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Since i can't find the Gundam wing thread either( besides does this question come under gundam wing?) i'll just ask my second question. Who the heck is solo maxwell?

I heard things about in dousjinshi and fanfictions but i have never heard anyone speak about him in the series or the Zero comic.

ah, you people are just going to moan at me anyway, so why do i bother? :animedepr . I mean this is a FORUM, that means we can speak our minds right and i'm always being told off or being told what to do. POWER TO THE PEOPLE
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=-3]Well it's none of my busniess, but I thought I'd do it anyways.

For one, if you're looking for a certain thread, like the Gundam series, I'd say your best guess is [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=38208][U]right here[/U][/url].

Secondly, yes, this is indeed a forum. But it's a *private* forum. Which means when you sign up, you are basically saying you are agreeing to follow the rules set down by the people that run the forum. It's their forum, so they can set whatever rules or restrictions they want. If you don't wish to follow them, then it's easy to find another forum to suit your needs. There are literally hundreds out there. No one is [i]forcing[/i] you to stay here you know. Some are just trying to say that, if you are going to continue to stay here, then follow the rules. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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It's not Solo Maxwell, and yes it's from Gundam Wing.

A quick reversed history lesson on Duo Maxwell.

Duo stole the Deathscythe because he didn't want it being used to destroy anything.
Before that he was a mechanic that worked on the Gundam.
Before that he lived at the Church that took him in as an Orphen. It was from this Church that he got the name Maxwell.
Before that he lived on the street with a gang. This is were he got his name Duo. The leader of the gang was a child named Solo.

So Solo IS from Gundam Wing, and is related to Duo Maxwell, but it isn't Solo Maxwell.
You can find him in Episode Zero (the comic).

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[COLOR=#503F86]Surprisingly, there is no actual Gundam Wing thread in the Anime Lounge. There used to be a whole forum dedicated to the Gundam franchise, but since they've closed we've had threads about SEED, some other Gundam series and general, all-encompassing ones.

If you do want to start a thread about a specific series and can't find one in the Official Threads Directory or by running a search of the forum then you may start your own. But if you do create one about a specific anime please be sure to include as much detail as you can about it- what the plot/characters are like and what you think of it. It gives a lot more discussion for people to bounce off. There you'd be able to ask all of the questions you like about the series, too.

Thanks to r2vq for answering the question.

Thread closed.[/COLOR]
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