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Sign Up The Snow Queen. [PG - VS]


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[B][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][CENTER]?Thousands and thousands of years ago, deep down in hell, the devil made a mirror. The devil gave this beautiful mirror to the four seasons so that they could admire their work.

And when the Spring stood in front of the mirror, it reflected the essence of her season, and the promise of life. And so it was for Summer?and Autumn?and when the Winter stood in front of the mirror the world was reflected cold and covered in snow. And that was as it should be, for each season has its power in its time. And there was harmony.

But the devil had made the mirror twisted, so that as Winter gazed at her own face, she longed to be queen of the seasons. And one day she stole the mirror, and took it to the Artic Wastes for herself. Now she was the Snow Queen, and the world became a colder place.

But not cold enough for her, because Autumn, and Spring and Summer still existed, however diminished. So she took the mirror, and flew with it up into the sky, to demand of Heaven Itself that winter should rule the earth, unchallenged.

But as she approached heaven, the mirror shook and shook, as if good and evil were wrestling for control. When the pieces fell to earth, and flew round and round until they flew into people?s eyes. When those people looked at the world, they saw it as cold and ugly.

And each winter she began to roam the earth, looking for all the missing pieces; dreaming that one day she?d be able to put the mirror back together?and again become all powerful??[/CENTER][/B]

Thousands of years of searching. Thousands of years of failures. Thousands of years of being forced to share the year, the power, the attention?

All to end now.

The last shard of the mirror, the last piece of the mirror, the last obstacle between me and unrivaled control, has been found?found in the eye of one Kai Greznek, the young porter at an inn in a small village in Norway. It shouldn?t be that hard to get?after all, I [I]am[/I] Winter.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]That was only the back-story. See, in the actual story, there is a young woman named Gerta. Gerta has hated winter since it killed her mother and turned her father, Wolfgang, into a bitter man. She lives hating winter until a new porter is hired for the White Bear Inn owned by her father. Kai helps her to learn that winter is not all bad.

Kai, and Gerta are beginning to fall in love when one of the mirror shards pierces Kai?s eye, turning him from warm and loving to cold and distant. Gerta tries to find out what is wrong, why Kai is acting the way he is - but because the shard of mirror in his eye, nothing works. The snow queen, the one looking for the pieces of the mirror so she can rule un-stoppable, comes looking for the shard, and takes Kai with her to her domain in the Artic, a palace that mirrors the inn where he worked; covered in ice. Once the Snow Queen has Kai there, she sets Bear to watch him and forces Kai to repair her mirror piece by piece, alternately threatening and seducing him. Kai gets colder and colder all the while; even as his true love, Gerta, searchs everywhere for him. I can say that Kai and Gerta do win out over the Snow Queen, and it ends happy, but anything more would ruin the story...

Ok. These are the characters I need played. Kai, Gerta, Snow Queen, and Polar Bear are the main characters and show up the most. The others show up in different sections as Gerta makes her journey to find Kai.

[B]Kai[/B] - 19
[B]Gerta[/B] - 18
[B]Snow Queen (Winter)[/B] ? Age unknown - (Reserved for me)
[B]Spring[/B] - Age unknown
[B]Summer[/B] - Age unknown
[B]Fall[/B] - Age unknown
[B]Polar Bear[/B] ? Age unknown
[B]Young Magician[/B] - 12
[B]Wolfgang[/B] - 53

Just please realize that this is taking place in the very early 1900?s. So when creating your sign-up please create your character according to that time period.

[B]Name:[/B] (Self explanatory. You choose one of the names from above)
[B]Age:[/B] (Look at the above list)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (For the seasons please choose something that matches them.)
[B]Personality: [/B] (Self explanatory)
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] (This will work better than a bio since the bio will be pretty much the same as in the movie.)[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SandyBrown][SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B] Spring

[B]Age: [/B] Unknown

[B]Appearance: [/B] [Edit soon...]

[B]Personality: [/B] Calm and happy.

[B]Character Snippet: [/B] As the trees in Winter fall into deep sleep, Spring comes in to wake them up. Softly and gently Spring will whisper, "My little dears, please wake up..", and as they slowly awake they began to grow. Grow little hairs, here and there. Spring smiles to her delight as her little ones rise up and start to grow again.

After they grown so much, it was time for Spring to leave and Summer to come. As she would always say, "My little dears, I will come for you next year.." She would wave goodbye as Summer came and watched the trees sway back and forth.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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