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RPG Clone Trooper: PG-13(VL)

Clone Trooper

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Geonosis. The start of the Clone Wars. We have seen this war from many points of view. We have Holocubes from the Jedi, the Old Republic, and the Sith. However, one point of view over-looked is not that of a general, or a politician. It is the point of view of the ground soldier. The Clone Troopers who died in the thousands in the Clone Wars. My name is Delta-Delta-112. My codename is Sergeant. I was the leader of one of the finest teams of Clone Troopers put together. Later, the same team were Storm Troopers, but I won't get into that now. The thing is, we were the Elites.

I am the last remaining member of my team. The others died during the reign of the Emperor at the hands of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. I am on my deathbed. I have no regrets. If you think we were evil, then that's your choice. In my opinion, I was just following orders. No more, no less. I killed so many droids, seperatists, and even Rebels, that all of them are one big blur. They're all a blow on my conscience.

I guess you want to hear the story of my team. I'll take you back to the battle of Geonosis, the start of the Clone Wars. That's where my team first got together, where we were ordered to take a stand to protect the Jedi from the Seperatists by one known as Master Yoda. Funny, but years later we were ordered to kill the same Jedi. I did as ordered. Well it all started with...
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Demon looked out over the battle field on Geonsis and watched as droids and men clashed from where he stood on the Republic base. "Can't wait to get down there" He turned and looked as the rest of the team he was on was gearing up. He looked at the Assassin trooper he had come to know as Addict. "This is boring"

"Tell me about it"

Flank, the Engineer snapped on his helmet. "We'll be going shortly"

Tank suddenly stood up. "Commander"

Demon stood up along with the other three and looked at his new team leader and thought to himself about all the drills that he had put them through when the Commander spoke.

"Alright this is our first fight with the enemy, so try to remember your training and not get killed"

Demon laughed to himself and muttered under his breath. "Already forgot" They loaded onto Gunships along with other teams and took off to the battle field. The Gunships released a wave of missles and lasers as they landed. Demon rolled out behind a rock as the doors flew open and a red laser caught the guy behind him in the chest. "Never stand up if your going on the front lines. They really need to teach that" He stood up as beams flew past him and took out several droids before ducking agian. He looked at Addict who was next to him behind the rock who was blasting away with his pistol. "Ain't gonna make much of a dent with that thing"

"Yeah I know but the army is to far away and there is too much gunfire to break into their front lines"

"How about this. I'll create a path for you so you can get in and do what you do best?"

"Sounds good, But how are you going to do that?"

Demon smiled inside his helmet. "You'll see" He reached over to wear tow regular troopers were dead and grabbed their rocket launchers and stuck his and the other two in the sand facing the droid army. "On my count, run in the smoke and you'll get in"

"Your crazy"

"Thank you" Demon slid a bar through the trigger guard and grabbed the sides of the bar. "Now" He pulled the bar back causing all three to fire with Addict running hidden in their smoke trails. "Damn those guys are fast"
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]Upon exiting the LAAT, Tank began firing on the droids, tilting his head to avoid a blaster bolt before diving behind the rock that Demon was located at.

"We need to break this line, get in there, start doing some damage." Tank spoke into his comm. to avoid having to yell over the war noise. Demon nodded to Tank, one of three rocket launchers still in hand.

"Yeah, but that old style army against army clash isn't exactly my type of thing, we're likely to get killed just charging in like that." Demon protested, peeking out from behind the rock and retracting his head just as quick when a bolt flew his way. Tank pointed to a rock further away from their previous rock but clower to the action,

"We'll sprint to the rock over there, then to the other one, we'll regroup at that fallen Techno Union ship, then we'll attack those turrets from behind." Tank pointed to a few Geonosin energy turrets that were firing upon their army, and then looked back to Demon waiting for somekind of reponse. Demon simply nodded and took up his Deece, putting a hand on Tanks shoulder.

"Ready when you are." Demon said, and with that they sprinted from the rock, firing at the Droids that got in their way.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Guest Sean
[SIZE=1][b]OOC:[/b] I have to revive this...

[COLOR=SlateGray]Addict darted between the droids and Jedi, swinging silently away destroying several droids in the process. Addict was of course an Assassin Troup and was trained in the ways of sabotage and destruction, he knew where to go and what he needed to destroy, and that was precisely what he did. The Troopers around him were easily massacring the droids which fell to pieces when blasted. Addict ran around the Arena swiftly destroying the many droids that he passed.

As Addict finished off the remaining droids in the arena, there were flurries of excitement, blurs of light and falling droid parts, blaster rifles being shot and more falling droid parts, but the odd scream from either the Jedi or Trooper. Addict eyes were glancing around the chaos, his eyes fell upon Demon and Tank, they were darting out from behind a rock. He smiled slightly and then lunged at a group of droids that were about to attack his ?friends?. Tank and Demon had already dismantled the majority of them, but Addict appeared out of nowhere and sliced into the droids. He gave a small nod towards Tank and Demon.

"Getting a little hectic, no?" Addict smiled slightly.

"Just a little, they?re laying into us pretty deep." Tank replied.

"Well, I think brutal destruction is an adequate answer to that."

They laughed slightly, but he was serious, they would need to completely destroy them, all of them, every single one of them.

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Demon picked up one of two rocket launchers he had carried with them and handed it to Addict.

"What do you want me to do with this?'

"Hold it" He reloaded the one in his hand them switched and reloaded the other. "Here's a plan" He slowly gazed over the terrian and found what he was looking for. "Addict. since your the fastest, leaded the droids to where that pathway between the two rocks are and keep them busy" He looked over his shoulder. "I need a little help over here" Ten troopers ran up as a red blot caught one of them in the head. Demon pulled out his pistol and shot the attacker. a battle droid cut at the abdomen. "Addict cut them in half the other way next time" A blade came up to his neck. "Or not" He turned to the other troopers. "Get your launchers ready we are going to cave that pass in. Tank you give the signal to fire. Everyone get ready" Demon shoulder both rocket launchers with one on each shoulder and thought to himself as he did it. "I wonder how far I'm going to fly back"
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