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Attention classical music fans:

Tyler Koregaten

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Attention classical music fans: Who's your favorite composer? This is what some people thought: This poll was taken on the net.
(1 person=1,000,000-internationally-)
Ludwig van Beethoven:75 people
Johann Sebastien Bach:74 people
George Friedrick Handel:73 people
Antonio Vivaldi:72 people
Giacchino Antonio Rossini:72 people
Georges Bizet:71 people
Jacques Offenbach:70 people
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:75 people
Franz Josef Haydn:75 people
Franz Liszt:74 people
Frederic Francois Chopin:73 people
Giacomo Puccini:69 people
Giuseppe Verdi:75 people
Edvard Hagerup Grieg:75 people
Richard Hillchem Wagner:70 people
Johannes Brahms:74 people
Johann Pachelbel:73 people
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