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RPG Can you hear me??? Can you see me??? [M-VL poss S]

Who Am I?

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[color=black][size=1][CENTER]A girl who was 12 years old stood in front of a grave crying. A tall man was watching her.

...Hannah. I miss you so much. I would do anything for you.
[B]Really?? [/B]
Anything to see her.
[B]Alright. How 'bout we make a deal?[/B]
[B]I let you talk to her and you give me your first born child.[/B]
Huh? But I'm only 12.
[B]I know but as you get older. [/B]
How would you know if I ever have a child?
[B]I know.[/B]
Umm..okay but how would I talk to her?
[B]She'll be a ghost. You will have the ability to talk and see ghosts.[/B]
[B]Yeah...but you better keep your promise.[/B]
Uhh..yeah I will.
[B]Okay. Here you go.[/B]

A bright light shone below her.

What??? What's happening??

The tall man spoke more words.

Hey...is this a trick?!?!

Soon the bright light surrounded me and then I was sucked into it.


Soon the bright light faded and she stood there in one piece.

[B]Are you alright?[/B]
[B]What's your name anyways? [/B]
Uhh..Lynn. And yours?
Nice to meet you.
Well was it suppose to work?
[B]Oh yeah well you're suppose to wait for a couple of days.[/B]
[B]Well just be careful. You might just run into some nasty and bad ghosts.[/B]
Oh okay..
[B]Well remember the deal we made.[/B]
Yeah. My first born baby...

Ten years past and Mark was waiting for Lynn...

Through the dark forest, a dark figure approaches towards a woman who's looking at a grave. The woman's name is Lynn and her best friend, Hannah had died fifteen years ago. Lynn is a happily married woman and she has one child. Today was the day.

[B]"Excuse me?" [/B]
The woman gasped, "It's you. But now?"
[B]"Yes..." [/B]
"Please let me keep her for awhile. Just for 2 years."
[B]"I'm sorry but I could let you have sometime with her for a few days."[/B]
"Alright.." the woman was crying.
[B]"How's your friend anyways?" [/B]
"She's good..." She wiped her tears.
[B]"Good. Well I'll be back next week to claim your daughter."[/B]

He left and walked back through the thick forest. Lynn was on her knees crying and spending the last week with her daughter.[/CENTER]

[B]OOC:[/b] Okay. Well you guys post about your past just like the one in the sign up about how your friend or boyfriend, etc. died. Momo, since you are Mark's aid you post on how our characters first met. Alright, have fun![/size][/color]
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It was dark that night. They had been where they were normally at that hour. In the grass field on the farm. They would lay out there for hours and watch the moon travel across the dark sky. They would stare up that the stars and smile. The calm wind brushing across their bodies and the sound of tall grass rustling in the wind topped off with a soft hum from crickets. It was so calm. They would leave their worries behind here. It was their own little world.

Flora was older... only by a year or so. They were half sisters. Their mother had quite a social life and none of her 8 children had the same father. This small detail didnt matter. Over the few years they had been otgether they had bonded so close that they were hardly found apart. Blood details didnt matter. To them... They were full sisters. Twins almost. They thought alike and enjoyed the same things. This was one of their favorite days. To bad flora didnt know that it was their last.

The next day they departed for school. Becauseo f age difference they never met during school. Different times for certin grades for lunch and completely different recess areas. They sometimes saw each other in the halls but had no time to stop and chat.

Flora was in english class. Her least favorite. She hated english and math equally. She had been staring out the window for the past twenty minutes. Finally though they were out and at lunch. This was the one day each week flroa and her sister saw each otherwhile at school and got a chance to talk. Only because flora's sister worked in the kitchen.

Neither of them knew about the not so happy boy two tables away. Tawnie, Flora's Sister, was taking a break between waves of kids wanting lunch. She sat with Flora while flora ate.

"Frankie did you know Derek heard us talking again..." Tawnie said quietly.

"How is it that every time we plan to run away he figures it out." Frankie said. She was known as frankie to her family but her friends called her flora.

"Me and him share a bedroom. The supplies we stash end up in my room."

"What did you tell him?" Frankie asked pushing her milk away.

"That we take him with us." Tawnie said drinking frankie's milk without even asking. She never had to.

"Oh well. He isnt that be most of the time. We could ditch him later anyways."

"Heheh... Yeah."

Their brother derek was a few years older than flora. He may haben older physicly but mentally he was younger than either of them. He always wanted to run away too when they didnt keep it secret enough. Their parents werent very nice. Starving the kids by only letting them have a bit of food and then ate the rest of it (which was a lot) all by themselves. Derek learned to eat chicken bone as well as the meat. They always planned to run away. They would even stock up on canned food. They always forgot to pack a can opener though.

A few big bully boys had approched a young boy a few tables away. He clutched his backpack nervously but he seemed to be getting angry. The small group of bullies closed in. Tawnie and flora werent paying attention. These things were better left alone. Getting involed ment trouble for everyone so they tried their best to ignore it.

But they should have payed more attention. The smaller boy finally had lost it.

"Why dont you people ever leave me alone!?" He shouted as he pulled out a gun from the backpack he had been clutching so tightly. A few preppy girls screamed and ran for it. The bullys backed up slowly as the gun was pointed at them. Flora looked up and sighed. Things like this didnt phase her much. This kind ofthing was not normal in this town. No one had ever heard of school shootings in this small town. But she was used ot it from the news and from her imagination.

Tawnie was a bit more nervous and frozen in her spot. Flora stood up slowly. She never figured the boy was serious. Once a few years ago another boy did this but never shot anyone. He didnt have the guts. Flora shook her head and sighed.

"Dude just put the gun down. You dont want to hurt anyone."

"Says who fat freak?" The shouted back.

Flora was used to this. Yes she was fat but she never cared enough to worry about comments like that. "Uh...I do. These boys dont want to get hurt, I dont want to get hurt, you dont either im sure. Just put the gun away."

" These guys deserve it!"

"Yeah sure. But they dont deserve to be shot! I mean sheesh I think they get the point now. Just end this and im sure you wont get into to much trouble." Flora was getting angry... it happend ocasionaly.

"Just stay out of it Frankie... Your being stupid." Tawnie whispered from her spot.

Flora shook her head and looked at her sister, "No the twerp is being stupid. If it takes one stupid act to stop another im fine with it." She barked this forgetting the situation's seriousness.

"Will you just shut yout fat trap!" Wit that the angry boy got even more angry. His hands were shaking and the gun was wobbling. He squezzed the trigger.

In a few short seconds Flora was on the ground and didnt understand why she wasnt hurt. The boy with the gun had droppped it and dropped to his knees. Lying next to flora bleeding on the floor was Tawnie.

Some years have passed now and Flora still blamed herself. She was just one of those kids that wished to make things better, to break up fights, and keep people happy. Her foolish attitude got her sister killed. Her sister got in the way to save her life and died doing it. She hated herself for it but kept quiet.

She silently stood in the grass field where they burried her. It was where they were the most happy. It was sunset now. All flora could do was stare off into the red sky and cruse herself silently about how stupid she had been.
ooc: Sorry its so long. I could now make it short. I dont know why but i just had to write and explain alot of things. Sorry about that. Parts of this is real (the sisters name, my name, the brothers name, the closeness, and the field. The school shooting part is not. My sis is really alive and kickng (as far as i know) so anyways.

If you just skimmed through this because it was just to damn long well them heres the short part. Flora's sister saved flora by pushing flora out of the way of a bullet. poof sister dead. (i could have written this post like that but... i like to write. If you dont like to read long stuff... deal with it lol)
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]"I need better curtains."[/COLOR]

The comment made Isan chuckle. [COLOR=Navy]"Why? So you can become even more like a vampire?"[/COLOR] He asked. The only window inside Kitty's room was directly behind her computer, and it caused a glare whenever she began typing. It annoyed her so much.

[COLOR=Navy]"Not a vampire..."[/COLOR] Kitty mumbled. Isan stood up and walked behind Kitty, reading her Wordpad Document over her shoulder. Kitty did her best to keep her face from reddening and to keep her breath steady; he was hardly an inch away from her. But then, he wasn't even looking at her, his green eyes were scanning the monitor, concentrating on her writing.

Kitty began to stare at his face. [I]Flawless,[/I] she thought, breathtaken. Her skin tingled when he laughed at one of the character's jokes. His voice was so wonderful!

Her hands, which were still typing the story while she was staring, practically turned to mush.

[COLOR=Navy]"'fhlfjsapjajspdfioe'? What's with that, V?"[/COLOR] Isan asked, looking at her. He didn't notice the close contact, but Kitty couldn't help but blush. Quickly, she began to furiously tap the backspace button.

[COLOR=Navy]"N...nothing. Sorry."[/COLOR] She whispered. She couldn't think anymore. Hitting Ctrl+S, she shut off her computer. [COLOR=Navy]"Time for school."[/COLOR] Kitty stood up abruptly and grabbed her bookbag. Isan did the same, but was doing things much slower, as if preoccupied.

Kitty was about to reach for the door when Isan stopped her.

[COLOR=Navy]"Kitty?"[/COLOR] He asked in an unsure voice. It was a very different thing for him, since he was usually carefree, bold, and completely oblivious to what everyone else thought about him.

[COLOR=Navy]"Yes?"[/COLOR] Kitty's heart was racing a mile a minute, she was sure Isan could hear it pounding.

[COLOR=Navy]"I was wondering...well...um...if..."[/COLOR] Isan bit his lip nervously, and Kitty did too. This had to be the most nerve racking moment in her 12 year old life. She couldn't take it.

[COLOR=Navy]"We're going to be late."[/COLOR] She said, pushing past Isan and down the stairs of her house. A quick good-bye to her mother and Kitty was gone. Isan stood in her doorway, disappointed in himself for not willing himself to ask her.

Later that day, after school, Kitty V was terribly confused. Isan and her live right next to each other, go to the same school, and they were practically each other's parents' children, but still, she had not seen him since earlier that morning. She went through the entire day wondering where he was and what he was going to say.

When she arrived home, her mother was sitting in the living room, sobbing. The TV was on, and Kitty could just barely hear it over her mother's hysterical cries. It was the news. [I]Breaking[/I] News.

[COLOR=Navy][I]"Earlier today a young boy of the age of 12 was found dead on the way to school. His body was found at the edge of the forest near the edge of town. Investigation is still underway, but it is suspected that the child was suffocated. The ID card in the boy's wallet read 'Isan Nighte.'"[/I][/COLOR]

Kitty dropped her bag. It couldn't be true. Isan couldn't be dead!

Tears began to form in her eyes. What if this was her fault? What if she stayed with Isan and let him talk? Would he still be alive? Would it change anything? [COLOR=Navy]"Isan..."[/COLOR] She mumbled before breaking into a hysterical sob of her own, right in the hallway. It was her fault. She knew it. She believed it.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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