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I just read the first two volumes tonight. Some thoughts...

-That would kind of freak me out if some girl that I didn't know (or hadn't seen since I was a little kid... same thing) had been watching me so closely that she knew all of my likes and dislikes. It would freak me out even more if I found out that the same girl had been spending the last 18 years practicing to [i]live[/i] as my wife. I'm not sure how I'd react under those circumstances... One thing's for sure, my immediate reaction would be a 20 minute long blank stare.

-I wouldn't have been able to stand Miyabi's attitude for more than a few hours... I have a very short fuse when it comes to people that look down on me when I'm not under their authority. And even then, I at least stand up for myself.

-On a related note, does Kaoru know the figurative meaning of the word "spine"? He didn't say anything to try to stop Miyabi from taking Aoi home, despite that she really didn't want to go anywhere, and that he wanted her around, then he lets Miyabi push him around and treat him like trash.

-Oddly, the character that my friend told me that I'd completely despise is actually my favorite so far. I like Tina! So, just to annoy him, it looks like I'm gonna have to loudly cheer Tina on every time that Ai Yori Aoshi is brought up.

-I'm glad that I got both volumes one and two, seeing as how volume one probably would have been it for a while otherwise. That's not to say that volume one was terrible, but I didn't really start enjoying AYA until the rest of the photography group was introduced. It just goes to show important supporting characters are...

This series isn't bad so far. Its not another Berserk or Love Hina, but its seems like it migh be good enough to warrant a full collection. I'll just have to read on and see...
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I like AYA as well, I have the full season and I have to admit it is creepy how aoi is just so obsessive and whenever she comes on the screen, she is always apologizing for no reason. She also talks too much, and not even about cheerful things. She says things that make you just want to shoot yourself or something :animedepr . My favorite characters are Tina and Chika, they're just like the life of the show. As for kauru, he's just a little bit shy, but eventually he'll start to grow on you.
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