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RPG The Zeitsande [M-LVS]


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[CENTER][B][U]The Zeitsande[/U]

[SIZE=1][U]The Zeitsande Crew (Cast)[/U]

Il?KetadarinSarus ? Commander

Mi?ichkavi ap Lir?ritlae ? Second in Command

Barry McKing ? Time Specialist

[B]Ozymandius Jones[/B]
Tinaka Y?lado ? Chief Tactical Officer

Junescentia ap Lassarae ? Chief Medical Officer

Alex Harper ? Chief Engineer

Pallottola ti?Sbalzi ? Chief Weapons and Security Officer

[U][B]Chapter One:
The Big Bad Wolf[/U][/B]
After only 2 weeks of being away from the Earth?s solar system things start to go wrong. The ship passes through an area of space called the Boundary, something that wasn?t there before. All the communications are cut off from the TSPA, and to make it even worse the time sensitives of the crew feel the enormous breaks in time. It?s decided that the Zeitsande will stay in the unknown area of space until everything is back to normal, unfortunately for the Zeitsande crew they have no idea what?s ahead in the Reizan galaxy. They?re about to find out exactly who the real big bad wolf of the Universe is.[/B]

OC: Okay, the next time I post we?ll be more into the first Chapter. Tasrai can?t post until Friday so I?ll involve her character in my next post, hopefully. Right now you?re free to do as you please with your character as long as they?re on the ship and sticking to their duties and whatnot. Please, check the Underground before posting, and... as per usual, have fun kids![/CENTER]

[I][B]Commanding Officer?s Log: May 31st, 2397[/B]
I don?t even like keeping logs...
We?ve been out here for only 2 weeks at the most, right now we?re just heading forward until we crash into any time fluctuations. It would have been better if we had some idea where we?re going, though it does give everyone a chance to get used to the new ship. And me. Though I will be running this place as strict as it should be, I don?t see why crew members can?t unwind a little on duty. Unlike my last commanding officer I?m not going to force the crew into keeping quite on duty, in fact I enjoy a good laugh on the bridge. As long as it?s not too undisciplined.

I?m still running over the crew manifest. I know most of the senior staff.... now all I need to do is learn the other 90...[/I]

Walking down the corridor towards the bridge with a list of the crew in your hands wasn?t a good idea. Unless, of course, you were the Commander. Normally you would have to watch out for people so you didn?t walk into them, but not if you were Theta. No one wanted to walk into their Commanding officer so they looked up while you could look down at your long list of crewmen. It was something Theta didn?t want to do.

The only reason he was on the way to the bridge was because it was 11:00. The ship?s best pilot was on duty, someone Theta had yet to meet. For the first few hours of the morning Theta had been looking around the ship again, paying visits to random work areas such as the Time Centre and the Science Labs. It was strange how everything seemed very tense when the Commander, or a Senior Officer at that, walked into the room. Theta would have to make it clear soon enough that he?s not going to kill anyone for talking, drinking coffee or laughing on duty. As long as they kept up with their work and followed orders it was fine.

The doors swung open automatically as Theta approached them. That was something Theta was used to now. He lifted his head up momentarily and glanced around the bridge, noticing his Second in Command was already on the bridge. Theta didn?t like calling people long names, so he?d normally call them by their codename if they had a longer than normal name.

Just standing at the bridge door made Theta feel tense. No one was looking in his direction, expect Mi?ichkavi, and there was still a feeling of tension in the air. Maybe it was because there were no Senior Officers on the bridge (one the luxuries of being a Senior Officer meant that you didn?t have to spend all your time on the bridge, you could go anywhere as long as it had something to do with your department). All the officers looked young and... well, human. There was only one non-human officer (beside the two Commanders) on the bridge, a Vaadi, sat at the helm.

Hesitant, Theta took his place in his chair, still with the crew manifest in his hands. Mi?ichkavi soon sat in her place.

?You must do something to these officers when I?m not here. They all seem tense.? Theta mumbled at her. She frowned.

?They?re not tense around me. It?s probably you, maybe because you?re not human looking. You and I both know Celtriones can be quite intimidating. Besides, it?s there first time on a ship that?s been, or going to be, this far away from home. It just takes awhile to get used to things.?

Damn. Theta hated it when she was right.

?I guess so, but just look at this manifest! It?s stupid. The Time Specialist is human, what?s the deal with that? I was hoping for a Guardian, humans can?t even sense time. I don?t see how a Time Specialist can help us if he can?t feel time like we do.? Theta handed her the manifest papers and continued as she flipped through them. ?We should have had a Vaadi or a Celtrione.?

?Vaadi can?t feel time, either. They seem to get along fine, we wouldn?t even be here if it weren?t for the Vaadi. I?m sure the TSPA picked a human for a reason. And... why are you using paper? We have data pads for a reason.?

Theta blinked at her. Right again. ?I?m using paper because it?s hard to scroll down the page with data pads. Long nail, claws, touch sensitive screen, get it? I asked for paper because it?s easier. Now give me that back before you rip it, I?m not sure if this ship has printers and I still need to learn the rest of the crew.? He practically snatched the papers from Mi?ichkavi and rolled them up in his hand. Being Commanders neither of them were afraid of each other like many of the non-seniors were. Theta couldn?t replace Mi?ichkavi because there was no one to replace her with, the third in line for command was the Chief Tactical Officer. Some stupid idiot who designed the rank system decided that if the Second in Command isn?t running the ship then the next in line is whoever?s next in the list. It was stupid because the list was just random for the Zeitsande.

The pilot, best on the ship, was a Vaadi, as Theta had just noticed. Like most Vaadi the pilot was wearing a small metal mask around his mouth and fins at the side of his neck and cheeks, obviously so he could breath. The Vaadi had invented that in their stone age, which was, quite frankly, amazing. The pilot was amazing as well. His hands danced over the consol with ease and he wasn?t even looking.

Theta began to flip through the papers once more and stopped on one page reading ?Drax-Hutz, Pilot?. Drax-Hutz was a Vaadi name.

?Shit...? Theta growled when he dropped the sheets.

?Stop swearing on duty.? Mi?ichkavi told him.

Theta shot up and began to defend himself, ?I?m the Commander of this ship and I can do whatever I want. If I want to swear I can swear. If I want to tell my Second in Command to shut up then I can.? He half joked at the end and resumed picking up the papers.

?I have the authority to remove the Commander from duty if he?s unfit for duty.? She reminded him bluntly.

?I?m not unfit for duty.?

?No, but since we?re so far away from home there won?t be a meeting with the Admirals to discuss why you were removed from duty. On this ship the Commander doesn?t have to explain the orders.?

Theta slowly turned his head and gave her a ?fine, you win, smart ass...? look that he normal gave people when he was proven wrong. Which was most of the time.

?Here, keep hold of these manifest while I go talk to the pilot.? Theta grumbled. She took the papers from him and frowned in disapproval when he swore several times under his breath.

There was a view screen in front of the bridge that could show you anything. Most of the time it was just used to show you were you were going, along with the consol that would be used to navigate more than a screen. Theta watched as the stars brushed past at an alarming rate to most, but not to a Zeitsande crewmen. Everyone was going to be used to the stars flying past them at 10 times faster than light. Drax, the Vaadi, was still working at his station beside Theta, blowing blue hair out of his eyes now and then. Theta always wondered why Vaadi had blue skin and hair.

?You fly this ship like a remote control car.? Theta commented as he took a seat in the station beside him which was normally for the second pilot.

For the first time, Drax looked at him, ?sir??

?Oh, sorry. There these small cars on Earth, smaller than the normal ones they have. Children sometimes have them for fun. When I spent my time on Earth during breaks from the Apollo I used one to chase a cat down the street. My roommate had one.? Theta explained. He diverted his eyes from Drax?s yellow ones up to the view screen feeling a little anxiety from Drax?s confused look.

?I?ve never been to Earth.? Drax replied. He looked back down at his consol and smiled. ?I?ve only ever been on my home planet, before Golbi came that is. After that I spent my time on ships. I would sometimes visit a few planets in Earth?s system, though never Earth itself. I?ve been on Mars, Venus and the moon. My father and I would pilot a small ship around the galaxy. I joined the TSPA when the war started, heard someone was looking for a good pilot. I?ve never been on a larger ship than a cargo ship before.?

?Well you?re handling this assignment well.? Theta put a hand on Drax?s shoulder reassuringly and smiled. Drax looked back at him and nodded.

As Theta made his way back to his chair, his Second in Command was staring at him. He hated it when people stared at him, he hated it more than noticing how tense the crew was. Then Theta remembered what it was. Mi?ichkavi knew that on his first day on the Apollo Theta had broken the pilot?s nose. Any other person would life in Mi?ichkavi?s position, but being an Azatian she was calm and rational, someone who didn?t laugh at Theta... a lot.

?...That was a one off.?

?You broke his nose. I was just surprised you didn?t drag our pilot over there into the nearest airlock. I hear you hate pilots.?

Theta snatched the crew manifest off her again and sulked into his chair. ?I do. If you weren?t so near the Command seat then I?d throw you out the nearest airlock.? He was joking, of course. Another luxury of being a Senior Officer; you could joke about things with each other and even if you meant it the rest of the crew could do nothing but be scared.[/SIZE]
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A low hum echoed quietly through the maintenance tunnels that weaved through the insides of the Zeitsande's hull like a web. It was a perfect place for Alex to sit while he studied the schematics of the ship. Given that the junction point he was in measured no more then four-foot wall-to-wall, and six-foot high, there was just enough room to sit comfortably, excluding the hard, metal floor and walls. Alex mumbled quietly as he looked between the internal map displayed on a computer panel opposite of his spot, and the various data pads he was making notations on.

Next to his left tight arose a loud buzzing sound, for the fifth time in as many minutes. Its origin was the communicator that had been issued to him as part of the assignment to the ship. For the fifth time Alex ignored the sound and resumed his studying. Alex knew the person, or persons, trying to contact him could not be one of the two techs he had brought with him, because they would know how to find him without using the communicators.

It was not long before Alex collected his belongings and began to make his way through one of the smaller maintenance tunnels that branched off from the junction point. Halfway down he found a panel that caught his attention, so he cracked it open and sat staring at its contents. Too bad curiousity got the better of him, again, and he decided to examine one of the components. The result was a bright flash, and a shock that tossed his hand back by reflex. The spark also brought up a laugh, though not his own.

The laugh was coming from a Roth standing at the mouth of the tunnel, in the junction that Alex had been sitting in a few minutes earlier. Alex immediately recognised the form as belonging to Alno'dra, the second of his techs that he had opened up to, or who had tolerated him long enough. "I see you found the live one already," the crimson feathered Roth commented between laughs. His merriment was cut off by a backhand to ribs from a young woman half-hidden by the tunnel's walls. "Just give him the message, will you?" She said with a sigh.

Even without seeing her face Alex knew the woman from her voice, and the fact that she was with Alno'dra. Her name was Kimberly Shaw, or Kimmy to those she allowed to call her that, and she was the raven-haired tech that Alex had first managed to keep from driving away. This was mostly thanks to the fact that the two had taken classes together in training, and were later reunited as part of the engineering team on the Kaguya, the second shipe Alex had been on.

"Oh, all right," Alno'dra groaned, and followed it with a sotto voce "you never let me have any fun." A glare from Kimmy got him back to the point. "We just got a call from the Second in Command. It seems the Commander is fuming because you wont answer his calls, so she sent us to tell you that you are wanted in the command center."

Alex just sighed and began collecting his belongings again. "They just never allow an engineer to take some time to study the ship. We always have to come to the command center, and they never just walk down here to the engineering sections to meet us for the frist time. How are they going to expect us to fix things if we cannot find them?"

"Ah, the burdens of command," Kimmy half joked.

OOC: First posts are always the hardest. Getting that momentum going is a pain.
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[COLOR=teal][SIZE=1][FONT=arial]OOC: I agree with Gemini on that one, first posts are always the hardest things to do. Hopefully mine isn't too bad, I'll get better as the RPG picks up pace.

IC: Pallo walked down the dark blue halls (I?m guessing that the uniforms are color coded to match the halls) of the medical bay, grasping his left arm stoically. The least he could do was not complain and not drip his blood all over the place. He went into the waiting room at the infirmary, barely making it to a seat without falling into it. Pallo glanced around the waiting room and noticed there was only one other person in the room, who only looked to have a minor stomachache or something similar. Pallo closed his eyes and leaned back into his chair still gripping his left arm tightly trying to staunch the seemingly endless flow of red. Sitting in the silence he wondered if somehow he had nicked an artery. How in the great Par?Tev?s mercy had he gotten shot? By one of his own techs no less. The thing that was amusing to Pallo was that he had actually sensed the bullet coming and instinctly dodged. But because the tech's aim was so bad, instead of jumping out of the bullet's way Pallo had jumped into it. Sighing inwardly, he decided he would deal with the unruly techs later?leaves the weapon testing room for a few seconds and his techs decide to regress back to childhood and play army commandos, shooting at each other and everyone else. It?s a wonder he didn?t walk in to find them all dead. Shaking his head in awe at their immature stupidity, Pallo opened his eyes to find the room empty and a human nurse standing in front of him.

?That doesn?t look too good, now does it?? She asked in a jovial manner as she leaned forward to examine his arm. Pallo removed his right hand from his wound and watched as the nurse peered at it curiously for a few seconds before motioning for him to follow her through the door on the far right of the room. She pulled a data pad out of her pocket with which she looked up his stats and led him into the nearest examination room. Stumbling slightly, Pallo followed her into the bright white room and quickly sat down. ?So how are you feeling?? She asked in a calm voice as she helped him unzip the top half of his uniform.

?Is it good if the room starts to spin?? Pallo asked in a fatigued voice that he was shocked to find his own. The nurse looked at him funny then helped him into a laying position before answering.

?No, not really. I?m going to go get the doctor real quick. Okay?? Pallo just nodded and laid his head back onto the table. It didn?t take long, no more than a minute, before the nurse was back with the before mentioned. He could feel someone lifting his arm to get a better look.

?It is just a flesh wound, no internal damage, but it will leave a scar though. So, Pallotolla ti?Sbalzi?do you mind enlightening me on how the Chief Weapons and Security Officer got shot?? Pallo didn?t even have to open his eyes to know who it was. He could recognize that dulcet voice anywhere, but he opened his eyes anyway. By his side, was Junescentia ap Lassarae and by the look on her face he could tell subtly that she found him being shot slightly amusing. Pallo had seen her from a distance when the senior staff had first meet up on the bridge the first day of flight and a few times before then, but never before had he been so close. The Azatian was absolutely, Pallo decided, the most beautiful female of any species he had ever seen. With her dark black hair, stormy gray eyes, and fine petite features he couldn?t understand how she was still single.

?Well, Chief Medical Officer. It?s a long story?so I?ll shorten it for you. We were weapon testing, I was setting target, fool of a tech slipped and fired. How?s that for your medical report?? He asked smiling. Sure he had lied, but he didn?t want the techs to get into trouble over a foolish mistake that he assured himself would never happen again.

?Just fine. Now hold still while I clean the wound, which by the way will hurt a little.?

?No kidding.? Pallo retorted sarcastically, but all the while readied himself, having felt the sting of alcohol before. June on the other hand, calmly poured some onto a cloth and put it on the wound. Pallo instinctively flinched away at first, but then sucked in some breath and fought to hold his arm there. It may be an old Earth cleaning chemical but it sure did do the job. A few moments after Pallo could feel the alcohol, having gotten into the blood stream, burning and stinging its way through his arm. June took the cloth off and began bandaging the wound up. By now the blood had almost stopped and Pallo?s vision had stopped swirling. It took only a few seconds for the practiced medical officer to finish the bandage.

Smiling, June said. ?I deem you healthy enough to go back to work.?

?Gee, thanks.? But he smiled also and zipped back up his uniform top. She stared at it for a second then gazed back at him. ?I?m going to change, don?t worry.? Nodding her approval she got up to leave.

?Good. Now I don?t want to see you back in here. No more accidents you hear?? She said in an amused tone as Pallo nodded and watched her leave. The nurse escorted him back into the waiting room.

?Nurse I never got your name.? Pallo said turning around before walking out into the hall, but she was already gone. Well, I?ll just have to come back then won?t I? He thought to himself as he headed back down the dark blue halls of the medical bay. As he reached the end, he began once again to think of how to chastise the unruly techs?.

OOC: Like I mentioned earlier first posts are always the hardest to me. Oh and Arcadia I hope I didn?t misrepresent your character too much; if I did I?ll gladly change it. I just thought I should add someone else in my post since almost nobody else has posted yet since this started.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[size=1]Don't worry, you're fine. ^_^

Junescentia spent a lot of her first few days on the Zeitsande getting to know her deck. It wasn?t her deck, specifically, but already she was beginning to view it as such. She was sure the Chief Science Officer would have something to say about that if he knew, but then again, as observant as the man usually was, he could make himself incredibly aloof at times.

She had met him a number of times already, as they did in fact share the third deck. She?d met the Zeitsande?s chief pilot, as well as the Military Specialist and the Chief Weapons and Security Officer. The latter man had, in fact, been her first real patient. After his visit, a couple of the techs from his area showed up with similar wounds and begrudgingly told her what had really happened in the tech bay. Amused, June had given them a similar treatment and sent them back, more than likely to suffer the wrath of their superior.

She?d seen the other officers, as well, in the bridge and around the ship, but so far she?d been too busy to personally introduce herself. That irked her and it was something she wanted to remedy as quickly as possible ? a good doctor was a familiar one, one that a patient could trust enough to be honest to. Obviously the treatment always went better when her patients felt comfortable around her.

June had to admit that she was a little surprised she recognized next to no one on the ship. It just went to show how big the TSPA really was, she thought, and that gave her some optimism. She would need that in the coming battles. Though June might not be in any real fighting position, she always saw the results, and sometimes she earnestly believed that was worse.

It was 13:27 and she had yet to break for lunch. In the end, her head nurse ended up kicking her out of the medical ward. ?Go eat something, already. Get fat, you?ll make me feel better.?

Corine was human, and incredibly frank. Her forwardness was like a breath of fresh air, and kept June on her toes. After Pallo had left the ward earlier, she?d glanced at June keenly and quipped, ?I hear he has a long? wingspan.? She joked with the patients, too, to make them relax, and was easy-going despite her incredible work drive. Her standards were high, and the other nurses had their work cut out for them. June liked her, and she was relieved for it. The Zeitsande might have been a sizable ship, but even a vessel her size could get small fast when the working conditions became hellish.

The trip to the fourth deck was quick and June made a beeline for the Canteen. She found that now she was out of the medical bay, she was starving. Hunger worked in funny ways. As she sat down to eat a quick meal, she found herself reflecting on the rest of the officers, and on the Zeitsande as a whole. She often did when she had a spare moment to herself. It was hard to forget that she and the rest of the crew were the TSPA?s best and brightest and right now, their greatest hope for the galaxy. That made her nervous. She inevitably would begin to think about all the doctors that should have had her spot, with their years and experience, and about how fragile her footing was already with her mixed blood. It was enough to make her heart beat a little faster in her chest and she had to remind herself that she was there for a reason. They all were.

Before she left the Canteen, she stopped off in the bathroom and pulled her hair out of its confines. Her curls were wild today, and in the fluorescent lighting gleamed blue. She ran her fingers through them, gently brushing out any tangles, before pulling them back once again. After washing her hands and splashing some water on her face, she felt refreshed, ready to face her rounds.

June thought she might stop in the bridge and see about scheduling regular check-ups for all of the officers for the first few months. If she had her way, the entire crew would be cycled in and out of the medical ward once a month for the first few months, just so she could be sure that they were all adjusting to space travel properly. But that would be utter chaos and she had the feeling she was going to have a hard enough time persuading the commander to stop in regularly, let alone the entire superior staff. She shook her head at that thought, and smiled a little. Nobody had said working on the Zeitsande wasn?t going to be a challenge, after all.[/size]
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[COLOR=Indigo][U][B]Cheif Tactical Officers Log, May 31st, 2397[/B][/U]

[I][B]I? Am a tactical officer. Thus far, we have done nothing that requires tactics. Thusly, also, I am bored.

I have been attempting to memorize my staff's name. It's not that large a staff; tactics is a small department. But I cannot place faces with names, names with postitions, and gods help me I got Tinfai Ar'lako mixed up with Tingair Ar'lano...and one of them's male, one of them's female, but how am [U]I[/U] supposed to tell? All Roth look very simular.

I never liked deep space. There's never enough room. I've had to find something to keep my mind from wandering; keep my sense sharp, my instincts on. I've needed a challenge.

Thus far, none has been recieved...[/B][/I]

Tinaka stared at his opponent over the chess board. His opponent, a young human by the name of Keith Gardener - his...his...[B][i]Oh, come now, I can't have forgotten already...?[/i][/B] Tinaka ventured a quick glance at the crew roster on the table under his elbow. [B][i]That's right, now I remember...[/i] [/B]

His opponent, a young human by the name of Keith Gardener - his gopher/lacky [technical term, [i]Yoeman[/i], but he'd never been one for technical terms] - was less than daunted by the stare.

[B]"Your move, sir."[/B] Tinaka narrowed his eyes, almost glaring at his innocent pieces. Things hadn't gone quite as planned - instead of being three moves from check-mate, he was six. That would make this the first time he hadn't beaten a crew member in twenty minutes...he reached forward to move his Rook - and the end-of-shift bell rang.

Tinaka sighed, hitting the stasis feild on the chess board, locking the pieces in place. The game would have to continue later. The instant the feild was up, Gardener was off like a rocket. As was much of the crew. Tinaka sighed, glad he had a small department like Tactics. Most of the on-duty time was spent running scenarios, and that got [i]really[/i] boring [i]really[/i] quickly. Had his department been any bigger, he would've been crushed in the stampede. He picked up his roster tablet and his coffee cup, and headed for the door. He was halfway back to his cabin when he remembered his lunch - still in the fridge unit in the break room. He sighed. Normally, it wouldn't be a problem, but today...he didn't feel like fighting with the cooks and/or food replicator to get his steak perfect, again. So, sighing once more, he headed back to the breakroom.

The door to the room slid open - and it was like walking into a wall of sound. He jumped back, startled - only to realize it was some sort of inpromptu party, complete with Keith Gardener singing from the tabletop. At the top of his lungs.

[B][i]"I don't need to fight
To prove I'm rght,
I don't ne-ee-ed to be
Forgive..."[/i][/B] He trailed off as he saw Tinaka standing there. He gulped.

[B]"Uh...hello, sir."[/B]

Tinaka deigned to reply, stalking across the room - the party crowd parting in front of him like sheep parted in front of a wolf - to retrieve his lunch before stomping out the door. As the door slid shut, he could here the sound of the party starting agian. He sighed.

[B]"This is going to be a [i]strange[/i] mission..."[/B][/COLOR]
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