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Sign Up The Grand Musician-PG13(V)


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[COLOR=DarkGreen]OOC: Music is power in the land of Mundain. Will you take up your instrument and join? Only you can answer that question.


Music is everything to the people to the people of Mundain. It is the air they breathe and the wings of their hearts. Everyone has a musical talent that is unique to them. Others may play the same instrument as them but the sound they make is as different as the strips of a zebra. Music is in everyone?s hearts and poured out since their birth. As newborns their cries were harmonies and the pots that they banged created a symphony.
Yet out of all of the musicians stood one, whose music was grander than any others. The musician was given the title, The Grand Musician. Their job was to hold all the music together, to feel when one?s was fading, along with a life. But most importantly to defend the country from attacks. The Grand Musician?s music formed a barrier and kept attackers at bay. The Grand Musician was to play their music all day and night without rest, outsiders might think of this as punishment but, it was a great honor and because The Grand Musician was such a great musician he never grew tired of playing. Because the position was a great honor many young musicians strived to become that person.
At the time, The Grand Musician was a harper. Their fingers stroked the strings of the instrument with such care. People came far and wide to ear the music of The Grand Musician. She was known as The Grand Musician Morgana. Morgana was young, around thirty, and extremely talented, she could hear the call of the instrument and which string wanted to be plucked. Her music was so pure and she was also. Her voice complemented the gentle melody of her harp perfectly.
However, The Grand Musician Morgana fell ill and it became harder for her to play. As the shield weakened, citizens became troubled. They knew that news of the shield breaking would reach the other nations soon and they would soon come to attack. The army was prepared, but not for what was to come. As the barrier became weaker and weaker Morgana became weaker and closer to death. Her parents were dead and the only person she had left was her younger sister who no one knew of her location. Morgana became more and more desperate until the most unbelievable thing happened. She was kidnaped by the nation of Grebcosen, a nation known for their advanced energy technics(chi blasts).
Mundain began to slip under and lost control. People didn?t know what to do, they tried to fight back but, without The Grand Musician?s music guiding them they lost. Grebcosen expanded their borders and keep a careful watch over the Mundainen?s actions, checking for any signs of rebellion. Yet, even though the watched a group of people rose up to ready to fight against their countries invaders. Their plan rescue The Grand Musician from her captives and restore Mundain to its former glory. Their skills varied but, they were all up for the challenge and ready to risk what they had. One of the members of the rebellion was the younger sister of The Grand Musician. Why did she appear now? and were was she when her sister needed her? No one knows though the classify her as a traitor to her people and think of her as the true cause of Mundain?s lose in power.

Name: no explanation needed(i hope. if you need one then your worthless)
Age: 15-40
Gender: male/female
Appearance: pic or written descripion. if typed please be descriptive.
Side: Rebels/Grebcosen/Neutral
Instrument/Weapon(if Grebcosen): not everyone pick the same.
Skills: NO ELEMENTAL(fire, water, ect.) SKILLS.unless the element ties in with instrument, ex= drum/earth, pipes/wind, I'll tell you if you need to change it. Try to tie the skills in with you instrument witch is your weapon.
History: one paragrah min. three para max.

Sister of the Grand Musician- Suzun(me)
Rebels(limit 5)- Sophia Oroiby (digiX), Kiyoshi (Israfel)
Grebcosen Officers(limit 4)-
Neutral(limit 2)- Danath (Lord Rannos)

OOC: I reserve the right to say who is acpected in the rp and who is not. Anyway HAVE FUN! Hope this one works Tournment of Lost Souls didn't work that well.[/COLOR]
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Name: Sophia Oroiby
Age: 16
Gender: female
Appearance: has long purple hair and dark blue eyes pale skin and a pointed face wears a black log sleeve shirt with ruby red buttons and a faned out degin wears crimson pants and black shoes
Side: Rebels
Instrument: Flute
Skills: when plays certain tunes with her flute it calls differnt kinds of birds to her command (ex.if plays a soft gentle melody bluebirds might come if plays a sharp fast melody falcons might come etc..)
History: her parents died in while trying to fight back the Grebcosens and died her brother betrayed her and joined the them heartbroken she has soght revenge for her parents and wants to kill her brother her flute playing skills are not at there peak she has been able to call birds such as Falcons her dream is to create a meelody to call legndary birds such as the phoinex and the roc
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]OOC: Thanks for signing-up and please tell your friends!

Here's my sign-up

[U]Name[/U]: Suzun
[U]Age[/U]: 20
[U]Gender[/U]: female
[U]Appearance[/U]: [URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/tifa3_b.jpg]click here[/URL]
[U]Side[/U]: Rebels
[U]Instrument[/U]: [URL=http://www.zarasemporium.com/3600BS.jpg]Bells[/URL]
[U]Skills[/U]: The ringing of her bells distractes her oppentes while she goes in for the kill. She attached some of them to [URL=C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\G1A7GTQ3]needles[/URL]. She throws them and the bells create mini vibrations that make that bells sound as if they are coming from a different direction. She has bells attached to her clothing and they keep her in contant training. No mater how she moves she is completly silent, and her bells don't make a sound. Also her bells bring butterflys to her.
[U]History[/U]: Despite her tough appearence Suzun is actal not all that tough, in personalitly. She tries to control to many things in her life, which always ends up making thing worse. She always wanted to follow in her elder sisters footsteps.[URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/girls149.jpg]Morgana[/URL] was Suzun's idol and she would do anything for her. Though the siblings had their difference their bond was close, Morgana was proper and very lady-like while Suzun was wild, spunky, and a bit of a tomboy. When Morgana was summuned by the previous Grand Musician and told that she would take his place. Suzun was proud for her sister but, begane to fell that what she did ws inferior to her sister's talent.

That was when Suzun decided to go to the mountians to train and become stronger so that she could impress her elder sister. The location of her master's home however cut her off from the events of Mundain. Her master instruted her that she was not aloud to comuncate with others, she hestated but, decided that it was for the best. Suzun underwent strict and rigrus training that at one time almost killed her. Since Suzun was shut off from the rest of the world she knew nothing of her sister's tramas.

Suzun became susupes when she saw outsiders in the very small village oon the side of the mountin of which she trained. Her training finally proved its effect when she had a dangerous encounter with one of the outsiders. After a narrow escape she rushed to her master's home and found it in ruins. Saddened she saw more outsiders nearby and witnessed the beheading of her beloved master. As she slipped away into the woods she overheard the outsiders speaking. They said something about a Grand Musician and a sibling, capturing them, one already other still lost. SHe then ran fled with tries streaming down her face when she heard the outsiders talking about their homeland. According to them Mundain was under seige and the Grand Musician, her sister, was ill and captured. Plus her master was dead because of her, she wipped her tears thinking of her master's word that a warrior never cried. She snuck into hiding plotting a way to save her homeland and more imporatly her sister.[/COLOR]

OOC: that's strange they all work for me, well expect for the needles picture but, they look like regular throwing needeles with bells attached at the oppiste end of the pointy end. I'll attach the character pictures.
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Name: Danath (See, that's what his parents called him. 'Cause it's the custom to name your children and...uh...)


Gender: Male

[URL=http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/ph35_gallery/PHB35_PG105_WEB.jpg]Appearance [/URL]

Side: Neutral

Instrument: [URL=http://www.e-m-s.com/cat/stringinstruments/lutes/lute%20-%20roberts.JPG]Lute[/URL]

Skills: He can control vegetation around him, to the extent of entangling his enemies feet.

History: Danath was born from a Grebcosen mercenary father and a Mundain mother. He inherited his mother's skill in music, but lacked the chi skill inherant in his father's people. His mother was a traveling musician who wandered the Grebcosen countryside. His father traveled with her, getting jobs wherever he could. Danath was taught by both of them, his father taught him swordsmanship and his mother taught him music.

Since his father was Grebcosen, he learned an altered view of the world. He was taught that Mundain was an evil country of witchcraft. His mother, however, taught him differently. She told him of the beauty she saw in the Mundain people, and of their music. Thus, Danath has a confused view. He sees both countries as being good.

When Danath was 16, he traveled to Mundain to see what it was truly like. This was approximately the time Morgana was abducted. Since then, he has been traveling with a performing troupe that would put on choreographed fight scenes. When he saw that Grebcosen had taken over almost completely, he decided that it was wrong for the Mundains to be oppressed. He is, however, still reluctant to kill his former countryman.
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Name: Kiyoshi
Age: 24
Gender: male
Appearance: He wears clothes like the Xiaolin monkes except black he has short black hair. His eyes are emerald he is 6' slim with an athletic build and tan skin. He has a cross shaped scar across his left cheek.
Side: Rebel
Weaopan: He only uses blunt weopans mainly a staff that he uses as a walking stick.
Skills: He can chanel his chakra to make his movement more fluid and fast when he does this to its full extent most can't see him when he moves.
History: He was born in a remote place where he was raised by his grandfather. His granfather taught him all he knows of fighting which is considerable. His village was near the mundain border and sometimes he could hear the music. He grew to love music he would spend his free times by the barrier trying to hear the mundains play.
When the barrier weakened some generals came to his village they tried to take his grandfather so he could lead them to battle. When he refused they killed him. Kiyoshi joined the army so he could go to mundain and try and help them. He could hear the sorrow in their songs and he was angered. He deserted the army crippling most of his unit before he left he tries to never kill so he knows how to cripple someone useing his chakra.

Is this char fine.
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Name: Tyler Koregaten
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's(I'm) a very kind-looking man who's also very quiet. He(I) may seem harmless, but, just wait until he plays his(my) music...
Side: Rebels
Instrument: Cello
Skills: He(I) can calm the mightiest storm, control flames by playing an angry tune, or
force others to fall into an eternal slumber, if neccesary.
History: Tyler Koregaten was born July 21,1970 in the village of Punairias in
southern Mundain. At age 5, he took up playing the cello. He was talented at first, but by the time he was 9, he could create flames by playing angry tunes. He always had the dream of becoming the Grand Musician, and worked very hard for over 20 years. When he was age 32, his parents were somehow captured and murdered by
Grebcosenian soldiers. After that day, Tyler Koregaten, son of James Koregaten, who was the High Court Musician for the Parniumse region of Mundain, vowed to avenge his parents' death.
Then two years later, the Grand Musician Morgana was kidnapped by Grebcosenians. Then, he thought to himself, he could avenge his parents while at the same time help to rescue the Grand Musician. The following day, he joined a rebel group. He then set out on a quest with his companions to take their country back to freedom and glory.
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Name: Rinoshi Motana (Rin)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Side: Neutral
Insturment/Weapon:[URL=http://www.echip.com.vn/echiproot/images/2003/so22/Chrono_Cross640.jpg]Her brother is holding it...[/URL]
Skills: Tracking, wilderness lore(knows the plants and terain)
History: She lived in Grebcosen til they took over the Mundains, she felt guilty for what had happened and became nuetral for the people around her.
Born in a small town on the outskirts of Grebcosen she was raised by her father, older brother and mother. Her father died of disease in her early years and her mother soon after.Her brother had left at the age of 15, leaving his weapon behind for her to have. He had told her he was tired of the violence between the nations and wanted to find a peaceful place for himself. On her own for most of her life she began to believe what she wanted of the Mundains and how peopel should treat on another. Never rasied by parents she was never taught to hate the Mundains. When her people attacked the Mundains she faught on their side til she found a young girl, lieing in the street, murdered. Her favors changed to the Mundains and she became a fighter for hire, being picked by reble sanctions, fighting for little money, sometimes none...if the threat was high enough.
Now working for Morgana's sister, knowing somewhat how she feels, being called a traitor to her people as well. she just fights for she thinks is right, and where she get a little money to live off of.
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Okay here's the final cast
[CENTER]Sister of the Grand Musician- Suzun(me)
Rebels- Sophia Oroiby (digiX), Kiyoshi (Israfel)
Neutral- Danath (Lord Rannos), Rinoshi Motana(Lyuann)[/CENTER]

Those who's names are not on the list did not make the cut. Sorry to those who didn't. Those who did congrats. Grebcosen officers are npc charcters. I'll be puting an underground thread up with the officers descriptions and shat not. Sign-ups will remain open for till next Tuesday. The open spots are Offiers and three more rebels.
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