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  1. Sadly, when I took a class about illustrator I ended up learning nothing T_T So I have no idea how to offer any real crit. Props to you though. I can't figure out illustrator for the life of me XP and the image certainly looks interesting. The hat amuses me because the lines sort of mimic the knit fabric X3 I thought I'd mention something about the illustration though. The shadow under the hat? It's a bit too big (I'm not sure how to describe it, actually). It makes it look a bit like the top of the hat is floating away from their head. It's just a small thing though. It's just a teensy bit too far out.
  2. GTK

    Art Horo, bark at the moon

    This new one is cute ^_^ Not really feeling the sig though... I think it's those sky blue lines mostly. They seem kind of random. I think it's because they are so bright while the rest of it is kind of dark/muted colors? Make sense?
  3. Maybe Lunox is busy? T_T I feel kinda bad suggesting it, but does someone else want to go ahead and do Elleius' character to get the thread moving again? (I'd do it, but I'm currently in the middle of an art trade with a few people XP )
  4. GTK

    Request RPG Banner. Please. :)

    [img]http://i31.tinypic.com/11j4wa1.jpg[/img] [img]http://i28.tinypic.com/a1hjl.jpg[/img] Let me know if the text is too dark. I think the monitor on my laptop is a bit bright. I'm in the middle of class so I can't check it on another screen XP If this is totally wrong I can fix it too, so...
  5. Do you have the image in a larger size?
  6. GTK

    Art Art programs

    Agreeing with everything already mentioned... There's also (corel?) Painter. I personally have Photoshop, Illustrator, and Open Canvas. I had Painter, but lost it when my computer died T_T
  7. I capped this to show a friend, so I guess I'll share it with you guys too ♥ *ahem* conveniently censored by my winamp skin. I hate icons. They're under winamp XP [center] [url=http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y105/redvoid/banners/desktop-1.jpg] [IMG]http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y105/redvoid/banners/th_desktop-1.jpg[/IMG][/url] [/center]
  8. GTK

    Art Goth Commission full colour

    All the little details are kind of awesome ♥I also love the color job~ only complaint is lack of variation in texture on the clothing T_T Everything looks very.. immobile? ^^; Like it's made of a hard material (vinyl? Plastic? Something something?)... I wish some of the folds looked more natural, particularly in the skirt. Unless you were going for this super hard material sort of look? In which case, carry on~
  9. GTK

    Art Facebook Graffiti Wall - IMAGE HEAVY

    ...I ran out and signed up for facebook because of this thread DX [IMG]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y105/redvoid/banners/facebookars.gif[/IMG] This is the only one I've done so far~ Everyone has such awesome stuff ♥
  10. GTK

    Art Konata's Art...Dump Pile >_>

    Leon ♥ Bunny suit Leon is made of god and awesome. But I'm biased. However, his hands could use some work. They don't look like they are resting on top of each other so much as they look pasted on top of each other. Does that make sense? Totally digging the image of Heather, but I'm a sucker for anything done in a sort of sketchy style. The image itself is pretty nice though! Something about it seems a bit "softer" than the Heather I'm used to, but it's still really nicely done~ Something about the Bleach one bothers me... though I can't place it. I think it might be the fact that Ichigo has like way less shading on his face than Rukia does? Not sure... something about Ichigo seems really...plain. I do love me some cell shading though I also like the Aono image T_T It would be nice to see finished ♥ I'd love to see more of your stuff though~ I really love the way you color~ What program are you using?
  11. Claimed! ♥ Man, I was worried for a while this thread would die O_O Then I disappear for a few months and it comes back. Go figure XP EDIT! I tried a slightly different style and it sorta totally backfired on me T_T I-I'm sorry DX She looks kind of like a man *shot dead* I fail at life XP [IMG]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y105/redvoid/banners/cerrasketch.jpg[/IMG] --- My character-- Link [[URL="http://fanart.theotaku.com/imgs/7283-20070209172128.jpg"]here[/URL]] ... I don't care which one you draw, and feel free to make up outfits or something.
  12. GTK

    Art Anti-War Class Project

    This amuses me because I just created a poster for a propaganda class that was somewhat related to this XDD since I went with an anti-war message as well. As such, I will probably be slightly off in saying anything about these cause I'm still thinking of my class *dies* (for the sake of comparison and since I mentioned it, here's [url=http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y105/redvoid/banners/lolterrorism.jpg]my image[/url]) Past -- Something about the text on the first two makes me go DX Maybe it's too fancy? Also, the extra stuff added to the first one almost makes the image too hard to read. The last two are better. They both have simplier text, which is nice. Not sure about the use of color though, since the images are black and white. It doesn't bother me so much in the 3rd one but seems a bit much in the 4th one (maybe because it's black and purple and much darker than the 3rd one and you loose some of the image in the background) Present -- Again, I don't think the text needs to be as fancy as it is. It's a bit distracting. I like the first two, but the second two.... hmm... Something about the text throws me off a bit. Though it could be the font making it hard to read? The third one is my least fave XP mostly cause it just goes over the top of my head. I thin the first one is the best out of them. Future -- The text doesn't bother me so much here, actualy... except the one with the hearts cause it makes me go WTF. They seem really random. The first two are okay though (minus the hearts)... the second one, mostly because of the size, seems like a banner of some kind. Not sure if this is good or bad. Also, are you missing a word in the second one? Somehow it doesn't make sense O_o We forward? Is it meant to be We move forward? (also, this one doesn't seem as anti-war as the others). Over all, I think they are all in the right categories and you totally get the anti-war message across. Some of them could use some work, but they are generally nicely done. Also, if these are intended to be done as if viewed by other people you should work more on the text as I think it requires too much effort to read because of the decorative fonts. To reference my class, text on posters (or anything else for that matter) is kept really simple so it can be read at a glance. In some cases it may also help to make the outline around your text a bit larger so it doesn't blend so much with the image itself
  13. GTK

    Art T-shirts

    I liked the L image better when it was just an outline and the hair wasn't white XP but maybe that's just me? If you are selling these at a con, I don't think getting an ok from Viz as being that important. People sell fanart, buttons, stickers, and so one all the time at cons without asking anyone for permission. Granted, most of these cases the art involved is fanart of some kind and not official art, but still kinda the same thing. To avoid using the splatters and still use the image, you could prolly find an artist somewhere who would be willing to help you out and redraw the missing bits of the image?
  14. GTK

    Art It's Quiet Here... [Suggestions?]

    [QUOTE=Treble][size=2]I think it must be the time of year where a lot of people are busy with school work and have finals to worry about. [/size] [size=2] [size=2]Also, as 2007DigitalBoy have mentioned, sometimes I feel that this place is more dominated by graphic art designs than the general art stuff, like drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, etc. For instance, there seems to be more topics on requesting avatars and banners than people posting their own artwork. Of course, I do not have anything against graphic art since I do love to look at graphic designs, and I look forward to learning more about it someday, but I would love to see more variety in art mediums.[/size] [/QUOTE] Agreeing with both of these statements. The board seemed to die when school started up XP Lack of replies to threads prolly has something to do with this as well. While I do like -watching- things like the Graphics Worm, I'm more likely to participate in something like the Draw my character thread. To grab ideas from some other replies, contests involving themes or different mediums might be fun X3
  15. GTK

    Anime Anime's pros and cons

    I'm totally happy with the way things are ^^; Back in the day manga was $15 and now it's basically $9 on average. Totally not complaining. Sometimes the new "fans" drive me crazy though ~_~ Narutards aside, it's extremely irritating when you go to buy yaoi manga someplace and are interupted by some chick and with her boyfriend and the guy wants to know what's so great about it and despite the fact that he's talking to you the girlfriend seems to think she must answer all the questions and they follow you around the store for the entire time you are in there. (though the conversation turned out to be semi entertaining when I managed to finally get a word in) Maybe it's just me ~_~ But this happens often when I go to buy anime or manga, regardless of what sort it is. WTF