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Art Delacroix and CG =o!


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[SIZE=1]I've finally used my Paint Shop Pro9 program for the purpose it was first intended. ^_^; As you can tell from the title, that purpose would be CGing.

Everyone must know that this is my first ever attempt at CGing something in my life and I already know of the mistakes I made along the way and the obvious things that need to be fixed with this pic.

It was an old scan, the only one I had on my comp, and sicne I don't have a tablet yet I wasn't in the mood for outlining the image. So that's why there are a lot of little pixelly bits around the outline. Horrid, I know >.< I tried my best to clean them up but it gave me a headache. Next time will be better. =D

With that said[I] please[/I] c&c on this image and, if you have any of the PSP programs, maybe some tips if you have any? Thankies much.

[B]Imric Kagushi-Enemy of the Plushie[/B]


(Attached original lines)[/SIZE]
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I didn't know it was possible to make Imric sexier. How the hell did you DO that???

*glomps Imric and Jamie*

Erm... yes. I know nothing about CGing, mind you, but for a beginner (^_~), I think you did a fabulous job. In places it looks a little... I don't know, puddy-ish, if you understand. Or like you were doing it in marker and then at one point you colored too much and made the paper damp in that place. Still: Imric + Bunny rabbit + sexy stare = Happy Stephanie.[/size]
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[SIZE=1]I am so very glad you like him, my dear. ^.^

I know what you mean about the smudged/wet look, I was using the airbrush tool and I didn't have the brush small enough and, well, after working on it for two hours non-stop I wasn't in the mood for changing the minor mistakes. Heh heh, naughty (lazy) Jamie.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Delacroix, you're doing quite wonderfully. Especially for a beginner.

Most people when begging have problems or 1.) Color Contrast. 2.) Shadows. 3.) Texture. And as far as I can tell you're doing very well at all three.

I really like the fact that you've seemed to mix a few air brush, dry brush, and cell shading techniques into your picture. It gives it more of an edge when compared to other straight shading techniques out there. And the way you've handled your' shadows is great, most people seem to get mixed up when CGing/CGI'ing. You've pulled it off very well. Your' color choices and contrast are very wisely chosen. I love the shades of pink and blues you have added. Good job on the hair, pants, and colth textures.

There are, however, two flaws. Around a few of the edges there is white and black pixels that have gone un-colored. Those of which can probably be easily fixed when careful.

And although you shadows are greatly done, there should still be more of a casting shadow around the stuffed animal. Mainly where it's shadow over lays on Imric's shadow on the wall. Also, where the stuffed animal's shadow would cast on Imric. His skin would take on a slightly darker skin tone. Then you completely forgot the shadow on the white plastic stripe.

Great job. Hope to see more from you, Delacroix.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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