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RPG Get Backers: Bad For Business [M-VL]


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[center][color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS][i][b][color=DarkRed][size=3]Get Backers:
[size=4]Bad For Business[/size]
[/size][/color][/b][/i][/font][/color][b][color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS][i]
Strangers on a Train[/color][/i][/font][/color][/b]
[b][color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS]
"I still don't see why it was so essential we take the thing on public transport," [/font][/color][/b][color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS]Kurosawa grumbled, eyeing the package, which sat innocuously under the booth's table, at his partner's feet.

[b]"Stop complaining. For the amount he's paying us, I'd have transported it on foot," [/b]replied Raiyuu, leaning back and stretching up towards the ceiling. A couple sitting further down the train gave him a funny look, like they'd noticed him talking to himself.

[i][b]Well, that must be how it looks to them,[/b][/i] he thought. While his partner, in his sharp black suit, wasn't invisible in the literal sense of the word, he was supernaturally inoffensive and normal-looking, to the point where, unless he was actually right up in someone's face shouting at them, he was unnoticeable. Raiyuu had known the guy years, and it still took higher than normal levels of concentration not to simply forget he was still there.

Years of working with a man he had to concentrate to see had given Raiyuu a heightened awareness of people around him, and especially the ones that were actively [i]trying [/i]not to be noticed.

[b]"You ever get the feeling you're being watched?"

[/b][/font][/color] [center][color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS][size=1]
Welcome to Get Backers: Bad For Business. To start with, I'd like one post from each participant just to introduce your character; so don't actually move from your seat, just introduce. Once each player has posted once, I'll throw it wide open (any posting order) and the action (i.e. fighting :animesmil) can begin.
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[COLOR=#95005E][SIZE=1][B][I]Good Blondie-san, you look kind of conspicuous.[/I][/B]
Riko snapped her compact close.
[B][I]But where?s your partner?[/I][/B]
How frustrating. It?s a popular saying among people in the business, how they can sniff each other out from a mile away. It was meant to be a joke and, yes, everyone got it. But even when Emishi himself tells it, nobody laughs.

But the one thing that really bothered Riko was that Transporters never traveled alone, especially when there was sure to be at least a recovery service sent after them. Mr. Blondie didn?t look like an exception to the rule. [b]?Kaishi-dono,?[/b] she whispered to the woman beside her. [b]?I thought there were [i]two[/i] Transporters in this mission.?[/b]

[b]?Two, three, it doesn?t matter,?[/b] the woman whispered back. Her partner did not even bother to look at her. Expect Lady Kaishi to do something like that. Always composed, cool as ice. Not an atom of her gives a hint as to what she is actually thinking. That?s why Riko loved working with Lady Kaishi. She knows her partner?s always thinking. It?s as if she has got a million Plan B?s in her head waiting for the next surprise or, God forbid, another of Riko?s slip-ups. A parasitic way of thinking, yes, but it?s always nice to have her onboard.

[b][i]Yes, that?s right. We?re pros after all.[/i][/b]

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Kurosawa sighed inwardly. There was no point trying to have a conversation with Raiyuu when he was distracted by his mission, he just forgot that James was there at all. Still, he was used to it. At school, his teachers were shocked by his exam results, since they thought he bunked every lesson.

Jimmy glanced around looking for tails. Those two were still there, a fewseets back. Having rased being inconspicous to an art form, Kurosawa knew all the tricks. The woman in the suit and the schoolgirl seemed all right individually, but together something seemd wrong. He tapped the cardsharp firmly on the hand to get his attention. "Hey, Raiyuu. Bogeys at 6 o'clock!"
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[Color=DarkBlue]Jake sat in the seat directly in front of the two that were transporting the package.

[I]Silly blonde. You may have found the other team, but you?ve still got us to worry about.[/i]

?Trump, you in position?? Jake asked into the headset he had.

?Yeah, they?re still waiting to move as well.? Trump replied back.

?Keep in touch, but especially if they make a move. We want to catch blondie and the package as off guard as possible.? Jake said, turning back towards blonde.

[I]Soon, so soon. That package will be destroyed.[/I]

Jake thought about the woman that had given the job.

[I]?There will be two teams protecting the package. The transport?ll have it, and the recovery?ll want it. You are to destroy it. Simple as that.?[/I]

?Trump, let?s give a couple more minutes and see if anyone makes a move. Then we?ll make ours, unless you?ve got another plan.? Jake said, trying not to sound too bossy.

Jake didn?t want to be the leader, but neither did Trump, and Jake knew when he got orders from Trump, he would get huffy, and getting huffy would not help them on the mission, so Jake tried his hardest.

[I]I can?t wait for the money.[/I][/color]
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[size=1][color=#C82356]The blonde accomplice was quite girlish, something that Lady Kaishi would never be. It appealed to her and it gave her interest in her partner, which was why Kaishi was patient with Riko for Riko, herself, intrigued Kaishi. The two were different in appearance, in personality, in everything, though they only had one thing in common and that common was their job as a recoverer.

There was much disguised in the air, although it couldn't be seen, Kaishi could feel that the other teams lurked about, trying to gain insight on what the recovery service would do. Albeit, Kaishi knew this, she was nonchalant about it and went on her way to take the package from the transporters.

[B]"Do you think they'll give up the package willingly?"

"Only if they know what is good for them, my young [i]ami[/i]."[/B]

In Kaishi's thoughts, she knew that the Transporters would do no such thing as giving it up, they knew not the words. Yet, she knew that somehow it would be in the hands of the Recoverers by force or by will.[/size][/color]
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[color=Teal][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]The girls across the aisle - one blonde and innocent-looking, the other straight-backed, emotionless - were definitely watching them. Kurogo had warned them there would probably be a recovery service after the package; that leant weight to Raiyuu's suspicions that it wasn't strictly his, but he made a point of not interrogating paying employers about their morals.

[b]"Jimmy," [/b]he murmured to Kurosawa, [b]"I think the girls are after our package. What do you reckon?"

"I reckon usual tactics," [/b]Kurosawa replied, grinning.

[b]"Well, they haven't let us down yet. See you later," [/b]said Raiyuu, rising. He began to stroll down the aisle, away from the recoverers and the package, slowly unzipping his worn leather bomber as if he was getting too hot.

Pivoting on one heel, he pulled open the black jacket, revealing crossed bandoleers of throwing-knives, little more than sharpened slivers of metal. His hands blurred with speed as he flicked one, two, three of the steel darts at the innocent-looking blonde girl, pinning her skirt, sleeve and hair to the seat. She yelped in surprise and there were gasps from the other passengers.

Her partner's eyes narrowed.

Raiyuu turned once again on his heel and sprinted off down the aisle. He could almost [i]feel [/i]the second recoverer spring up from her seat and give chase.

[i][b]If this works - and it hasn't failed us yet - they'll assume the package at my table was a decoy. I've left it behind, after all, and they haven't noticed anyone else guarding it. Jimmy can just slip off with it at the right station while I lead these lovely ladies a merry dance through Tokyo.

And even if they do suspect, and try to check the box, Jimmy's got enough tricks up his sleeve to keep them occupied...

[/b][/i]Raiyuu sneaked a look over his shoulder; sure enough, the sinister-looking girl was in hot pursuit.

[b]"Catch me if you can, beautiful!"[/b]
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[Color=DarkBlue][Size=1]Jake had seen the other member of the transport stand up and walk towards the return serive, so he quickly said to Trump, ?Get out of the way, the other one?s going to attack. I?ll head off the blonde.?

?All right. But save some for me.? Trump said, shutting the link off.

[I]Here we go[/I]

As the other member started his fight with the recovery team, Jake made a move towards the blonde. He moved to sit down, hoping he still seemed innocent, when the blonde pushed him out of the seat, throwing him off balance.

?Sorry, this seat is reserved?? the blonde said, looking at Jake.

?Aww, I bet you?re hiding the package too. Sneaky tricks can only work if there?s only two teams involved. This time, I?m sad to say, there?s three.? Jake said, starting to work his magic on the guy.

?Hmm, pretty smart guy. But, you forgot one thing.? The blonde started, moving his hand towards his jacket. ?Things like this always require a backup plan.?

The blonde suddenly flung three throwing knives at Jake, causing him to dodge to the right, and fall on the floor. As he landed, he didn?t notice where he was falling, and he hit his head on an out of place hook. By the time he hit the floor, he was already out like a light. The buzz of communication was heard, but no one answered.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=#95005E][SIZE=1][b]?You?re so mean, Blondie-san!?[/b]
As if her situation hadn?t attracted enough attention, Riko just had to shout. Which was one of the few good things to do when in a Japanese train chase. People at the front of the car looked at her and crowded around, slowing the chase down to a tedious weave through the pack. She was just about to go after them when she felt someone pull her back.

[b]?Hey!?[/b] Riko turned around and saw a group of men gawking at the slit on her skirt.[b][i] Feh, salary men[/i][/b], she thought, but then she figured that none of them could?ve reached her from where they were standing. She shrugged and dismissed the pull as a snag on her skirt.

By that time, Mr. Blondie and Lady Kaishi were almost out of the crowd. Riko tried to follow but something pulled her back again, this time by the sleeve. Still, no one stood close enough to reach her. She checked her sleeve for another snag. Nothing.


She turned around and lightly stomped with her right heel. Just when she was about to take off, the hand gripped her by the wrist again. This time, Riko returned the grip, held the cuff firmly, and?

? sent someone flying over her shoulder. He was a tall man in a long coat. Very familiar, no doubt about it.

[b]?We finally meet, Transporter-san. ♥?[/b][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Jimmy twisted in the air to land on his feet, more shocked than injured. This girl wasn't bad, to mange to hit him, or had she just been lucky. He took a quick step back in to the salarymen, his natural camoflage, and took his special hankerchief out of his pocket He could see the blond girl look round for him and hoped she wouldn't attack the group just to find him. As she didn't make any move towards him, Kurosawa assumed she hadn't managed to spot him again, until he felt a creeping cold touch his ankle on a boiling Tokyo summer day.

As the cold continued it's advance up his extremities, Jimmy knew he had to act now. Moving slowly through the crowd in the carriage to avoid the girls attention, he managed to close in behind her. Two metres... one metre ....As soon as he was in striking distance he reached round the the girl's head and forced his sodden handkerchief over her mouth and nose. As he let go and stepped away the girl dropped to the floor, a few of the men around her rushed to help her, whether through genuine altruism or because of the uniform he'd never know. But as he left carriage in the directio Raiyuu and the other recoverer were heading, Kurosawa silently thanked God for chloroform.
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[size=1][color=#C82356]The chase wasn't at all what Kaishi had thought it to be, it was mere child's play. She then stopped and disappeared without a sound or trace, making the transporter look behind him. He stopped and looked around, knowing that she was bound to be around.

[B]"What? Getting tired already?"

"Not likely, Raiyuu-san."[/B] From behind, Lady Kaishi was able to throw a psychic punch that threw Raiyuu off balance and caused him to stumble on his feet, allowing Kaishi to sweep him off of his feet, making him land on his back. [B]"You, on the other hand, are tiring me with this charade."

"Then let me interest you in a new game... 52 knife pick-up."[/B]

The transporter's hands dug inside his jacket and threw out several knives that aimed for Kaishi, who was ready and disappeared from sight. The two characters were both out of sight, both being alert of the other, trying to calculate each other's moves, when they knew that neither of them knew what the other would do next.

[B]"Give it up, Raiyuu-san! We both know that hiding will not solve anything!"

"On the contrary, Lady Kaishi, it just might."[/B]

Silence hung in the air as Lady Kaishi listened for Raiyuu's footsteps or any sign that Raiyuu was there. There was none and Lady Kaishi revealed herself from atop the roof and jumped into a car. She looked around and straightened herself, knowing that Riko would be in need of help.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Trump had stayed concealed this long -- and it would pay off now. Glancing around from his seat, he saw several people jump up and begin brawling in the middle of the car, some were getting away. Worst of all, his partener was knocked out, so he was going to be solo on this mission. So he did was he was best at -- reclining back in his chair and acting like he was reading the newspaper.

In all actuality, he was concentrating as hard as he could muster in the boisterous train, trying to unscrew the bolts that attached the seats in the ground. After another twenty seconds, there were about seventeen bolts skittering across the floor, which soon stopped making noise as they were lifted into the air by an unseen force. One by one, they rocketed towards the crowd of brawlers, the impact of gunshots ripping behind them. A few salarymen were caught in the crossfire, but not too many; it was unavoidable in such cases anyway. Most of the bolts screamed towards their enemy targets, his friend safely out of the way and on the ground.[/SIZE]
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[i][b][color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS]This isn't going to plan at all!

[/font][/color][/b][/i][color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS]Another heavy iron bolt zipped towards the Cardsharp at high speed; he grabbed one of the stanchions running the length of the carriage ceiling and swung himself upwards, avoiding the unusual projectile and kicking through the service hatch to somersault up and onto the roof of the train.

[i][b]Kurogo said nothing about TWO rival services![/b][/i]

Raiyuu put his rage at his employer aside for a second and considered the situation. He was fairly sure the recovery girls were a duo - most recovery services worked in pairs. The others? He hazarded a guess at disposal; the guy that had knocked himself cold had been tech'd up to the gills, and that stank of disposal MO. There had to be at least one more, a telekinetic: but were there others?

And the girl that had felled him in the carriage ... his face still stung from the psychic blow she'd dealt him, and she'd been able to disappear. Properly, not like Kurosawa. And the way she looked, there was an element of ... sorcery ... witchcraft ...

[i][b]Oh no ... it can't be.

[/b][/i]Raiyuu whispered the name out loud, with terrified reverence.


[/b]Raiyuu's curiosity about the package's contents doubled. If Lady Kaishi, rumoured to be a witch or a devil-child, able to call on the power of the Evil Eye, had deigned to carry out its recovery, it had to be valuable...

[i][b]Deal with Kaishi-dono when the problem arises. Concentrate on the disposals for now.

[/b][/i]Raiyuu reached into his jacket and pulled out the radio headset he'd pinched from the unconscious disposer, fitting it over his head and thumbing the mic-on switch.

[i][b]If there are only two of them, this won't work, the remaining one'll know it's a trap. But if I know disposal services, there'll be a whole private army of the bastards.

[/b][/i][b]"I've found the transporter, he's on top of the train! Get up here quick, before he -"

[/b]Raiyuu cut off his words with a strangled gasp, and lay in wait.
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Things weren't looking good. Raiyuu was in trouble, some kind of TK user was hurling things at him and Kurosawa had left the package alone. First things first though, busting Raiyuu out of trouble was his priority. Funny how this seemd to happen on so many jobs. Raiyuu would rush out by himself and get in to serious trouble. It had always worked out in the past, but you could never tell when it wasn't.

It seemd that Raiyuu's aggressor hadn't clocked Jimmy yet, all his attention was on the cardsharp, and he was focusing hard to maintain his assault. Perfect conditions. Jimmy casually walked up behind him and let the chloroform rag claim another victim. However much he did it that one never got old. Raiyuu blinked, not suprising as his opponent had just dropped before his eyes.However, he was used to the signs and manged to focus on Jimmy quickly enough, just a few seconds.
"We need to go, buddy! I left the package behind."

The girl might be coming round in a few minutes, so they needed to be off this train fast.
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[size=1][color=#C82356]Fear ran throughout the train as if they were all going to die. It gave pleasure to see them scurry and run for their lives, trying to figure a way out, when the reality was, no one was dying and no one was hurt. Kaishi walked through the crowd with ease until she came to Riko, her partner.

Kneeling beside Riko, Kaishi had pushed the other people away and took Riko into her arms, searching a quiet place. She then disappeared once more into thin air and found herself in a private car where no one had been. She checked her accomplice's pulse, opened her eyelids to look for any signs of dilation, and then smelt a chemical upon her nose and mouth, realizing that this ice queen had taken in an amount of chloroform.

[B]"What shall we do with you, my young ami?"[/B] Sounds of screams and ruckus were heard from the other cars. Lady Kaishi looked around until she felt a hand on hers. [B]"You're awake, Yuki-Onna."

"What about the Transporters and the Disposal? Where are they?"

"Calm yourself, young one. We haven't been able to obtain the package, though I'm sure they're on this train still. They've caused quite a chaos but I've yet to show Raiyuu who he is dealing with."[/B][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=#95005E][SIZE=1][b]?Hey, hey! Guess what??[/b]
Kaishi sighed. It was very Riko, to hold up until Kaishi finally says the obligatory ?What?? It was an awfully niggling habit but it always meant something promising.


?I found the other Transporter!?


?Well,?'[/b] She could still make out hints of the chemical that felled her. Drained her of her energy, it did. [b][i]So that?s what chloroform smells like. What an unpleasant odor?[/i][/b] Riko shook her head and sighed. [b]?It seems that he was right behind us all along. He?s got this invisibility thing going on, you see?"

??Invisibility? you say??[/b]
Kaishi?s eyes narrowed. [b][i]She?s interested[/i][/b], Riko thought. Until she met Mr. Transporter, she thought only her partner had the ability to disappear at will. Riko knew very well how difficult it is to mess around with an enemy you can?t see.

[b]?Yeah, but that?s impossible, right??

?It?s camouflage.?

?Camouflage? Like a chameleon??

?Yes.? [/b]

Kaishi was just about to pull her partner up by the wrist when Riko spotted something hidden under a seat. [b]?Hmm? What?s this??[/b] Riko stretched her free hand out and hitched a finger ?round the twine that bound the article. [b]?Hey! Look!?[/b] She pulled it out into the light. What she found was a little box neatly wrapped in what looked like cheap recycled paper. It didn?t rattle when she shook it nor did it smell funny (like the transporter?s handkerchief. Riko shuddered at the thought). It was a bit dirty but she?d recognize it anywhere.

[b]?The package!?[/b]

With glass shards for confetti, the Transporters smashed into the clear windows at the Recoverers? left and right. They landed on their feet and assumed their fighting stance (and at that moment, rock music kicked into Riko?s brain).

[b]?We?ll be taking that.?
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[Color=DarkBlue]Jake moaned and opened his eyes. He immediately cursed himself for not paying closer attention to his surroundings before going for the package. Now, he had lost consciousness and his headset. Even now, his partner could be in trouble, or worse because of his mistake.

He lifted himself off the floor and scanned the car for Trump and the other two teams. He spotted Trump on the floor of his seat, slumped over. He cursed lightly and scanned the rest of the car. A couple of rows ahead of Trump, Loud Mouth saw the other two teams at a stand off, with the recovery service holding the package.

He chuckled and turned again towards Trump who had begun to stir. If they were going to end up with the package, the pair of them had to work fast. Loud Mouth waited as Trump set himself up on his elbows. Loud Mouth waved his hands, and got Trump?s attention.

He then held up four fingers and pointed to the rows. He then made a crude drawing of a package in the air with his hands. Trump nodded and Loud Mouth was happy. He signed for them to meet a row up from him, so Loud Mouth began to crawl, watching to make sure that the other two teams didn?t see him or his partner. They met and Loud Mouth said quickly ?We?ve got to get the package. At the point things are going, we?re going to have a full scale battle on the train, and we have to get the package out of here before then.?

?Can?t we just seriously injure the one who knocked me out with the chlorophyll?? Trump asked, looking serious.

?Sure, but don?t get yourself hurt in the process. I?ll go for whoever has the package, and you take on the other team.? Loud Mouth said, starting to stand up.

?Alright. Watch your back.? Trump said, standing up.

The pair of them walked up to the other two teams who still seemed at an old western stand off.

?I hate to break the silence, but shouldn?t we be getting on with the fighting?? Loud Mouth said, starting his magic. ?I mean, whoever is the least bloody by the end of this?ll get the package and get the money.?

Loud Mouth noticed that the girl in the schoolgirl uniform?s head was starting to droop a bit. He started to say something else, but the other female aimed a kick at his head, and forced him to dodge downwards. As she thrusted her fist out, Loud mouth grabbed it and threw her over his shoulder, hearing make a slight "oof" sound on impact.

As this happened the transport service tried to take the advantage on the school girl, but Loud Mouth wasn?t gonna let that happen. He quickly started talking again. ?You know, I didn?t quite catch who had the package and where they stashed it. Anyone want to tell us and save themselves the trouble of a bloody messy fight??

?Hmm, you like to talk a lot, don?tcha? Talk to this!? The transporter Loud Mouth had named Blondie said, flinging a couple of knives at him. He dropped to the floor, and quickly stood back up, pulling out a smoke bomb, and letting it loose. He adapted his face shield that was hidden in the top of his hood, and he hoped the Trump had done the same.

He quickly began to search for the package, and spotted it in a row behind the recovery group?s original position. He stooped down, and grabbed it. He then ran towards where Trump was and was suddenly stopped by the woman that he had flipped over earlier.

?That package isn?t going anywhere without me holding it.? She said coldly, stairing at Loud Mouth.[/color]
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It wasn't looking good. They didn't have the packaging and the mission was rapidly degenerating in to a full on battle royale. Both the opponents James had already taken out were up on their feet. It was almost time, but not quite yet.

He spotted the guy who'd knocked himself out leading schoolgirl away, looked like he had to make a move now. The guy seemed a little shocked to see Kurosawa charging towards him and raised his hands to protect his nose and mouth, letting go of the package, but was more shocked when Jimmy passed right through him. Before the unfortunate disposer could react he couldn't see for apparitions of Kurosawa.
"Go!" they shouted at Raiyuu in unison.
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[color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS]Kurosawa's secondary power, his Trump Card, wasn't what anyone would expect given his primary. From being the least noticeable man on the train, Raiyuu's partner was now its most prominent occupant, by virtue of there appearing to be around a hundred of him. Ninety-nine were just illusions. The one solid version was waiting for his partner to make a move, so he could go in for the package.

Raiyuu, peering through the crowd of phantoms, spotted Lady Kaishi taking advantage of the disposal guy dropping the package; she gestured dismissively at the man as he moved in to retrieve the box, and he flew the length of the carriage, landing in the luggage rack.

[i][b]You're mine, Kaishi-dono. You're about to feel the full force of my own Trump Card, while Jimmy's hides me from you.

[/b][/i]As he stalked his prey through the crowd of suited figures, Raiyuu began to move his hands. Not by much, but at incredible speed. His balled fists vibrated into a blur. He wasn't far from Kaishi now.

She spotted him.

[i][b]Too late.

[/b][/i]As his fist surged towards the witch's midriff, the incredibly rapid vibration excited the air around it; particles of air were overcome by extreme friction, and Raiyuu's fist burst into flames.

Kaishi-dono tried to react, but his concealment in the crowd of counterfeit Kurosawas had got him close enough to strike before she could pull any tricks. The blow connected, and the dark-clothed woman arced gracefully through the air, landing on her feet in a martial artist's ready stance.

The package seemed to hang in mid-air for a second before crashing down to the floor of the carriage. The lid bounced off. Kurosawa's phantoms vanished in shock as the Unnoticeable Man voiced what all six professionals were thinking.

[b]"You have [i]got [/i]to be joking."[/b]

[/font][/color] [center][color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS]~~~~~~~~~~~~

[/font][/color] [left][b][color=Teal][font=Trebuchet MS]"Birthday cake, Kurogo-san? Was that really worth hiring our services for?"

"You don't understand the situation in our family. I couldn't let my brother appear more generous than me. Our mother is close to death, and how she views each of us could determine the eventual recipient of her fortune!"

"So you intercepted his cake in transit and sent us in to deliver it. But he hired recoverers. He hired [i]Lady Kaishi.[/i] For a [i]birthday cake?[/i]"

"And of course our stepsister tried to destroy the blasted thing to make us both seem equally at fault."

"I don't believe I'm hearing this..."

"Well, you hardly acted professionally. The package did not reach its desitnation in prime condition. I refuse to pay your extortionate fees."

"Right, come here, you -"

"Raiyuu, he isn't worth it, back off. There'll be other jobs. Proper ones."

"I guess this means we can't afford those nitros for the van now..."

[/font][/color][/b] [right][size=1][color=Black][font=Trebuchet MS]That about wraps up the Prologue. The RPG seems to have lost momentum, so if anyone doesn't want to continue, let me know and I'll see whether it's worth carrying on.
For now, anyone who [b]is[/b] still in can make 'aftermath' posts; depict your team's confrontation with your respective member of the Kurogo family, or the consequences of not being paid for the job. Once everybody who's going to has posted I'll start up Act One.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[size=1][color=#C82356]The two Recoverers sat in the black and red 2003 Acura RSX Type S that Kaishi had effortlessly been trying to obtain for several months. She was in the driver?s seat with Riko right beside her, changing the music to fit her mood and fell upon a nice alternative. She drove with excellent precision and never faltered, almost as if she had experience before. Riko watched Kaishi, though, and knew that something was the matter. This wasn?t how Kaishi acted.

?Kaishi-dono, is everything alright??

?Soon enough.?

Confusion set onto Riko?s face, but it was soon gone when she realized where they had stopped. She watched Kaishi exit the driver?s seat and knew what was to happen. She quickly followed suit, trying to keep Kaishi from doing anything rash, yet that wasn?t Kaishi?s style. She wasn?t one to attack a person just because her life was in peril and her job was to take something so infantile. Her style was more mysterious and dark, something much more complex, almost unpredictable if anything.

?Welcome, my recoverers. I presume you?re here about the package??

The man who had sent the Recovery Service on a wild goose chase sat in a black office chair at the far end of a newly polished maple table. Kaishi and Riko stood at the other end, watching his movements, as if they were anticipating what he was going to do. Riko watched the two, but Kaishi kept her eyes on Kurogo. He pushed out a bit and placed his feet on the table, leaning back in a relaxed manner, almost as if he were taunting the two Recoverers.

?Ladies, please take a seat, don?t feel that you have to stand in my presence.?

As Riko was about to take a seat, Kaishi stopped her. ?We?d prefer to stand, even if it was not in your presense, Kurogo. And you?re correct, we?re here about the package.?

?Let me elaborate, then, the situation. You see, in our family, my brother, stepsister, and I have always had to compete for our mother?s eye. She is now close to death and what we do interprets what she sees in each of us. I couldn?t let me brother become the better of the three. Because how my mother views us determines the heir to her fortune.?

?So then your brother sends out the Delivery Service with a birthday cake and then you hire my colleague and I to recover the cake?? Something in Kaishi?s speech was menacing and threatening.

?Precisely, but my stepsister had to send out that abhorrent Disposal Service and try to make it seem as if my brother and I were incompetent to do anything. Albeit, you two did not fulfill what was needed to be done and in that sense, the second half of your fee will not be paid. You are dismissed.?

?Did you just say that we are dismissed?? At that moment, Kaishi was enraged. Her eyes were flaring a bloodying red but was soon calmed by Riko. She sighed and looked to the still relaxed Kurogo. ?I suggest you listen, Kurogo, and listen well for what I am about to say is quite important if you wish to live. The Recovery Service does not take well to egotistic people who have a need for power and fear, we despise those who believe they are God and everyone else is nothing but mere mortals, and we certainly do not like others commanding us to do things. I, Lady Kaishi, am one you should not cross when it comes to these things and at this moment, you are well at the top of my list of detesting creatures. Do well to remember this for if you wish us to work for you, you?ll be needing much more than money and guards to keep me from tearing you apart.?

?Uh-huh. Well, that was seemingly useless.? Kurogo stood and walked towards Kaishi and Riko. Her hands clenched as he approached the two. ?You are a lovely lady but I think you should shed that calloused exterior and take your place with me...? He touched Kaishi?s cheek and that sent her over the edge. It was one thing to tell her she was dismissed but touching her face was a different matter. ?or I?ll show you the door.?

?LADY KAISHI!? Riko?s scream suddenly erupted but was too late.

It appeared that Kurogo was leaning on the table with Kaishi twisting his right arm behind his back and holding his neck. ?Do not [i]ever[/i] touch me again, you cretin. And do not tell me to shed my calloused exterior when it isn?t even the shell. This coarse woman that stands above you is who I am and I will not allow a mere man to tell me that he will show me the door if I do not take my place beside him. If it is anyone who should show the other the door, it should be me.? Kaishi let go of Kurogo and stood beside Riko again, who tried to hold her back.

Wiping the blood off of his mouth, Kurogo chuckled and tried to backhand Kaishi. Little did he know that Lady Kaishi was a former Kunoichi and someone who held great abilities, able to destroy anyone. He was suddenly on the floor, spitting out blood, and holding his jaw. His glare locked with Kaishi?s and stood.

?Let me tell you who I am, you worthless female. I am Kurogo Tenma, a man you should fear. I won?t allow a lowly worker to make me spit out blood. Allow me to show what I do to people like you!?

?No, allow me, toohenboku ga!? Kaishi was about to advance but was stopped by Riko. ?You should feel fortunate that my partner was here. If not for her, then you would be unconscious and lying in a pool of blood.?

?Come on, Kaishi-dono. Let?s go. He?s not worth killing. But let me try a new trick I learned.?

Smirking, Riko faced Kurogo and blew into her hand, which projected the icy breath that made Kurogo become half frozen in ice. The two Recoverers chuckled and walked away, feeling a bit of content that this idiotic man was standing like that. It was time to find someone who could offer a more competent job.[/size][/color]
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