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Anime Best Anime Girl Tournament R2 M3: Asuka (Evangelion) vs. Lina (Slayers)


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Battle of the cool psychos! Fiery redhead vs. flat-chested redhead... *runs*

My only rule is to not spam up these threads. Don't just post the character that you voted for's name. If you're going to say who you voted for, then explain why you voted for who you voted for, even if that explanation is just quoting someone that shares your sentiments. It doesn't need to be complicated. Even something as simple as "I voted for Asuka because she has a lot more spunk than Rei" or "I voted for Asuka because she has a lot of spunk" will work. So long as it has more substance than "Asuka" or "Asuka's better", its fine.

I don't see Asuka losing here.

Asuka Langley-Sohryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Lina Inverse (Slayers)

I like both of these characters, but I still like Asuka a LOT more than I like Lina.

Asuka is the character that has to be at the center of attention. She's made out to be a loud mouthed dumbass in a lot of the earlier episodes, but she's actually really smart... she'd already graduated from college by the time that she joined up with NERV headquarters at 14. I can't really get into why I like her without also getting into spoilers... lets just say that she's spunky and that I liked every part that she played in the story. (except maybe the very beginning of EoE... stupid Shinji) I like it when Asuka goes into psycho mode! Asuka's Unit 02 is also pretty cool... I like it almost as much as I like Unit 01.

I don't have too much to say about Lina... just like last time, I've only seen one OVA and read a couple of volumes of the manga. (and its been a LOOOONG time since I read the manga) She's a witty sorceress with a temper, and everybody keeps on making fun of her because she's flat-chested.

Asuka has Lina pwned in the looks catagory! Poor Lina... forever destined to be looked at as a bug eyed kid. Well, until she grows older, then she's destined to be looked as a bug eyed old woman.
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Well, Bloodseeker, it wasn't like I was never gonna vote for her...In fact, I see no better reason why I shouldn't vote for her...She's my favorite character in the show...hehe...and she's a cute orange haired girl:animenose :animedepr She'd probably kill me if she heard that right now :animesmil I vote for...coincedence that they both happen to be orange haired girls...LOL :animesmil ...Asuka Langley Soryuu
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Asuka may win on prettiness alone XD; *dies* Though Lina is pretty cool as well...

But Asuka still gets my vote because she's so psychotic *laughs* Lina is just a big goof (though she does get to hand out with more pretty boys than Asuka does, and I suppose that has to count for something...)

Lina's great too... had I been a bigger fan of the Slayers, she would've gotten my vote... but the Eva fangirl in me demands I vote for Asuka *shot dead*
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[color=darkred][size=1]This is really no contest. Asuka's character is alot more detailed and complex compared to Lina Inverse. Asuka's character model, when compared to Lina Inverse's fro mslayers, puts almost all of the characters from Slayers to shame. Asuka's character model, facial expressions and emotions are also a lot more, in-depth than those of Lina Inverse, which when compared to Asuka's (Pronounced Aska) make's Lina Inverse's emotions seem llike those of a blank slate. Lina's face is also A little bit too rounded, and dosen't have the same sexual appeal that Asuka has.

Don't get me wrong, Lina is a great character, but as you can see by my avatar, banner and custom profile, nobody knocks on Evangelion, at least in front of me anyways.

In the entire history of anime, perhaps no other title has been so praised, so maligned, so debated and so controversial as Neon Genesis Evangelion. One the mai n reasons, is because of this very character.

Asuka is driven to be aggressive and boisterous in order to confirm her own existence and attract the attention of others.[/size][/color]
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Well I cannot really vote on looks alone since.... Thinking a Fictional character is "Hot" Is a little out of the picture =P, Saying she is pretty is fine. Well I really as somone above me said this perfectly its all about the depth of the character and Asuka has much much more depth in her chracter. My vote is for _______ You'll have to figure that out for yourself. You might be suprised.
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[quote name='Kato_Ama']Wow, seems like there's no contest here. Asuka 14, Lina 0. No love for poor Lina![/quote]

You voted against her, too. Yeah, this is easily the most one-sided match yet. Lina will probably get an underdog vote or two before this over, but I would be [b]very[/b] surprised (and even more disappointed) if she actually ended up winning..
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Asuka Langley-Sohryu: 15 votes
Lina Inverse: 1 vote

[b]Here is your winner... Asuka Langley-Sohryu![/b]

Damn. I knew that Asuka was probably going to win, but Lina got crushed! This is the part where Asuka spends the next 15 minutes bragging about being the best...
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