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RPG A Spirit Awoken [M-LVS]


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Thousands of years ago, the world was inhabited with hundreds of giant cratures. These giant creatures included dragons, wolves, bears, tigers, birds, and many more. All of these creatures were known as the guardians of earth.

Soon, a war began that included all of the guardians. From the begining, the dragons were always trying to gain control of the entire world. They only thing stopping them were the animal guardians.

In the begining, the war did not include any humans, but over time that changed. Humans began to suffer worse fates than their animal counterparts. Soon, a new breed of humans were born. This breed had the ability to lend theyr spiritual powers to a selected animal spirit.

When a human gives his energy to a guardian, the guardian becomes twice as strong. Its abilities double in every catagory. Because of this new discovery, the guardians and humans now had a strong weapon to use agianst the dragons, and they used it to its full potential.

Soon, all of the dragons were destroyed. Their eggs along with them. The only problem, one dragon was actually able to lay her eggs in a place that no guardian would ever look. Over time humans found these eggs and decided to keep them.

In a normal dragon, the egg takes afout a year to hatch, these eggs had a spell put on them by an unknown soiurce. The spell made the eggs stay dormant untill most of the guradians were gone.

Thousands of years later, in our time, the eggs finally hatched, due to the loss of most of the guardian spirits. They were no longer needed to fight the dragons, so they were born in fewer numbers. But because the dragons are bback, a new generation of guardian spirits, and a new generation of Spirit masters have been born.

Ok everybody is in the same town for now. Its called Lut Gholein. Basically go around the girt, meeting everyone. Once everyone knows everyone, itll really start. have at it
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Zach layed on his roof looking at the stars when a dark shape landed next to him. "how many Spirit Masters are here now?'

"Three just arrived so that makes five in all, including you"

"I wonder if any of them are girls. Drakkan?"

"I didn't go find them, I just felt for the presence of another spirit"

"Okay okay, cool your jets. It fun just sitting out here not having a care in the world"
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"Reo, whatcha wanna do now? We could always try and find any other masters in this city." Kyoske said as they walked down the street.

"Kyo, why are they all looking at me? Am I that weird?" Reo-oke said as she turned her fury head twards Kyoske.

"Are you kidding? Your probably the coolest thim these people have ever seen, in anycase it isnt every day that you see a wolf walking down the street."

"I understand." She said as she wagged her tail. She began to walk agian and then stopped, sniffed the air and began to growl.

"What is it girl? A dragon?"

"Yeah. One that I have been sencing latly. We should go find it and kill it." She said as she turned to Kyoske agian.

"Can do. We need a little practice anyway. We havent found any dragons in a while." A few moments later they came to a house that had a black and silver dragon on the roof.

"There it is. Dragon! You are dead meat!" Reo-oke said with her fangs showing. A second later a boy walked over to the edge and looked down at Kyoske and Reo-oke.

"So, one of the other masters have a wolf. Pretty neat. Havent seen one of those."

"Who the hell are you, and why do you have a dragon on your roof?" Kyoske said with his fist clenched.

"My name is Zach, and Drakken here is my guardian spirit. Got him when I was little. Like em?" Zach said with a big smile.

Kyoske just looked on with a blank expression on his face.

"So, I thought the last person to have a dragon died a long time ago. Guess i was wrong." Reo-oke said as she stood back up straight.

"My name is Kyoske, but call me Kyo. This here is Reo-oke, or Reo for short. WE were just going around trying to find other guardians when she felt the presence of a dradon. Didnt know it was yours."

"Yup, so you know any other masters?"

"No, what about you?" Reo-oke said slightly wagging her tail.

"Can't say we do, but we do know that there are five in all, including us." Zach said as he began to climb down off of the roof.

"Well, knowing how many there are is better that nothing, I guess." Kyoske said as he shook his head. "Tell me, you find any other dragons latly?"
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Kalie grabs two brown bags full of groceries off the check-out counter at the market and turns around. She nearly drops her bag when she sees Rue looking in the big window. He stands on his hind legs front feet on the bric dividing the window from the next. Kalie shakes her head and doesn't look at him when she walks past, he walks beside her laughing, "No steak this time?" Kalie frowns ready to start in on him when he freezes, She looks at him, "What's wrong?"
"Did you know there is another spirit in the building across the street from us?"
"Nope." she sets the bags down and heads back to the store, "Whatch thoes for a second." Returning later with a bag of charcole and some matches she gather the other two bags and heads on, "How bout we make a trip to the park?" Rue follows her laughing. "Does the thought of meeting other's scare you?"
"No....I have no problem with meeting others it's just...we'll you're huge and what would other people's spirits be like." She turns right on Plum and sees the park's sign three blocks up.
Rue splashes in the shalows chasing a errant frog, Kalie watches him for a minute before turning back to the grill, "I should have bought foil." she picks up one of the tenderloins with her knife and turns it. Looking back at Rue she sees him in the deeper water, he paddles in circles creating mini whirlpools on the surface of the water. she laughs and walks to the water's edge, "You'll get tired doing that." Rue looks at her and starts to paddel back. When he reaches the shore he stops and looks behind Kalie, "Have I ever told you about dragons?" "No." Rue nodds but keeps staring behind her. "I think you should learn about them." Kalie turns in alarm and sees creature the size of a pickup watching them, "That's a dragon?"
"No it's fluffy pink bunny." Rue growls the small puddle of water benith him turns collects a thin layer of frost. Kalie looks from Rue to the blue dargon worried. "wait a second." she says after Rue charges at the thing.
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"Yeah one" Zach turned to Kyoske after he got down. "Is that right Drakkan?'"

"I sensed what would be another dragon" Drakkan looked down at the wolf who wasn't even half his size. "Nice to meet you"

"Drakkan make yourself smaller and get down here" Zach looked at Reo-oke. "That's a cool spirit you got there. I've only seen two other wolves and that was a white one and a blue one" He smiled as Drakkan, who was now half the size of the wolf, climbed on his shoulder. "Me and my little buddy here have seen lots of dragons though, but non were spirit masters. So you were saying that I'm one of the only ones left?"
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Lily circled the city on her pheniox then found a place to land. She got off and started walking towards a hotle when she saw what looked like a dragon's head shrink in the distance. "A dragon, come on Asla. Let's save the city" She ran forward making her way through the alley ways when she heard voices. She crept along the wall and peeked around to where she saw two guys a wolf and a small dragon. "Ohh they both are handsome, I wonder what they are up to?"
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Kyo nodded as he glanced over to his left, them back at Zack."Tell me, you know what kind of spirits there are? I mean, so faw me and Reo know of two dragons, one is yours, Reo here, and the pheniox, with the girl that is eavs dropping over there." He pointed to a girl that had a pheniox standing behind her.

"How did you know she was there?" Zach asked as she stepped around the corner.

"Reo. She nudged my hand when she saw them."

"Umm, hello. My name is Lily. I am very sorry for intruding on your conversation, but I saw the dragon and.."She looked away a little as Reo-oke began to walk twards them.

"Hello, my name is Reo-oke. Call me Reo. its very nice to meet you." Reo began to wag her tail as a small smile appeared on Lily's face.

"You, too. This is Asla. She is my pheniox, my sould guardian." She bent down to Reo-oke's ear and wispered something.

"Gotcha, the one with the dragon on his shoulder is Zach. WE only met him a little while ago. The dragons name is Drakkan. The other guy is my spirit master. His name is Kyoske, but just call him Kyo." She walked back over to Kyo and sat down on the ground.

"Hello. Its really good to know that you, too, try to slay dragons. Wait, thats bad to say. What i meant was that its good to know that others care about eh planet as well. Dang thats not any better." Kyoske blushed a little then sat down on the ground next to Reo.

"What the hell are you talking about? I dont know about him, but Ido it for the rush." Zach said with a cocky grin.

Kyoske looked at REo-oke and then back at Lily. He began to stand up when Reo-oke stood up quickly and looked twards the south end of the road.

"What is it? A dragon? Hey, Reo, what is it?" He touched her cack and felt all of her muscles tense up.

"A tiger. Its saerching for something. Io think a dragon." She said as she began to growl.

Kyoske turned to zach and Lily,"Sorry to cut this so short, but, we need to go. Hope to see you later." He gave them a wave as Reo and he ran twards the thing, Reo was focused on.
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