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Manga Japan 22 Manga Idea

Box Hoy

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[B]S T O R Y[/B]

One of the greatest amusement parks in the year 2010 was the reason why so many died that same year. Japan 22 was finished around the start of the year 2010. On it?s opening day crowds rushed in. They were never to check out...
The story follows 3 very different and very odd individuals who just happen to get stuck in the amusement park. As the story begins we start with the fire. A burning building in the middle of Japan kills all who reside within. But above all it kills Toshi Kishimoto's parents and leaves him orphened. He figures out that the fire was caused by a band of ghosts creating havoc all over Tokyo. Toshi learns from a bum who turns out to be very in tune with spirit from the netherworld that the ghosts reside around an amusement park. Toshi goes to the park which is titled: Japan 22.
While Toshi is inside, the entire park is isolated by a dome type of energy field and all humans within are destroyed. But not Toshi.
The amusement park is very odd and it all has something to do with the ghosts. Weird and mutated creatures keep entering the park through portals and the park itself is mutating.

[B]C A S T[/B]

[COLOR=red]Toshi[/color]: The main character of the series. Toshi is a horror loving, psychopath. He isn?t exactly human but he doesn't figure that out until later. When his family was murdered by a band of ghosts in a fire, Toshi left to find the murderers and get his revenge. His overall attitude is carefree but he can lose control at times. He wears a black shirt that says in grungy letters "I Didn?t Do It." Over that is a black coat with medium sleeves and comes down to his knees. On the back of the neck of the coat is a skull. His hair is black and comes down to his eyes and his skin tone is tan. He wears gray baggy pants and black skate shoes. On the back of his right leg he has a tattoo of a prophet holding a lamp.

[color=red]Sid the Zombie[/color]: Sid isn?t any sort of normal zombie. He?s an intelligent guy but because of a virus he got mysteriously inside of him his skin tone was become bluish and he seems to be dead. He decided to leave society and moved into the haunted house in Japan 22 when it was finished. His eye color is glowing neon green and his hair is black. He?s part Caucasian and part Hispanic. He carries a shotgun around as a weapon. His clothes change from time to time but he primarily wears a gray t shirt under a checkred red and black coat and blue pants. Sid met Toshi in a haunted house in the themepark Japan 22 and agrees to help him becuase the ghosts bother him.

[color=red]Ora:[/color] A spellcaster and magic manipulator. She?s also the incarnation of the one known as the grim reaper. Ora is a very gothic character. She loves slow melodic type music. A master of the ancient Pagan arts both good and evil, Ora follows Toshi and Sid helping them with her witchcraft and magic. She always uses a scythe as her weapon. Her hair is long and black. She is only 5?8". Very small. She wears a black long sleeved shirt and baggy black pants with chains. She was waiting for the death of a baby child on the Ferris Wheel when the entire themepark of Japan 22 was isolated from the rest of the world by mysterious and unknown forces.

[color=red]Sirus:[/color] A demonic spirit. He is about 2 ½ feet tall and wears a cloak and hood. He usually floats around on small gray cloud that occasionally rains on Toshi. It turns out that Sirus is actually Toshi?s godfather revealing somewhat of Toshi?s past and how abstract it actually is. Sirus is obsessed with the arcade games and usually can be found there. His long white goatee shows how old he truly is and how much he knows. He refuses to tell Toshi of his secret past and won?t even reveal why. But he does know alot about the reasons why the park is messing up

Alright. There it is. My official manga. I've already started drawing up roughs of the main characters but I'm planning much, much, more for this series than just this.

Critiques please! :animesmil
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