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  1. It took twenty minutes for me to remember my log in and email, and I forgot what I was here for...
  2. Been playing the Japanese version on/off, since its release in Japan. It's my favorite Versus game, I'd still be playing it if I had ARCADE STICKS FOR MY WII. But they're so difficult to get at stores. When my old roommate and I went out to get some sticks a while back, we visited four or so game stores. I think I got the bad end of that deal however, when we parted ways, he got the sticks. I really wish I had taken one... I haven't even dabbled in TvC besides training mode one time in these past two months, but I'm eager to see it released stateside. I'll finally have more people to play with, even if Karas will forever be broken. My favorite combination was Saki (the armored girl with the large rifle), and Jun the Swan.
  3. I couldn't think of anything for my 100th post.....so.....I......puppies.
  4. While I don't exactly have a comfort anime, I've found that watching Millennium Actress tends to raise my spirits randomly. I've watched it several times with different people, so it's probably my memories of watching with good friends and/or my sister that perk me up, as much as the film itself that make me consider this as a comforting anime to settle down with. Nothing else really comes to the surface for me.
  5. [quote name='Kaze']Started watching [b]Mamono Hunter Yohko[/b], [b]Moihime Musou[/b], [b]Slayers Revolution[/b], and still need to finish [b]Blue Drop[/b].[/QUOTE] I haven't actually watched anything, or progressed any further in these series I mentioned last post. Instead, I randomly watched [b]Princess Tutu[/b]. I was just lounging at home, and thought "holy crap, I should really watch Princess Tutu". I just recalled watching the very end of the series at Otakon a couple years back with my buddy, and thinking how weird and interesting it was. Mind you, we walked in on the last disc, and didn't realize it untill I looked it up on Wikipedia (I brought my laptop into the Video Room...yeah, I looked up the anime while watching it. I'm one of [b]those guys[/b]). I appreciated this unique approach towards magical girl shows, it was kind of a refreshing change of pace for me. I enjoyed the music, the storybook approach towards progressing events, and the ballet dance-offs (wtf).
  6. I wanted to, but he refused to give it to me. I don't think he found it as funny as me, ohhhhh well.
  7. I hadn't been watching much anime recently, so the past week I've been going on a rampage playing catch-up. Just finished [b]Now and Then, Here and There[/b] - Totally did not expect the level of harshness that was in this anime, I was sucked into the story throughout. Wish it were more than thirteen episodes. Finished [b]Shoujo Kakumei Utena[/b] - Probably my favorite shoujo anime now. Just because of the state of startled bewilderment I was left in, after watching the show, and the movie (should not have watched the movie immediately after....). Watched [b]Black Lagoon: Second Barrage[/b] - It'd been a little while since I watched the first half of [b]Black Lagoon[/b], so watching [b]Second Barrage[/b] totally reaffirmed my love for this series, and blew me away. I am in love with these characters. Watched [b]The Sky Crawlers[/b] - Not much to say, movie is gorgeous, and I enjoyed the story. Want it to come to the U.S. soon, so I can watch it in theaters, and buy the DVD post-haste. Started watching [b]Mamono Hunter Yohko[/b], [b]Moihime Musou[/b], [b]Slayers Revolution[/b], and still need to finish [b]Blue Drop[/b].
  8. I've owned the movie for a while now. I wasn't pleasantly surprised by how good it was, since I'd already heard plenty of positive feedback. I like the characters, and it's a pretty simple, and heartwarming story, with a solid ending. I'm definitely satisfied with my purchase. It's kinda funny though, on the day I bought this film, my friend ended up buying it for me as well and presented it to me on the same night. Simultaneous face palm.
  9. Oh yeah, I really like Uninstall, she also does the ending theme Vermillion; she has a good voice. The tone of her songs definitely fit the anime in a fashion. Also, I can totally understand not being in any sort of hurry to watch something like this, Bokurano was on my list of anime for a while before I got around to it. It just doesn't have that look about it that grabs your attention enough to wanna check it out I think, but once you sit down and watch a couple of episodes (or just the first) you'll almost definitely get sucked into the story.
  10. Just started reading Robert Jordan's [b]The Wheel of Time[/b] series. Finished [b]The Great Hunt[/b] a little over a week back, and am working my way through [b]The Dragon Reborn[/b] at the moment. I'm very much enjoying these novels, since I've been looking to get into a nice long series for a while now, and the WoT books meet my requirements perfectly. Other books I've read recently, or am waiting for follow-ups in the series on are [b]The Twelve Kingdoms [/b] (Fuyumi Ono) - [b]The Vast Spread of the Seas[/b]. This is the third novel in the series, out of six, but I have to wait for it to come to the US. It'll probably be a while before I can finish this series since the books need to be translated, but I'm looking forward to it. [b]Harry Potter[/b] (J.K. Rowling - books 5-7) - I finished the last few just before I started on WoT, and really enjoyed the read.
  11. I never hear anyone talk about [b]Bokurano[/b], and none of my friends (all of whom watch anime), seem to know a thing about it. It began broadcast in Japan in 2007 I believe, and focuses on fifteen or so rapscallions on a school trip. To summarize, they are tricked into a contract which forces them to pilot a giant machine (which they label "Z-Earth"), to combat gigantic robots from another world (Evangelion). [spoiler]After the first battle, kid #1 abruptly drops dead as they are celebrating their victory, and they discover that after each battle; the pilot chosen for said battle will die. Win or lose. And if they refuse to pilot, it's game over for everyone.[/spoiler] It's not amazing, but Bokurano does a very good job of delving into the lives of these kids, and how they try to deal with their increasingly bleak situation. It's a grim series, and I personally enjoyed watching it a fair amount. - Another series I don't hear much about is [b]Neo Ranga[/b]. Another sorta-mech anime. Sorta, because it's more of an ancient monster than a machine. This show follows the three Shimabara sisters, who live together, with the eldest being the breadwinner. Everything's all peaceful until a young boy, from a South Pacific island called Barou visits them, and informs them that their long lost older brother (who vanished years before), has passed away. They are understandably shocked when they hear their brother married into the royal family of Barou, before he passed; and more when they find out that they are the new rulers of the island and have inherited a gigantic god. This show revolves around the conflict between the Shimabara sisters and the Japanese government, as tensions rise in Japan as citizens understandably fear the appearance of an 18 meter tall monster of unknown origins. It also focuses on their attempts to cope with their new kingship, the fact that the government is out to get them and their pet mech-monster, and how best to go about trying to fix their suddenly crumbling lives. I bought this a about year ago when it was released on DVD, here in the US, without knowing a single thing about. But I gotta say I really like this anime, and am glad to own it.
  12. [b]Ranma 1/2[/b] - I'd [i]wuv[/i] to see a new version of Ranma. There's still plenty of material from the manga, that never got animated. Lots of good stuff, they never saw fit to add. They might work best as OVAs.... the Musk storyline, Yama Sen Ken/Umi Sen Ken storyline, the Phoenix people (why was this never animated?). They would all make great OVA episodes. They'd have been better ideas for movies than [i]Nihao My Concubine[/i] and [i]Big Trouble in Nekoron, China[/i]. The whole Herb storyline could've been a movie easily. I just miss Ranma ;_;
  13. One of the first anime I can recall watching on cable years back. I remember when I saw it one morning, and I was like "guy with a bokken? **** yes! I am so there". After that I was like, "[i]glowing[/i] guy with a bokken? I wasn't serious last time, but this time I'm totally gonna be there". I think it still stands up as a solid watch after all these years. Certainly re-watchable for me.
  14. Currently watching ~ Revolutionary Girl Utena (why have I never watched this crap? Old shoujo is so beastly...). It's one of those freaky looking old anime, with the complicated characters and plot that I never bothered to look into, until recently. Cross dressing? Girls that turn into cows? Swordfights with semi lesbian car racing interspersed in between? I'm glad I decided to watch. Haruhi (2009) - took a break at Endless Eight (....), intend to continue whenever. Though I love Haruhi. I even have the first novel (waiting on second novel to come out in hardcover). I even watched two episodes of Endless Eight, knowing full well that I was stupid. Now and Then, Here and There - I'm really getting into these older shows again. Though '99/2000 isn't too old, comparatively... Boy is spirited away to alternate universe of some sort after meeting freaky looking girl, and this new world he finds himself in has a massive shortage. Said world is at war because of said water shortage. I was really surprised at how relentless this anime is randomly. Good story, and I was more impressed because there was no previously existing manga for it to draw from. Looking forward to not being too lazy to finish watching. Blue Drop - Girl is shipped off to fancy all-girls school in Nowhere-ville, hates it, makes enemies with the most popular girl ever, and suddenly weirder things begin happening at an alarming rate. I liked how it started, and then said-weird things occur, and I kinda quit watching it. [Spoiler]The moment she meets miss-perfect, it seems like a beautiful friendship in the making, and once the girls shake hands; miss-perfect has a vision and starts choking her....lol what. Then our heroine tries telling people she was assaulted and everyone basically goes "nonsense, playa." And then the alien crap starts happening. Lesbian aliens!"[/spoiler] I'd like to finish watching it soon, just had to take a break because I was caught off guard. There's more, but my linux keeps crashing on me so I need to fight my laptop and not post for another year.
  15. Otakon was pretty crucial last year. I just wish I had been able to do more.....all my friends were doing different things. Got torn between those things (even missed the Masquerade!) >.>. I'll make up for it at Ota'09~!
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