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I don't know where this should go, because it is computer (i think that would be in GD) and SONY (that would be in Sony). So I will post it, and see what you Mods think. Move it if you want.

Has anyone played Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey? It's a pinball game, except it is far from the modern ones today ie. it has more advanced stuff to do on it.

I just bought it for $34.00, brought down from $64.00. And let me tell you, it is one of the best games I have ever played that a based on pinball. Anyone else think the same?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by NeoCactuar [/i]
[B]I havn't played it, what is some of the 'advanced stuff' available? [/B][/QUOTE]

Well, here's a list:

1) If you complete a combo, double combo, triple combo, or 4x combo, you light the extra ball hole for however many combo shots you scored. Like this: 1 combo shot = light the extra ball hole once. Double combo shot = light the extra ball hole twice. And so on. Just say I hit a 4x combo shot, the extra ball hole lights 4x. If I then hit the ball into the extra ball hole, that means I have 4 extra balls to shoot.

2) Also, there are little arrow shots that you have to complete. Once you complete all the arrow shots, in sequence that they light up, then you have a chance to go on one of four journeys. You have to hit that ball into the boiler scoop, then you go on a journey whichever the three arrow shots have landed on. But this isn't an adventure journey, like a 2d or 3d platform game. It is a journey around the pinball machine itself. You have to complete allt hese little quests. Once you have completed a pinball quest, you have to light up these drops in sequence to get an extra credit: ultra drops, skill shot, ultra ramps, ultra spinner, ultra jets, ultra magno save, and then ultra everything.

Fairly complicated, I know, But it's hell worth the money you pay for it, it's fun, and it's in total and complete 3d!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!
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