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Best and worst Musicians, Tv or Movie characters to have as roommates


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I am a fan of the forever popular 'Best and worst anime or Manga charatcers to have as roommates' threads so I have decided to create a Music, Movies and TV version of it. All you have to do is state the Musician, Actor, TV or Movie personality/ Character that you would like or not like to have as a roommate. A word of warning though, There will be none of that 'I want ______ because He/She is hot!!' crap. Anyway to my choices

The get the hell out People

Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters- Even though they are cool and like big kids I have seen what they have done. And what if there is no Buster avaliable? Who will be next then?

Gollum from Lord of the Rings- I have nothing against Gollum personally but his cough is damn annoying. Plus if you ever saw the MTV 2002 Movie Awards then you will know my other reason. He is also evil but I can deal with that.

Eminem- I prefer not to have a no talent loser in my house.

Paris Hilton- I don't care that she is hot and rich. I no like her, She is releasing her own song, She is being called a crediable actress but bloody hell, I hate her.

Cartman from South Park- I know that he is an animated character but it is not in my best intrests to be called a god damn Aussie.

You can stay people

Craig Charles- Better known as Lister from Red Dwarf, It'll be battle of the funnies plus the fact that he is the host of one of the most swesome shows around.

Steve Williams aka Stone Cold Steve Austin from the WWE- He seems like a great guy to hang around with. Not to mention the fact that we can have Beer bashes

Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach- He also seems like a great bloke. He wrote all the Papa Roach songs (Which I like) and he has a sense of humour.

The new Doctor Who character- He actually is funny, he actually is friggin funny.

Matthew Lucas- He is one of the guys that made and starred in Little Britian. You have to have an awesome sense of humour to make that show. If you don't know which character he was then he was Andy and the Only Gay in the Villiage.

Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith- Also known as Jay and Silent Bob. They have the worst language I have ever heard but they are funny as. Smith can actually direct and act.
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[b]Best Roomates:[/b]

Maynard James Keenan: Thats self explanitory on its own. You know by the name that he's a pretty interesting guy. And yes, the lead singer of tool and APC(not that I worship them or anything). I've read interviews and he's quite the witty/funny guy. I don't think there would be a dull moment living with him.

[b]Worst Roomates:[/b]

Simon: This jerk from american idol. His voice would send me straight over the edge to begin with. Ohhh everything about this guy just screams out to me "KILL HIM, DO IT QUICK." Not really, of course.. He really never has anything nice to say, the king of pessimism. I'd knock him one right in the nose first day.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Can you say.. idiot? She's retarded, annoying, and fickle. I wanted faith to be the main slayer but nooo the blonde had to get the gold. Her and her weird "I have to change guys every two seconds" fetish. If she lived with me all i'd hear is complaining, and after a while all she'd hear is.. nothing. :)

Sorry I didnt do many but I cant think up anymore, lol.
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