three bullets tore through the tough limb that connected his remaining wing to his body, almost severing it. But that was not Asariel's intention -- soon enough, he knew, the angel would die. Wings would not matter at that point. His voice, somewhat mocking to begin with, took on a chilling tone.

[b]"Don't do that again, [i]Angel[/i], or I will see to it personally that your soul is sent screaming to Hellgates."[/b] Tossing the weapon aside, Asariel shouldered his glaive once more and faced Reoan, standing at the opposite bank with her comrades. She drew back a step as he approached, stepping off the water and onto the bank they shared. His smile became friendly once more...perhaps a bit too friendly. Allowing his latent energy to flow into it's own, tried-and-true pattern, Asariel wove the aura of enchantment around his body. A sinful, sickly warm feeling began to make its way into Reoan's veins.

[b]"I have been seeking you,"[/b] spoke Asariel softly to Reoan. [b]"For I believe we share a common goal. But that story is for a later time. As for now..."[/b]

[b]"I am called [i]Asariel[/i], and I would aid you."[/b][/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=1]K sat silently upon a perched tree branch looking down upon two young girls. However, they were no ordinary girls, and he fluttered his wings as he watched them fight. [I]Not bad[/I] he thought, his sharp hawk eyes zooming in, observing every move they made. When the battle was over he continued to watch, the two talked a bit and eventually split, one staying outside and the other leaving to pursue a more "liveable" establishment.

[I]This is my chance[/I] he thought as his talons loosened their grip on the branch and he flew downwards towards the girl left sitting. He landed softly, the wet grass springing underneath him. The girl opened her eyes "Look at you," she said calmly her finger grazing his chin and petting his soft feathers. He took a leap back and with that he morphed back into his human form. The girl stood abruptly, drawing her sword. "Wait, I'm not here to hurt you," K spoke, assuring her of his innocence. "Then who are you?" she asked inquisitively. "You can call me K," he said. The girl continued to watch on cautiously and she gasped as an epiphany came over her "The Libra...?" she asked softly. K just gave a slanted smile and laughed hesitantly "H-Heh yeah." "How can I be sure of that?" she asked interrogatively. "Well, you said it not me, right?" K asked, continuing his monumental display of nerves.

The girl sighed, her hands on her hips "Ok ok, you don't have any reason not to believe me do you?" K asked, trying to sound confident. "Guess your right, the names Raed by the way," she spoke, calmer then before. K managed a smile "Well, nice to meet you..."[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]"You may be willing to help her, angel," said Kraven, striding across the river calmly, "But she will be dead before you get a chance to!" In a single, swift motion, he drew one of his swords, and swung it up, so it was held at Reoan's neck, nicking the soft flesh slightly. A bead of blood dribbled out of the tiny gash in her neck, but she simply stared into Kraven's fiery red eyes, responding to his fury with cool, calm patience.

"You are trying to lure me into a trap, Reoan. I know this tactic. You want me to believe that you are not afraid in the least, but on the inside, you are quaking with terror! You want me to become so blinded by my own fury that I attack you rashly, without planning. You will have no such luck, Guardian."

"You shall not call me Guardian!" shouted Reoan, her own sword flashing through the air, stopping at Kraven's chest. The point drove itself into the flesh of his chest, drawing blood, which dribbled down his chest.

"I gave that title up a long time ago, when I gave up the duties of being a Guardian. So call me by my name, not by anything else, Kraven," she said, a little softer now.

"Well, even though it was no longer your duty, you still decided to destroy me, simply because I was a demon."

"It wasn't simply because you were a demon, Kraven! You started the fight, remember that. I was acting completely in self-defence."

"I may have started the fight, but you sure as Hell finished it, Reoan! You didn't need to destroy my body! That was the only thing I had! It was my perfect human body, and you took it away from me!"

"You were going to kill me, Kraven! What else was I supposed to do?"

"You could have showed mercy! I thought heavenly beings were supposed to be merciful!"

"I was no longer an agent of Heaven when we fought, Kraven. I did not stand for their principles any longer, not after what they did to me."

"Why did you not stick to them? They were honourable principles, and you should have stuck to the value of honour, and you could have gained your freedom. Is this what you planned when you fell in love? A life of being an outcast? A renegade? We may not be so different after all, Reoan. We are both renegades, hunted by our own kind. We are outcasts, and we cannot return to the way it was before."

"I suppose we are not that different, Kraven. Perhaps we can make a deal?"

"What kind of deal?"

"An alliance. Just for the time we need, then we can separate and never bother each other again. I will help you destroy the Dukes of Hell, as long as you help me destroy the angels I despise so much. What do you say?"

"I will need time to decide, Reoan. I will leave you for a while, but when I return to you with my decision, I will find you."

He sheathed his sword on his back, and turned his back on the small group, walking away from them. Raphael followed him, crawling on his knees, pleading.

"Please help me! You wish to destroy Reoan as much as we do! We can unite in a common goal!" he cried.

Kraven looked from him to Reoan, and then kicked the angel in the face, throwing him backwards into the water, where he landed with a splash.

"I will not take pity on any angel," he spat, "Filth."

(OOC: I hope that's ok for you, demonchild, PM me if its not)[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Arial Narrow]The heavy thud rang out, sending a dozen leaves cascading around him. Slowly pulling his bloodied fist from the trunk of the tree, he planted a roundhouse that shot a sharp pain through his shin. Another volley of leaves began to descend. An elbow thrown, followed by another punch, sending out soft cracking sounds as bark fell from the tree, exposing the wood beneath. Sweat and blood trickled down from the center of this gap in the bark. The ground was littered with leaves and debris.

A bead of sweat dribbled down the young boy's face. Yasuo stepped back for a moment to catch his breath. His knuckles throbbed, and his shins were forming quite the lovely bruises. He stared at the tree; at the mark he made. All kinds of thoughts raced through his head.

[I]Sartael, the angel. She had visited me, telling me that I played a great importance in fighting for God... A God that has forsaken me to a life of pain and misery... Hiroko, too... And what would she think of all of this? What would she think if I were to tell her that I was meant for something far greater?[/I] Yasuo's mode of thinking shifted to the night Yasuo and Hiroko ended up in the hospital. [I]If only...[/I] Flashes of Oni entered his mind. The ugly creature's sickening smile, it's stench, how the beast had murdered his mother...

The rage built up to an unbearable level, and Yasuo's face cringed. Bringing his right leg up he thrust it at the center of the tree. The tree began to shake violently, sending dozens of leaves cascading down around him. Breathing more heavily he continued to beat the tree with his fists, making it tremble greatly. Grunts could soon be heard and cries of anger and pain rang out into the small forest. Tears began to stream down the boy's face, and he was soon a sobbing mess huddled beneath the tree, holding his face with the palms of his hands.

The warm touch of her hand upon his shoulder was comforting. "No one should live through this pain, my child." She said soothingly. Yasuo continued to cry, slowly rocking himself back and forth. Sartael placed her hands upon Yasuo's, slowly healing the wounds upon his knuckles. Once the open gashes were closed and the pain slowly fading, the angel wrapped her arms around the boy, enveloping her wings about him, saying not a word.[/FONT]
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[color=Navy][font=Times New Roman]Zane gently soothed his hands over Ima's temples, the cool water flow continuing to subdue her straining mind. He could see the look of pure determination and frustration on her face as she tied each molecule together.

" You're doing well Ima... I can feel the plane slowing... Just a little more..." Zane said soothingly. A small smile creased her lips for a few moments before returning to the determined frown.

The demons were lessening in the aeroplane. Ben, Kadar, Raven and Rubedo were fighting them off well, the benefit of Adoil's advice. Kariz was up in the cockpit, fighting a few demons off that were trying to get their hands on the controls. Luckily, Kariz did some smart thinking and stuck her knife into the controls, jamming it so the plane would stay level. Camilla was doing her best to calm the passengers down.

A few minutes later and the plane was back to normal. All of the demons were sent back to their realm. Most of the Zodiacs sat down in the aisles of the planes, exhausted.

Zane stood from his seat. " Will you be ok for a moment Ima?"

She nodded.

Zane walked over to Rubedo, who was still standing, seemingly not exhausted.
" Do you need help Rubedo? No, that's a silly question," Zane said, looking at Rubedo's emotionless face. He made his way over to Kadar and Ben.

" Do you two need any help?" he asked kindly. The two nodded. Zane placed each hand on one should of each man. His eyes grew a light crystal blue colour as he manipulated the water in the two's bodies to help them recover better. He retracted his hands and walked over to Kariz who was sitting in the pilot's seat, exhausted. He smiled at her.

" Nice move with the controls," he said comfortingly as he noticed the bodies of the pilot and co-pilot near the seats.
" Thanks."
" Do you need any help?"
Kariz breathed heavily. " I suppose."

Zane placed a hand on her shoulder again, his eyes turning to the crystal blue colour. A few more moments and Kariz felt refreshed.

" Thanks."
" No problem. I'll send someone in here to help you with the bodies."
" Thanks."

He walked back out and approached Camilla. Her face said it all. Her eyes were tired and her beautiful blue hair was slightly ruffled. He laid a comforting hand on her shoulder. She slightly jumped.

" It's all right. It's over with now. All we have to do is land this thing."
" You better go back to Ima," Camilla said, " I'm ok here."
" All right."

He continued back to Ima who had a look of pain on her face. He placed his hands on her temples again, letting the cool water flow. The pained look decreased.[/font][/color]


[font=Trebuchet MS][color=DarkGreen]Raven sat on the floor, trying to regulate her breathing. Rubedo stood over her, looking around cautiously. Those demons were powerful, and indestructible until the angel, Adoil, told them their weakness. Speaking of the angel...

Raven stood up, slightly wobbling. Rubedo helped her stand properly. She gave him a quick smile before she confronted Adoil. He had a stern look on his face, looking where the other angel once stood.

" So, you're an Angel. Adoil is it? Why did you help us?" she interrogated, her natural instincts back again.
" For reasons I don't want to discuss," he replied shortly.
Raven's eyes narrowed suspiciously. " Right."
" Well, if that's all, I suggest you use your electric abilities to help Ima with the slowing of this plane," Adoil suggested before disappearing.

Rubedo came up behind Raven and laid a softhand on her shoulder.
" I think that's a wise idea. Ima isn't going to last all the way to Japan."
" Right."

Raven passed Zane and Ima as they sat in the seats. Ima was concentrating hard, a vein throbbed on her forehead. Zane nodded as Raven and Rubedo passed. They made their way to the cockpit and found Kariz there, moving the bodies of the pilot and the co-pilot.

" Need any help?" Raven asked.
Kariz looked up. " Yeah, that'd be great thanks."

Raven and Rubedo helped Kariz to move the bodies out of the way, but not into the view of the passengers. There would be yet another massive panic outbreak if they saw no one was flying the plane. Raven sat in the co-pilot's seat, amazed by the amount of instruments in the small area. Kariz sat in the pilot's seat.

" So now what?" Kariz asked, wedging the knife out of the controls and gripping them with her hands.
" Well, Ima is using her abilities to slow the plane down. I can get into the electronic controls and manipulate them if you drive the plane," Raven said, touching the instruments.
" Right then. Let's land this baby."

Rubedo stood behind the two, watching them. Raven closed her eyes and manually learnt what each instrument was about in a matter of seconds.

" Right, we're closing in onto the airport. We need to get this plane to slow down more. Ima's doing a great job. I need to get the landing gear out and extend the flaps. Also, when the times comes to land, I need to put the jet engines in reverse thrust," Raven said, her eyes closed, concentrating hard. " You just need to steer it Kariz."

" You said that before, but it's harder than it looks, which runway am I supposed to go down?" Kariz said, slightly panicking.

" We need to contact the tower somehow. But none of us know Japanese. They should be able to understand English. Shouldn't they?" Raven asked.

" How do I know!!" Kariz replied.

" This is no time to panic," Raven said. She concentrated and found the communications line. Picking up the microphone headset, Raven asked Rubedo to fit it onto Kariz. He did so easily.

" It should be hooked up," Raven said, her eyes still closed.

The airport approached through the front windows. It was turning into sunset so the runway was lit up. Kariz made contact with the tower and started to receive instructions on what she should do. She repeated them for Raven to hear so she could do it to the equipment.

The landing gear was out and the flaps were extended to slow the plane. Kariz steered the plane to the runway indicated. She was told to land the front wheel on the white line. When the plane landed, Raven was instructed to turn the flaps up and turn the jet engines to reverse thrust for 30 seconds. The plane bumped onto the runway and slowed down. In the back, Ima slumped in her chair, her job finished. Zane held her in her seat at the plane stopped.

Emergency vehicles screamed to the plane's assistance, but when they got inside, the Zodiacs, Rubedo and Ben were gone.


[i][b]" Miraculously, none of the passengers were killed, although the pilot and co-pilot were murdered by the suspected terrorists. That leaves the question, who landed the plane safely?

The answer lies in the eye-witness accounts of the passengers. All claimed that a group of young people fought of the suspected terrorists and landed the plane. The authorities have found no such evidence that this group of young people existed on the plane. However, the personnel in the tower support this account.

Who are these people? All the passengers wish to thank them for their help. Until then, this is Aiko signing off..."[/i][/b]

The group laid back in a large living area in a modest hotel on the outskirts of Kyoto.

" Looks like we're famous," Raven sighed. Everyone was exhausted from their ordeal. Now all they had to do was to find the Zodiac in Japan.


[b]OOC: Sorry for the very very late intro. And sorry to move it along so much. But it looked like things needed to be refreshed. [/b][/color][/font]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][FONT=Arial Narrow]Reoan growled as Kraven disappeared into the night. She clutched her throbbing and blood covered shoulder, watching Raphael slid oh so gracefully into the water, his crimson blood pooling to the surface before washing down stream.

"Who was that?" Amber questioned.

"Kraven, a demon I destroyed some years ago after attacking me." Reoan gave a slight at the memory, though it was extremely fuzzy. "I'm not sure why he attacked me, but his death laid upon my hands. As if an Angel would have shown him mercy, especially Adoil." Reoan fell suddenly silent, her gaze distant.

"Finish Raphael off--."

"Why end his suffering quickly?" that voice swept over her like Adoil's had, so soothing and comforting to her aching body and soul.

Reoan turned to see this Asariel standing at her side. She caught herself in his eyes, the depth surpassing even her's. Her three companions stood tensely next to the ex-Guardian, Jacob's slid his hand onto the hilt of his sword, gripping it tightly. But he could feel Reoan's presence in his mind, her sweet sent wrapping its way around his body and easing his worry. He sighed and closed his eyes for a brief moment when a sudden gasp and cry unleashed, upon opening his eyes once again he saw Reoan in the arms of the stranger.

"She has fainted." The stranged stated.

"Her wound," Amber cried.

Jacob rushed to Reoan's side, the fallen easing her onto the ground. The grass was thick and soft from the rich soil from the river. Blood poured onto the richly colored grass, the night hiding its true damage. Amber and David were soon standing over them, worry and concern apparent with both.

"The bullet went straight through."

"That's a good thing, right?" Amber added.

"Yes," Jacob replied quickly suddenly noticing that Asariel was running his fingers lightly through Reoan's dark hair. A twinge of jealousy raced through him, but he quickly pushed it out of his mind.

He took a deep breath as he lifted her damaged shoulder up enough to place one hand under her on the exit hole. He then placed his remaning hand on the entry hole. He brought his head up to look into the mysterious eyes of Asariel just briefly before closing them and constrating all his energy into her wounds. He could feel every fiber rush into her would, stopping the blood from following through the broken vessels and slowly tying the tissue back together. The effort was exuasting, but nothing compared to the chest injury she had given herself.

And that's when it hit him, the flood of memories that he had experinced while trapted in Reoan's mind. They all came rushing to the surface and grabbed a hold of them, all of the them dancing in front of him at once. The love scene, her death that sent her to Hell, the screams, and that sight...that dreadful sight. He caught his breath and suddenly slammed back onto the Earth, gasping for breath.

"Jacob! Are you alright?" David and Amber fell to his side, holding him up off the ground. His expression was that of sheer terror, something they had never seen Jacob display any other time except when Reoan was dying.

"She still is so weak," Asariel whispered as he pulled Reoan up into his lap, cradling her softly.

Jacob brought his eyes up to look at them as his heart still raced. Could it be that jealousy was what created the rift between them and sent her to destroy everything? Jealousy that was not in her heart, but in his? Impossible. He did not love Reoan as one would a lover, he could never touch her in that matter even the thought seemed to taint his mere thought of her, not because he couldn't see her acting upon physical desires, but because he could not see himself acting upon physical desires with her.

"Are you going to be ok?" Amber asked, touching his shoulder. He jumped at her touch. She creased her brows with sorrow as she pulled away.

"We should find some where to rest," Jacob spoke aloud.

"Agreed," added the Fallen.[/FONT][/COLOR]

OOC: Sorry it took me so long.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Kariz had volunteered to sleep in the living area. Let someone else have the bed, she was used to sleeping on the floor. Besides, she wanted to think. She was tired, but she was also still had adrenaline from the almost plane crash and landing. Kariz went and checked on Ima, who was already sound asleep. She went back into the main room and leaned against the wall, watching the others who had opted for the main room sleep. Kadar, Ben and Zane all seemed to be unconscious on various pieces of furniture and the floor. She looked out the window. The streets of Japan were deserted. The party scene was down due to it being a weeknight, Kariz assumed. She picked up some papers that included hotel info and looked them over.She walked over to the mirror and checked her reflection, running a comb through her long black hair. Kariz brushed it back into a ponytail, grabbed her room key from the main desk and slipped out of the room.

She walked down the hall and glanced at the elevator before taking the stairs down. She hated elevators, too much could go wrong. She walked down the main hall. Kariz got the feeling that someone was following her. She ignored it and walked into the 24hr fitness room. She picked out a bag hanging in the far corner and started beating it, working out some frustrations, also for practice. She kicked the bag a few times then turned to punching. [I]It was apparent that they?d be fighting their way through this, and she wanted to be up for anything[/I]. After about ten minutes she sensed the feeling of being followed enter the room. She continued to punch the bag. [I]Left hook? right hook?and round house! [/I]

[B][COLOR=Black]?Uh!, jesus.? [/COLOR] [/B] Ben stood behind her rubbing his cheek.

[B]?You shouldn?t sneak up on people like that.?[/B]

Ben nodded [B][COLOR=Black]?I?ll try to remember to watch myself?. Shit?[/COLOR][/B]

She smirked at him and turned back to the bag [B]?So what are you doing down here??[/B]

Ben shrugged and leaned against the wall [B][COLOR=Black]?Couldn?t sleep.?[/COLOR][/B]

[B]?I see that?[/B] she continued to punch the bag. She had the feeling of Ben watching her, probably enjoying the view. She tried the concentrate but she was irritated and she landed and punch wrong, twisting her wrist. She gritted her teeth

[B]?God damnit?[/B]

Ben moved quickly from the wall [B][COLOR=Black]?Here, let me see it?[/COLOR][/B]

She raised an eyebrow at him [B]?Thanks, I got it?[/B]

He ignored her and ruffly took her arm, gently touching her wrist, being careful not to cause her more pain. [B][COLOR=Black]?I got an ace- bandage upstairs; I can wrap this for you tonight, should be fine by morning.?[/COLOR][/B]

Kariz took her hand back, not understanding why Ben was being nice to her [B]?Thanks.?[/B]

Ben nodded and looked over at the bag [B][COLOR=Black]?You done for the night??[/COLOR][/B]

[B]?Yeah, might as well go back and try to sleep?[/B]

Ben nodded again and pulled the door open for her. She hesitated. This was weird.

[B] ?uh, thanks? [/B] she walked through, shook her head and headed for the stairs. [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Camilla heard Kariz leave the room and than a few minutes later she heard Ben. She looked up and stared at the ceiling, it was going to be a sleepless night for her. She was s till strung up about the plane. If they think they where going to get her on another one than they should think other wise. Rolling over onto her side her hair fell into her face.

[I]I am not cut out for this. I am a lover not a fighter.[/I] She huffed and kept her thoughts to herself. She got up and proceeded out the door. She needed a drink to come down her nervous. She was sure some place was open this late. As she wandered the almost empty streets she came to a small ramen shop. She sat down and orders some sake and a bowl of ramen.

An hour later and three bottles of sake later Camilla was feeling much better. A businessman had sat down with her and they had stricken up a conversation. They where laughing and joking, by this time Camilla was feeling no pain. She glanced on at her watch and told him that her friends where waiting for her. That she enjoyed the conversation. Staggering up to the room, she sprawled out on the floor to sleep. The way Camilla was feeling she didn?t even care to be on a plane. ?Bring on them demons or whatever they are. I will take ?em on.? Camilla mumbled to herself.

The next morning the light from the outside made Camilla squint her eyes. She rolled ver and moaned, she hadn?t drank in a while and almost forgot what a hangover felt like. It wasn?t that bad though, she had worse before. Ima was still asleep, but mostly everyone else was up. Camilla tried to think about how much she drank last night. She knew before that guy sat down she had three bottle, but after that it was a blur.

Camilla said morning to everyone on her way to the bathroom. Splashing water on her face she was able to wake herself up and get on with the work of the day. They had to find the other zodiac, which was located here. ?Wonder how we are going to find them.? Zane was easy, he just showed up himself. Hopefully this will be easy. She rubbed the towel over her face to dry it.

When she exited out of the bathroom room service had brought up some breakfast. Camilla grabbed a bagel and spread some cream cheese on it. Ima by this time was awake and talking with Kariz. ?We should start looking for the Zodiac right after we finish eating.? Everyone agreed with either a nod or a verbal answer.

O.C.C: I am sorry for not posting till now. I have been very busy.
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