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No respect what so ever from our leaders.


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I know this will get closed and probably deleted cause they probably want like this at all. I have seen very recent examples of how our mods are treating the members of this board very poorly. Not all of them but most. Its like they are on a power trip or something.

I was appalled a few mintues ago when I read the harry potter witchcraft post and noticed that two of our exalted mods are doing no more then bashing christians of which I am. I see topics get closed reguarly for no aparant reason other then the mods do not like it or something someone said (I.e. harry potter) I have seen how other members like stardust and I feel sorry for them.

The mods here show no respect to the members here. They are like our leaders. They run the place and enforce the rules and are supposed to make this a fun enviroment.

Im sick of the way me and other members are treated by these people. I was fedd up with it before but then when I read the posts posted by our "Wonderful" mods that bashed christians, I lost it.

I have found another board, like the otaku that I will choose to spend my time at now. They actually treat you with respect and do not close topics with the communistic power that is used here. I suggest anyone else who is upset with this to go elsewhere as well.

James, I say to you that you should really find out how people are before you elect them as mods, cause you have lost two members already in one day and will probably loose more because of it.

I hope they dont delete this and let the people read it, but i dont care if they do. If anyone wants to know the boards I am talking about previously, just email me or AIM me. Youll be suprised how well you are treated their. Well Im gone, probably want be back unless theirs a moderator change. Well good bye to these Nazi Boards.
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[color=deeppink]Funny you should feel this way, I think you've said similar things before...

We're just doing our job ya know. Um...I'm mean sometimes, yes, but...all girls are at least once a month. As for the guys...they're just doing their job as well. Heh, leave us be :p[/color]
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[color=crimson][size=1]Pave-Low, you are one of the few members we have had recently that has not only accepted our site's rules without hesitation, but who has actually advised other members not to spam (as I've seen you do in some other threads).

I want you to know that I greatly value the opinions of members on this site. And I try to do everything I can to make sure that the staff are dealing with situations in the right way.

Let me begin by saying that I presume you're primarily talking about Transtic Nerve.

I will say that I sometimes dissapprove of what Transtic says publically in General Discussion. But I think that most members on this board don't complain about him because they know what he is like.

I believe that he closed that Witchcraft thread because he didn't want it to end up becoming a religious debate. Several threads of that nature have appeared on this site in the past, and have invariably caused headaches for all involved.

However, I personally agree that Transtic Nerve's comments were not particularly appropriate at the time. It would have been better to state why the topic was closed and leave it at that.

99% of the time, Transtic Nerve is a great staff member. And he has many friends on these boards.

I'm not saying you have to like him, but I guess I am saying that we are not all on a power trip...and that if you have any concerns about staff, you (as well as anyone else) are more than welcome to speak to me about it.

I always do my best to be fair to everyone. But as you can imagine, it's difficult for me to please over 1000 people 100% of the time.[/color][/size]
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