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Art sakura's art [image heavy]


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[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Hello, all. I've decided to post some of my old stuff here (And a few new things ^^) Alright, here go...

cat girl-

blue haired girl 1-

blue haired girl 2-

beach 1-

beach 2-

panda 1-

panda 2-

anime girl 1-

anime girl 2-




sakura 1-

sakura 2-

linkin park-

Ah, I accidentally uploaded the versions without borders for most of them... Oh well. I'll post more later. + -crit welcome.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]Wow. These are incredible!!! And such cute pictures!!!

[B]The blue haired banner:[/B]
I like that one because of the grid. Nice and neat banner.

I love the colors. Bright and stands out. Very clean.

I like most of them!! They're really amazing!

[B]The beach two:[/B]
I'm not very fond of this one. The picture is blurry but the colors are nice.

[B]Beach1: [/B]
I like the black, grey, and white look. You usually don't see them on banners but these are nice.

I just love this one. Nice picture you got and I really like the borders. It's very interesting. But the words aren't so clear.

You did a terrific job!! Keep it up! ^ ^

[B]-Who Am I?[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Panda 2- It says BROOKLINE (One of the many former names of my honey. He finally learned how to spell Brooklyn, bless his soul) Yeah, that was a total screw up... But I can't change it until I find out what happened to all my fonts. All I have left it Arial, Comic Sans, and some one with stars (You can see they all occur more than once in my current banners... Grr...) Well, I found an old file-within-a-file a few minutes ago, scearching through my old junk, and I found my original works. I'll post them tomorrow, since I'm kinda tired right now...

Beach 1 and 2 I was doing at the same time. The girl's dress was yellow and white. I was tired of yellow and white, so I just made it greyscale. Heh. There really was no other reason other than that ^^ (Gah, I just noticed I uploded the un-bordered one of that, too... Dangit!)

P.S. I save a bordered and non-bordered one of each of my pics. The un-bordered one is to serve as a seperate copy in case I decide I want a cooler border, that way I don't have to remove the old one ^^ (Essentially, I save four versions of each pic. image before I use any funky effects, .pspimage, un-bordered image, and finished product... Very time consuming.)[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[SIZE=1]Well, my favorite is the Blackrose one, but most (if not all) are just a few filters together on a banner. I don't want to go through rating each banner, but I'll give you a general idea of what I think.

They're very clean, and simplistic, but complex enough for me to know you can use photoshop well. What I don't like, is that you seem to be reusing the same filters again and again. They have the little noise dots on them, but they're organized and inconspicuous. However, the same filter again and again gets tiresome. Why not try making your own brushes, and smudging them? It provides interesting effects. Try it sometime! ^_^[/SIZE]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Hrm... I don't have photoshop, I have PSP7. A little outdated and harder to work with, I'd say. I did use the same effect alot... Heh ^^' Two of them were from a long time ago, and one (Blackrose) was from a few days ago. I just think it looks nifty ^^ I took your advice, though... See below!

and here's another nifty little image I did-
A note about this one, I did all the little liney things (And the fading out) by hand. Also, the little grid boxes, I copied the layer from my current banner and changed/duplicated it until I found an effect I liked. This one took awhile ^^ Oh, btw, please pardon the horrible text. It says Awake and Dreaming... Or just daydreaming? But the text layer got all screwed up somewhere in the process of inverting it...

here's a few banners from my past-

this one is from about a month ago, I think...

One of the first things I ever did in PSP. My pride and joy ^^

da capo-
I don't even remember why I made this one... It was a while ago, though!

naruto 1-
I did this for someone, but it wasn't the right thing... Something about some chidori crap or something...[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[COLOR=#7C0201][SIZE=1]Alright! A plethora of high-grade banners! Gotta hand it to you, Chief. You're getting pretty good. Mmm hmm. *nods*

Hey, if you don't mind, I'm gonna comment on the banners I'm not too crazy about since they're like... waaaay fewer.

[b]beach 1[/b]
How you manipulated the image you did wins (great levels, great border...hurrah for grayscale!) but I don't get it. So sorry, but perhaps the girl's face merits more space in the banner than the CG water. The artist probably had a harder time to render the expression than the background so maybe he/she'd like it if you feature that part on the banner too, yeah? It looks like a terrific picture to play around with so you really should enjoy the process of incorporating/transforming it into a banner. *winks*

[QUOTE][COLOR=#7C0201][SIZE=1]Hey, if you don't mind, I'm gonna comment on the banners I'm not too crazy about since they're like... waaaay fewer.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]Told ya.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Well, these are NOT very good... At all. I don't really know how I can make them better, though. I made these for Brooklyn as well. The pics he provided didn't help much, so I'm kinda stuck.

.hack banner 1-

.hack banner 2-

I tried to make them... In his style. It worked, in a way, but not artistically. Hmm... Can anyone help me make them better?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]I really don't mind, but which one? (Just wondering, so that I don't lend it to someone else... That would be really tacky.)

Well, here's some more stuff I did yesterday. Hope you like.


I used a picture I had and reflected it and just made the sky purple. Then I used a few other effects. I really don't think the font looks good, though. I dunno.

+ - crit welcome[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Erm... I'll take my name off it for you. My comp ate all my fonts, or I'd put yours on there... Sorry!

here y'go-
I don't care when and where you use it, just be sure to give me credit. (You don't have to link back if you use it on another site or anything, just on OB.)

Well, I also decided to try my hand at a more... Firey banner.

orange sakura-

edit- Well, noone's posted, so I'll just edit. Here's something I made just now for someone in the art by requst forum.


All ratings welcome.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[quote name='Skamish']I think they all look very good. Can I use one of those as a banner?[/quote]I'm afraid that "very good" is not going to cut it for commenting on any piece of artwork in this forum. I ask that you please go back to the main page for Art Studio and read the sticky on Constructive Criticism [i]very[/i] carefully, as well as our rules in general while you're at it. You'll notice, in addition to looking around at others' posts, that we strive for quality in carefully explaining what we like or dislike about an art piece and give our opinions on how they can improve.

As for the second part of your post (read: second sentence), all personal questions that don't have anything to do with the thread may be sent through PM. Posts like this in the future will be deleted, no questions asked.

[quote name='Lord Dante']all of these images are really well made, i salute you.[/quote]Same goes for you, bud. Except you're a member; you should know better.
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]Noone posts. Ah, well.

Here's a few more things I made just now. I got my fonts back! (I still don't know what happened to them. They were just there this morning!)

final fantasy ban-

I also made a banner for the Graphix Club that Retri started. I actually kinda like it. (I made a different one, but it's larger so photobucket resized it.)

GFX club-

Well, see ya later.

edit- I just made another banner. I can't help it, I love my PSP ^^ Here it is.

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