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Sign Up The Final City [M-LV, possible S]

Dj Professor DM

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Many years have passed since the end of sephiroth and the supposive end of the threat of Meteor. The Truth is that Meteor and a new threat has arrived. A group of people is against an unknown group of persons (The villains). A resistance group is building steam and standing up against this new group. Some people think that This new group is the new avalanche. Others think it's just some rag tag band that has nothing in common since they don't know anybody in the group just the name "Saving Grace"

All they know is the name of an ally to them Dragus "Sweet Tooth" Loader. Civilians think the only way to find the base is to follow him. But that is one thing they couldn't do. The Reason he takes the person to some random location away from the base and then kills the person following him just to be safe. While the Resistance group is a rival to Saving Grace.

Almost everybody is split between the two groups. Except for the executives of Shinra, Which has been revived by the head of the resistance group. The Resistance group people call the Shinra Deciples. People consider the Shinra Deciples as the new shinra group. The black materia has been rumored to near surfaced near the town of kalm.

(One or two villains will be helpful if you are going to be a villain please state so.)
Info Sheet:
Limits(Used once in a while): Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Battle Theme:
Name: Dragus "Sweet Tooth" Loader
Age: 31
Weapon: Twin Revolvers that he calls respect and fear. along with his Ice cream truck if he is in it.
Appearance:Look [URL=http://www.almostsmart.com/upload/files/2004/Feb/Twisted%20Metal%20Black%20-%20Sweet%20Tooth.jpg]here (Him with the Ice cream truck)[/URL]
Limits(Used once in a while): Level 1: Hidden dagger slash- pulls out a dagger and slashes targeted opponent
Level 2:Prelude to battle-Fires the revolvers at an opponent doing damage if not weakening the opponents.
Level 3: Mech-a-Missiles-An Ice Cream truck rolls up and Transforms into a mech and fires 20 missiles nailing opponents at random
Level 4: Twisted Metal assault-Various vehicles move up and fire guns, Missiles and various other projectiles
Battle Theme:twisted Metal Black Theme
Occupation: Hit man
Bio: a blood thirsty hit man Dragus is known as Sweet Tooth because he has killed many people from an Ice cream truck. So people gave him the Nick name Sweet Tooth. He was a serial Killer before deciding to get payed for it. Every once in a while he gets feels those old urges of wanting to kill everyone around him for no reason.
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[size=1][color=#cc6600]Please add a little more to your backstory. Three or four paragraphs is the minimum in the Inn, and I think you'll find that they're pretty easy to churn out if you take a moment to think over your RPG. Some extra info and details about this new group and the resistance group going up against it would go a long way to help organize the story, as well.

You can edit it these changes, or wait for somebody else to post and then add it that way. But either way, please be sure to lengthen the story or the RPG will be closed. Check out the Inn's sticky for more information on that, and other things. If you've got any questions, PM Ozy or me and let us know. ^_^

- Arcadia[/color][/size]
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Name: Pantha "Specter" Jones
Age: 18
Weapon: 13" long dagger
Appearance: (see 1st attachment)
Limits(Used once in a while): Level 1: Eye of Darkness
Level 2: Quick Hands (steals items from target)
Level 3: Transformation (see 2nd attachment)
Level 4: Panther's Claw
Battle Theme: 007 Theme
Occupation: Professional Thief
Bio: The effects of the Meteor caused him to change into a werepanther when provoked. Being only 18 and not having been caught by the authorities yet he is known as a "Hero Among Thieves," so he wears a cape.
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