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Gaming Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition


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I've been playing a lot of racing games on the PS2 lately and happened to rent MC3 after the guy at the store went off about how great it is.

Its every bit as great as he said too.

The midnight club series is are good racing games, set in the street racing world which means you race on city streets with traffic and police as well as the opponents. I personally own MC2 and liked it quite a bit, but the new game blows it away by quite a lot.

The first biggest thing is that now its all real lisenced cars that you buy and drive, and that you can customize them quite a bit. It has a simpler version of the Gran Turismo style performance upgrades, but it really shines when you customize your wheels with new body kits, dubs, chrome, stickers, license plates, lights, neon in the undercarriage and a whole bunch of other stuff. You can change the color that the nitrous burns out of your tailpipe. Some of the other cars I raced against had hydraulics and were bumping up and down at the starting line. Basically the game has an exceptional sense of style.

The driving itself is intense. It has a great sense of speed because you are passing other cars and pedestrians etc. rather than just racing alongside other cars. Its a balance of simulation and arcade style driving, so its pretty easy to pick up and play, and not be frustrated with repeating courses over and over again. There are a lot of different races, in the beginning there are circuits based on the type of car you have (import, luxury, truck, bike). They throw in some special moves too, so that you can Aggro with a truck, which basically means you can plow over other cars. You can also slow down time (focus) and a few other neat tricks later in the game. It pretty much seemlessly incorporates videogame elements to a serious racing game.

The best thing is, I'm not really even a big racing game fan. I would recommend this to just about anyone.

As a thread, we can just talk about he game and compare it to other racing games, particularly on the PS2.
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I'll give it a rent on my Xbox. I've been obsessed with Forza and Rallisport Challenge 2 as of late, so I figure it's a good time to give other racers a chance. I'm not into the whole "street" scene with cars, but it sounds decent regardless.
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Its probably a perfect rental game. I bet it looks really nice on the Xbox too.

If you give it a shot, you can advance pretty quickly by racing in tournaments and against the racers with names. That way you can win some of the free cars and get to try out the motorcycles and other car types. After you beat specific people you can do the tuner, luxury, musclecar races and unlock the special abilities which are a lot of fun to fool around with.
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