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Guest Kurokit

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Guest Kurokit
Hi~ Here is a sketch of an original character, and little Naruto icons done on paint ^^;; If you guys are interested, I'll post some more~
((BTW, I'm new~))

- ori. sketch, pencil

- Naruto icons, on paint~~

Both didn't take too long, so they're not as good as they can be ^^;;

Comments and constructive criticism?
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[SIZE=1]I really like the first one. Alot. It looks nearly perfect, except for the legs and hand.

The second one is pretty dang good for on paint. I'm guessing you used a mouse (because a tablet is incompatible with paint... right?), which makes this especially awesome. Everyone's facial proportions are off, and the hair is inaccurate, but a very good job for it all.

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*Spaztastic* I love the first guy's little arm things! They are cool. :D *nod nod* Everything looks great ('cept maybe the left leg [the one resting, not the one that is bent up]...it just looks sort of bit proportional. I am a proportion freak, sorry. ^_^;) and his face is lovely, mmm. And his hair. It is all wonderful. Awesome job!

And yeah, anything Gaara is pretty much the shiz. [/color]

[i]Everyone's facial proportions are off[/i]

[color=darkslateblue] Eh, no they're not. How can you even tell? The icons don't show you the exact length of the shoulders...[/color]
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*squees* How cute XD

Firstly, since you are new, welcome to the Otaku board XD

I love both the pic and the icons ^_^ You have a very cute style~ Plus the design of the outfit in the original sketch is super cool~ I also totally heart the way you colored the Naruto stuff~

I'd love to see more art from you ^____^


Proportions are a bit off in places, but not horribly so. The arm not holding the book seems a tiny bit short from the elbow down...but it may only seem that way since you can't clearly see where his elbow is because of the little sleeve thingits? His foot also seems a bit flat T_T but that could probably be easily fixed by redrawing the belt so it follows the shape of the shoe better (as it's currently mostly just straight across)
And, randomly... when holding a book, you may see 4 of his fingers instead of only 3... but I'm not totally 100% sure since I don't have a book to try it out on XD; so perhaps one can hold a book like that no problem?

But he's got the cutest hair and facial expression! *loves* Completely random and you may have no idea what I'm talking about, but he totally reminds me of the Dollheart BJD clothing for the Vambane School (and I'm not sure I spelled that right) series they are doing...so cute!

Naruto icons-
I don't even like Naruto and these are horribly cute XD So you'll forgive me if I make any errors in making suggestions about improvement since I don't know anything about it ^^;
Garra's (I think that's who it is ^^; ) eyes seem odd because there is no outline (while the rest of them have an outline around their eyes). Being just solid green, it seems really oddto me. Naruto's face seems a tiny bit off... but I think it's because his eyes look like they are too far up. If they were a bit lower, it would look great ^_^ No idea who the last one is XD;; *shot dead* but he looks great ^_^ I can't see any problems.

Hope that helped XD;;;
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Guest Kurokit
Thanks! I've never such detailed comments on my stuff before~ Thanks for that ^^ I guess legs/foot look werid ^^;; I;d fix it, but I can't find the sketch now ;o;

Ooh, and Gaara's eyes are meant to look like that. If you search google images for Gaara, you'll see XD His eyes are really strange, but I like them ^^

Oh yes, I'm very familliar with the weridness of Naruto in my icons XD I think it was 5 am when I drew it, on msn paint thing XD I transferred it to MS paint, and coloured it there~

But anyway, thank you!
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