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Sign Up Recruits needed for Necroterra [Mature]


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[CENTER][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]A cool, evening wind blew in from the north, sending Nhievh's hair into a flurry of activity as it mimcked the movements of the dancing breeze. He gripped his dagger, smelling human flesh on the wind, and ran in the direction from which it had come.

[I]Sinners...[/I] he thought.

He came to a small town. A few men, apparently in charge of the defense of the town and the safety of the townspeople, ran from house to house, checking the residents and ensuring that all was safe and secure. They were the first to go.

Nhievh charged silently into the small town, unseen, and drew his dagger. Time slowed around him as he quickly cut through the four men that were outside in the open. They all fell at once, simultaneously spilling crimson blood onto the ground. He rasied his hands after placing his dagger back at his side, creating a triangle with his forefingers and thumbs. He chanted in a wispy language, sending smoky silhouettes of words into the air. As he finished his spell, a black dome encompassed the small town.

All that could be heard was the deafening howl of the dead as all were brutally slaughtered by the spirits he had conjured.

When the darkness lighted, all that was left of the small town was a bare plot of land.


Here is some info on Nhievh:

[B] Age:[/B] 25
[B]Height:[/B] 5'11"
[B]Weight: [/B] 120
[B]Appearance:[/B] Nhievh is a dark man, and as such wears only black leather straps which wrap around his entire body and cut off the blood that would flow if his damned heart still beat. His skin is pale and cold; his eye is a grey color. His hair is black and matted, and covers the left side of his face, hiding the missing eye which he had removed himself at the age of 10. Aside from his physical features, a cold wind constantly spreads outward from him, chilling all around him.
[B]Past:[/B] Nhievh was kidnapped from his home at the age of five by a coven of witches who were tainted by Satan. He was forced to undertake the study of Necromancy, the magic of death, and was forced to undergo a ritual which permanantly tainted his soul and caused his mind to shift. At age ten, he was forced to remove his left eye and stitch shut the socket as a show of devotion to the dark arts. In doing so, he completed a ritual which completely infused him with the black magic known as Necromancy. At age fifteen, he went completely insane and murdered all but one witch. He never found that one witch, and now spends his life searching for answers to his questions and for some clue as to what exactly happened to that witch.
[B]Present:[/B] Nhievh has searched for ten years, discovering only his own true potential and the extent of his magical prowess. He searches day and night, requiring no food, drink, or rest, for some sort of clue as to what he is and why he is.
[B]Future:[/B] This RPG will continue in the fasion described above, with Nhievh searching for answers, killing gradually less people, and eventually finding the answers he seeks while slowly realizing that what he did was actually wrong and repenting for his own sins. Many adventures are to ensue before then, and I implore you to help me out on this one.

I hope you are all interested in joining this RPG and help me to develop it into a full-fledged adventure! Remember to use the format above and do not be afraid to email me or PM me if you have any questions or comments.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color="#ff6699"]Yo, yo, yo.

Ellven'and, cool character, but if you want to start a RPG it's generally a good idea to have a story in mind. If you read the sticky (which can also be found in my signature under 'stickilicious') you'll see that all RPGs must include some kind of backstory, anyway. It gives the RPG a little stability and allows the other members to get into your mindset. You could easily create three or four paragraphs out of what you have here; I gather that the story is going to be about Nhievh and his journey anyway.

If you've got any questions or anything, don't hesitate to contact me or Miss Ozy. Otherwise, you can easily add those needed paragraphs by editing your first post.

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