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Sign Up Beanstalk Horror Tales [M-VLS]

Guest Sean

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[This RP [b]will[/b] contain Mature content]

Welcome traveller, you must be weary from your trek, not many have made it this far for many years. Sorry to keep you outside, come in. The place may be a mess, but it won?t matter. Sit down by the fire so I can get my book young one. It?s in here somewhere I tell you, just sit by the fire whilst I get it, I?ll make you a pot of tea afterwards if you want.

Ah here it is. I haven?t brought this one out for a while, but I?m sure you will like this, stories of the past, and the fables that shouldn?t have been forgotten. I?ve got them, but the one I wish to tell you is the true story of ?Jack and the Beanstalk? your parents have probably not even heard of this little number I tell ya?.

So sit down, relax whilst I get that pot of tea for you. And don?t spill it if things get too much for ya? we can continue tomorrow if you get a bit edgy; but you might not want to goto bed after I tell ya? this.

I?m given ya? two sugars by the way, and a little drop goat milk. Here ya? go, young un?, now let?s get down to business, you came here for my legendary tellings, and that?s what cha?ll get. So get ya?r feet up if ya must, and I?ll tell you the?Beanstalk Horror Tales.

?Jack come on back inside, it?s getting cold, but since your not listening to can freeze to death you little brat.? Jack?s mother shouted, and it was true, Jack never listened to his mother, Jack just sat in his club house with his friends located in the forbidden field. It was forbidden because of the strange happenings that went on there at night, it?s rumoured that angels and demons have fights in the field, and the giants get angry and come over to stop it. But no-one has actually witnessed such events occurring. But that?s what Jack?s group wanted to do, so they stood there as long as they could everyday, but they always had to leave before the witching hour or their necks would be wrung.

?Jack you stupid little boy, hop down to Mrs. Ferguson?s house right away, she?s giving us a good deal for our old Cow, that cow couldn?t give milk if you force fed it viagra.?

Jacks solemn face turned all the way around as he left the house, ol? Maisy Ferguson couldn?t count to the end of her fingers let alone buy a sterile cow for a decent price. But Jack set off down the crumbly path with his old cow anyway, it was already pitch black, but some stalls were just closing after a hard day?s manipulation. But there was one old man, sniggering by himself in a little crevice at the side of the road. Jack was really in camouflage that night, being in all black, with black hair and grey eyes; you could only really see his pale skin.

?Son?son, come here eh??

?Sure?? Jack replied, raising an eyebrow at the old man in the crevice. The man looked disgusting, and smelled worse. His teeth were a mix of black and yellow, and his clothes were worse than Jack?s own, His shirt must have been 10 sizes to small for him.

?Ah?ll give you three of these pills for that ol? cow of yours, can?t tell ya?r ol mam? though or ah?ll get sent to the slammer?

Jack stared at the old man, with his yellow teeth grinning up at Jack; Jack thought he was going to be sick from the smell. Jack held his breath for a few seconds, then suddenly lashed out and kicked the old man in the face.

?Sicko! I?m no drug addict, goto hell and burn there!?

Jack walked away and felt 3 hard things hit his back, he turned around and the old man was gone, and three green beans were lying in the dirt next to his feet. Jack looked closely at them, after determining that they were safe he pocketed them, and ambled his way towards Mrs. Ferguson?s.

?So he didn?t like his mother then??

?Of course, he hated her with burning passion? said the story teller.

?But if he hated her then why is he doing what he?s told??

?Either that or get maimed? replied the story teller.

?Good point??

?So Jack went down to Mrs. Ferguson?s, sold the cow for a flat £50, which was good money those days of old I can tell ya. He walked back home, but took a little stop somewhere??

[SIZE=1]Now, quite a while ago, a few of you shall remember that I had an invitation only-RP named the 'Beanstalk Horror Tales' but that never got on its feet. And I'm sorry to say that I probably asked too many people to join. But, for all those invited, you may all copy your sign-up here if you so wish to do. The sign-up is pretty straight forward. But, make it as twisted and evil as you can, from ridiculous sex scandals to drug abuse.

Anything will do here.

Jacks age: 14+
Giants* age: 27+


Good description, and/or picture. Either will do.

An insight into their minds.

Jacks age: Referring to peer pressure, school and everything else.
Giants* age: Referring to their job.

[b]Note:[/b]No-one can play as Jack.
And that is it; now for the two little asterix's.

*The Giants are an organisation which work on enslaving youngsters into their sick business of sex trade and other nasties and such. Their 'games' in the field are usually referring to the trade of their victims, and seeing as it is usually children that go to witness these 'battles' then they are usually taken at the same time. For the angels and demons fighting, that is just a myth.

So, now I wish you luck on your sign-up. I'm wanting 10 people in total. 7 Children, 3 Giants.

Thank you.[/SIZE]
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[b]OOC: [/b]This is different to my previous sign up. I may edit the Bio and/or Personality if I think of something better.

Let me know if there's anything I should change.

[size=2][color=Navy][b]Name[/b]: Sakura Hiwatari

[b]Age[/b]: 17

[b]Gender[/b]: Female

[b]Appearance[/b]: [/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url], keep the goggles, she wears [/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy]long black pants made of leathery material and a tight black top with long sleeves that she keeps pushed up just above her elbows.[/color][/size]
[b]Personality[/b]: Sakura's a quiet person who doesn't really talk much. She usually only talks if she's with people that she knows well or is angry. She keeps an emotionless mask most of the time because she thinks that emotions are weaknesses. But of course everyone needs an outlet for their emotions, so Sakura's is through playing music on her [url="http://www.harmonyonline.com/0013.jpeg"]flute[/url]. The music she plays is beautiful, and many that listen to it are oblivious to the fact that it is how she feels.

[b]Biography[/b]: Sakura hasn't been a happy person since she was a child. She was both physically and sexually abused by her father when she was 10, she had no mother because she had left, fleeing from the monster she had called a husband. Somehow he had won the custody for Sakura by making up a whole bunch of lies with his lawyer.

She had gotten her flute when she was 8, her mother had encouraged her to pick up music because she had liked it. Sakura held onto it and was determined to be the best of the best. By the time she was 9, she was at an incredibly high level, especially since she had only started a year ago. She became well known and she was happy to play for audiences.

When she was 12, the abuse had started and she changed. She continued to perform at concerts but everyone noticed a change in her performance, she put more emotion into them, not always sticking to the list of songs decided on before hand.

She made some friends at school that she got used to and slowly opened up toward, though still keeping a lot of her burden on herself. Sakura never gave in to peer pressure, she didn't believe in following other people around, whatever new trend to follow it.

Sakura wore a lot of black and dark colours after she started being abused, enjoying the dark colours. She liked leather too, she enjoyed the feel of it and wore leather a lot as well.

Everyday she got abused by her father because he was always drunk and enjoyed making life hell for her. She never told anyone about what was happening, not wanting to release information that would make her vulnerable.

A lot of the time she puts on a strong, brave facade, but underneath she's nothing more than someone wishing her life had turned out different.
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